Here is a intelligent thermal Vacuum Water Bottle that keeps hot content hot and cold content cold for a longer period of time. What makes this Thermal Water bottle unique is it comes with OLED screen that you can use to monitor the temperature inside.

You can use this portable and light weight thermos bottle for that refreshing drink any time. It is made of Stainless steel, PP and PC material. The refined vacuum technology keep water warm for up to 6 hours, cold water for a longer time.

This Thermal Vacuum Water Bottle comes with Leather strap and Hyperbolic cup body, it’s light weight at 310 grams and the storage capacity is 430 ml. Unique thing is the excellent quality cap that comes with OLED display.

Moka tumbler review

Swipe the OLED screen to browse through 3 options – Temperature, game and timer. Check the video review to see it in action. The cap comes with temperature sensor module that is powered by a button cell battery – this battery will last for up to a year.

Moka tumbler box pack

Swipe to check the temperature inside the tumbler / thermos cup / water bottle.  There is timer function also, you can use it to check the time as required for brewing. To reset the timer just swipe once to check the timer and then immediately swipe again to reset.

Moka tumbler OLED screen

There is a built in game too, simple game you can check the video review for the same.

This Portable Intelligent Thermal Vacuum Water Bottle also comes with extra leather strap and a coffee brewing attachment, you can brew coffee / tea using this attachment or simply remove the attachment and use the water bottle to hold liquid hot or cold as desired.

Moka tumbler body

This is a unique product with a very good build quality and finishing, this Moka tumbler (Kiss Kiss Fish) looks premium.

Rating 4.8 out of 5

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Price : $39 (approx Rs. 2500) make sure to use Priority Line Shipping.

By Rajeev Rana

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