This is the Samsung EVO Plus Class 10 Grade 3 micro SD card, I bought this from Amazon for Rs. 3,600 approx. This one comes with micro SD card 128GB and a SD adapter. This is perfect for recording 4K videos.

Many devices like cameras and even mobile phones support 4K recording. You can use the micro SD card in your smartphone and when it comes to computer and cameras you will need to use the SD adapter.

This is a Samsung EVO Plus micro SDXC Class 10 micro SD card with 128GB capacity. Read Speed is 100MB/s and write speed is 90MB/s. Perfect for 4K content. I however did not buy this for 4K video recording but to use on a different device, the review of that special device will be coming soon (it’s not a smartphone or a camera).

Samsung EVO Plus 128GB class 10 grade 3 micro SD card

What to look for when buying a Micro SD card?

There are many brands available on Amazon and Flipkart. You can get a cheaper micro SD card with much higher storage capacities but look for speed / look for class / look for grade. Now if you want to record 4K you need class 10 and better.

The cheaper micro SD cards with high capacities are no good and do not buy those cause it will provide you really slow transfer speed and having a huge capacity card with slow speed makes no sense. Only buy if the grade and class is clearly mentioned.

You can buy the Samsung EVO Plus Grade 3 class 10 128GB micro SD card with SD adapter from Amazon for Rs. 3,600 approx.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -