The Indian markets are flooded with many low cost smart TV’s here is one more Smart TV from Daiwa brand, the Daiwa 40 inch Smart full HD LED TV. This Daiwa TV review will give you a better idea about how this Smart TV performs.

Inside the box : When you buy any TV you will in most cases get free installation option, so better use that and don’t open the box yourself. Inside the box you will get the TV, wall mount kit, stands, user manual, warranty card, two remotes, batteries, USB receiver for remote and data cable.


These TVs are manufactured in India at Greater Noida, via Daiwa’s own automated plant. Build and finishing is very good. This smart TV comes with two remotes – one looks like the traditional TV remote and the other is a smart remote that can be used to control TV as well as for input. This unique remote comes with a keypad on the back and it also has a built in battery that you can be charged via the micro USB port on the remote. Check video review at the end.

Daiwa 40 inch Smart FHD TV review


TV screen size : 40 inches (102) cm)
Resolution : FULL HD 1920 x 1080 pixels
CPU : 1GHz quad core (32 Bit)
Power Consumption : 85Watts
Audio : 10W + 10W
Ports : RF in, 2x HDMI, AV1, AV2, AV, RJ45 port, VGA port to connect PC – you can use TV as PC monitor, PC audio in, TF card slot, 2 x USB ports and EXT SPK L/R.
Android version : 4.4.4
Other features : Built in WiFi

Daiwa 40 inch Smart FHD TV features

There are basic dedicated buttons on the back side in case you are not able to find the remote or the remote is damaged, you can still control basic features.

Daiwa 40 inch Smart FHD TV slimness


Like the other Smart TV’s this one is also using Android 4.4.4. Check the video review for more on the performance.

Daiwa 40 inch Smart FHD TV remotes Daiwa 40 inch Smart FHD TV remote with keypad

Daiwa 40 inch smart TV supports mirroring you can stream content from your mobile on to the TV.

The remote with keypad worked great. This is best for inputting data. You can also use the air mouse feature – just wave the remote in the air to control the mouse pointer and then press ok button for selection.

Daiwa 40 inch Smart FHD TV USB + TF card slot Daiwa 40 inch Smart FHD TV AV slots Daiwa 40 inch Smart FHD TV HDMI, VGA, RJ45, pc audio and AV

UI was different, much better than when compared with other TV’s. The UI was easy to use and clean – check video review.

Screen quality was also pretty good considering the price. Viewing angles were also great.

Daiwa 40 inch Smart FHD TV 40 inch screen quality


You can invest in a HDMI dongle like Chromecast or the recently launched Re TV, that will give you a much better smart TV experience.

Still Daiwa 40 inch smart LED FHD TV is a very good buy for Rs. 23,490.

Another model of Daiwa is also available without the smart feature (non-smart TV) 40 inches FHD and without the special keypad remote for Rs. 20,535.

Rating 3.5 out of 5

Buy the Daiwa 40 inch TV from Amazon.

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  1. screen mirroring is not working with my Daiwa full hd smart tv. Kindly guide, i have done all the required settings correctly.

  2. Hi Sir,
    My self Shaik, i want to buy DAIWA smart full hd tv. I want to know what is the different between this two models. Daiwa 102 cm ( 40) Smart Full HD LED Television (D42C4S) and Daiwa 102 cm (40 inch) Full HD LED Smart TV (L42FVC4U).
    Please reply Sir.

  3. Dear sir my 102 cm dawa smart tv will turn off automatically. Is there is any hard reset option plz tell me

  4. Dear Sir
    My self Ravichandra Kumar from Hyderabad, Recently I purchased Daiwa LED smart TV 40″ through snapdeal.

    I received the contents of the box intact as per specifications except for air Mouse or web cruiser. I have informed the same to customer care and even supplier, but no response.

  5. Does usb keyboard is supported for input using usb port,and does it hangs like mobiles

  6. Hi gogiji
    I want to ask you that the TV have free installation and demo
    And What is the warranty period of this TV.
    Please reply sir

    1. It depends, if you are buying online / offline ask / check if there is any mention of free installation. Usually in 95% of case there will be free installation but at times when the price is dropped very low (special offers / shopping deals etc) that might not have the free installation option.

  7. Should one buy smart tv of Daiwa or Non-smart TV of Daiwa with RETV dongle.

    1. Better to buy a non-smart TV, (make sure it has USB and HDMI ports) then you can use the Chromcast or Amazon Fire TV Stick.

  8. hi gogi when i want watch youtube in my tv i click to open youtube and i cooked food but still not opend. just all are lagggggggyyyy

  9. To make ordinary tv with hdmi port to smart tv, which one best Google Chromecast 2 or Re tv? Why? I have Vu 40inch FHD. Bought flipkart at rs17000 deepavali sale. Tv picture clarity excellent and no issue till date.

    1. Chromecast doesn’t convert your 40″ TV into a Complete Smart TV, u will always need a smartphone to Operate a Chromecast, I would suggest u to go for RE TV or any other Standalone Smart TV Box…

  10. Dear Gogiji ….i have been following your website since long time..and i am big fan of you…please keep reporting on the all gadgets…many thanks

    Gogiji I want know the picture (screen) quality of the said DAIWA TV while watching the ordinary & also HD channels..can you put some light on the general TV usage of he said TV…

    1. Thanks, if you have a FHD TV and you are using ordinary channel i.e. not a HD channel, the picture will not be clear. Subscribe to HD for best quality.

  11. Hi gogi,
    Since you said that the smart remote has a receiver, could u Please check if the remote is fully functional with RETV and other Smart TVs??

    1. ReTV remote is different and it also comes with a receiver. I don’t have the Re TV with me but both receivers should work, need to check for interference.

  12. Nice article. Budget TV segment is also hot now.

    I feel a typo in verdict…

    Still Daiwa 40 inch smart LED FDH TV is a very good buy for Rs. 23,490.

    is it FDH or FHD? Please update as necessary

  13. Well, it needs the technology and resources to develop more just like smartphone are getting in this era… So that it can attract attention to global
    Consumers. Sometime some product remain in shadows of Market hive product, like Smartphones …

    1. Yes and in fact you can use it on any TV with a HDMI port. The Chromecast has its own built in WiFi, so even if a TV does not have wifi no issues.

    1. Not sure about that but since this company is manufacturing in India, getting spares should not be an issue.

  14. In the performance paragraph you mentioned “The remove with keypad worked great.” here you typed remove instead of remote.

  15. Smart tv are not good as browsing internet, watching youtube videos does not look interesting ,for that mobile and laptops are good

  16. Interestingly daiwa launched few months ago 40 inch full hd non smart led tv at 15990 rs.means 7500 rs extra for being smart .

    1. The 40 inch FHD (non-smart TV) price I have mentioned. That could be some other model or with a HD screen not FHD.

  17. if it all someone wants to buy this TV then it’s wise to buy the non smart model and buy Re TV to make it smart.