Here is another Bluetooth speaker called the Zoook Rocker Chrome. This speaker comes with built in battery and also includes a SD card slot. As far as the price is concerned it is quite attractive at just Rs. 899.

Unboxing : The box pack contains the speaker,  user manual, warranty card and data cable for charging.


The speaker is rectangular shaped, using Aluminum alloy body with shiny silver parallel borders.  Build and finishing is very good, feels premium. There are 4 buttons on one side (power/mode, volume +, Volume – and call connect / disconnect).

Zoook Rocker Chrome comes with 1800 mAh built in battery and on the back side there is DC in port to charge this device, micro SD card slot and reset point. The speaker is compact, looks gorgeous and weight is around 258 grams.

Zoook Rocker Chrome box

Technical Specifications

Bluetooth version : 3.0
Speaker : 40mm with 5W output
Frequency range : 90Hhz to 20KHz
Other : TF card and supports voice prompts

Zoook Rocker Chrome bluetooth speaker review


On pressing the power button (hold for few seconds) the device switches on, you get a voice prompt and the speaker will either connect to already paired device (smartphone, tablet, etc) or it will enter into paring mode.

Zoook Rocker Chrome BT speaker buttons

Once connected users can press the +/- button to start playing music from smartphone (or other connected device), use the same button to skip. Press and hold +/- buttons to increase or decrease the volume.

Zoook Rocker Chrome Bluetooth Speaker SD card slots and DC in

There is no built in FM radio, but you can use a micro SD card. Make sure to keep some MP3’s on the card and insert it into the SD card slot. You can use the power / mode button to switch to Bluetooth  or SD card mode.

Zoook Rocker Chrome led

Once you select SD card mode the mp3 files will automatically start playing from the beginning or from where you left.

Sound is very loud considering the size of the Zoook Rocker Chrome speaker. Bass output is also very good. This is a perfect low cost portable Bluetooth speaker with SD card slot.


The Zoook Rocker Chrome portable Bluetooth speaker is in fact cheaper than the Xiaomi Mi portable speaker, and that makes it a excellent buy.

Battery life : It takes 2 to 3 hours to charge the built in battery and on full charge you will get 4 to 6 hours playback time.

Zoook Rocker Chrome rating 4.8 out of 5

Zoook Rocker Chrome portable Bluetooth speaker is available for Rs. 899 (Now at Rs. 1,199).

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  1. Hi , Can you please tell me which is the best bluetooth speaker.
    1- JBL Go or
    2- Zoook Rocker Chrome

    Please suggest me because I want to purchase .

  2. Hi

    is it ok to buy from aliexpress or banggood website.
    i was thinking to buy zealot s9 speaker ,is it good or not.

    1. Yes it is safe to buy from banggood,gearbest & aliexpress also when buying check the priority line shipping.
      And About z9 speaker it is good but you can buy mi, zook & portronics speaker than why hassle for speaker to import from china

  3. not able to connect after disconnecting from bluetooth,used micro sd card also…not able to connect..
    any suggestions..please revert..HOW TO RESTART IT AGAIN

  4. Mi speaker has better bass effect.when u buy these mini speakers its quality of sound that matters the most, not volume. Its my opinion.

  5. F U Flipkart for predatory pricing. I will never buy this at ₹, 1200, perhaps when it is back to original 899, then may bb.

  6. Zoook is one of the best value for money speaker brands.

    I and at least 5 of my friends are using different speakers of zoook brand for last 2 years with no issues at all.

    Sound quality is almost as jbl .I have compared myself it with jbl flip.

    Port tonics is good brand

    1. 🙂 it will increase when more and more people are looking at it / buying it. More demand higher price.

  7. Potronics posh is highly recommended over this speaker . Zoook is not a reliable brand and they are infamous for spending money power for biased positive reviews.

      1. If the “Less demand lower price, more demand price increases. That’s how these online stores work” is true, why other companies don’t increase their product prices, like xiaomi mobiles. 😉

        1. It depends on product to product basis. Some sellers give flipkart option you can sell between so and so.

  8. I have initially purchased the iball music boat. But now battery is not working and the product has been stopped. So want to purchase new device where in I can insert the pen drive and also have a good back up+sound. The same is needed fro my the same should be easy to use also.
    Gogiji please advice.

    1. Try portronics posh… Sound quality is just like mi speaker but the price difference is very high u can get it at just rs 1300-1400… Just check it once

    2. Go for JBL go, very good audio clarity and loudness, I am using it since may 2015, going good till now.!

    1. There is a good price difference, I will be coming up with a comparison video on YouTube tomorrow at 8:00PM

      1. Gogi Sir, it would be better if you add the battery backup section in the review page itself, or else many people will be asking this same question.

      2. Why every device you review has battery backup of 4-6 hours, just the adjective changes like, moderate or heavy usage. Btw your reviews are pretty good and straightforward.

        1. I think all devices you checked had 4 to 6 hours battery backup. I follow same standard for testing all devices. 4 to 6 for example (for mobiles) is non stop usage so if you are watching movies handset should last for 6 hours, and if you are using it for playing games it will last for 4 hours for other continuous activities it will be between 4 to 6, I hope this clears the confusion. In most cases the results will be same. Do keep a track of my youtube videos / follow me on YouTube, cause I will soon be updating videos that will clear such doubts.

          1. Battery backup mostly depends on volume level. Full volume will give less backup compared to midium or low volume.