Google Chromecast is an HDMI dongle that once connected with any ordinary TV with HDMI port will convert it into a smart TV. With this dongle users will be able to stream anything that they see on their mobile, or tablet or laptop onto their big TV screen. Chromecast is available exclusively on for Rs. 2,999.

Box Pack
It’s a small square shaped box that contains the HDMI dongle, travel charger, data cable and HDMI extension cable. There is no user manual; in fact the simple setup process is mentioned on the box itself.

The dongle is black colour with a good build quality. There is LED notification, a micro USB port, HDMI point and reset button. You need to connect the power adapter to power-on the device. There is a physical reset button; if you want you can reset the device – press and hold the reset button for about 25 to 30 seconds.

Google Chromecast box pack

The install process is piece of cake all you need to do is follow the instructions. Once connected you might see the Chromecast screen on your TV or you might want to switch to HDMI mode to get it.

Google Chromecast review

There is a link there, type it on your phone or tablet or laptop and then download the app. I used my mobile phone and downloaded the Chromecast app from Google Play. When you run the app for first time, it will connect with the Chromecast Wi-Fi, you will need to setup your primary Wi-Fi router. All you need to do is select your Wi-Fi router (in most cases it will be automatically detected) and enter the password.

After successful installation, if there is any firmware update available, the same will be downloaded. It will take few minutes, you can see the progress on your TV screen – once the update is completed it will reboot (check the video review at end of this review) . When you get a wallpaper (backdrop) on the TV screen, Chromecast will be ready to cast.

You can use your mobile phone to enable cast screen and everything that you see on your phone will be mirrored on the TV. Both the Phone and the Chromecast will stream data using Wi-Fi. You can browse the web, view photos using the image gallery, watch movies and even play game on a big screen. The content in such case will be played on both your phone and TV, but the sound output will be via the TV.

Google Chromecast micro USB port and reset button

There are some apps that are compatible with Chromecast like the YouTube player. When using such apps you will get an option to stream content on the TV screen. When you enable that, the dongle will use your primary Wi-Fi to download / access the YouTube video directly and there is will be no activity on your phone, you can use your phone to control, pause / play the videos (like a remote).

I played Asphalt 8, got the graphics on the TV screen. Game play was smooth on phone but there was some lag when the same was mirrored on the TV screen, probably cause of heavy graphics. Also note that when you are using cast screen option your phone and dongle will communicate using Wi-Fi, there will be lags when using heavy apps (games, etc.).

You can setup the backdrop (wallpaper), whenever you switch on the dongle you will get the backdrop – the images are downloaded from the net and it will change after few minutes.

Google Chromecast can stream content from your phone, tablet or laptop / desktop on to the big TV screen. It also allows you to cast anything that you see on your phone to the TV, now this is a very good option as this will work with any app, you are just seeing the mirror image on the TV. A good option for under Rs. 3K.

Google Chromecast is available on Snapdeal for Rs. 2,999.

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  1. Hi Mr. Rana, can we connect windows laptops also using chromecast, I mean does it support wi-di or only android devices?

  2. Dear Gogi, I live in my institute campus where WiFi is everywhere. But for the access of wifi one need to enter specific ip address, gateway, etc..Can these setting be entered in device software?

  3. I feel that instead of going for this only to mirror the screen from a phone, it is better to buy an android TV stick available for just a bit more and use it to connect the TV to internet. TV stick works as a mini computer also and can also be used for all purposes as a tablet without screen. (The TV itself becomes the screen).

    1. Hi Srinivas Murthy, I have an Android TV stick Leoxsys Quad Core. The product is awesome as it has a mini USB and one USB 2.0 Ports

      1. Sorry. Some interruption it got disconnected.
        The TV stick is great with SD card slot, etc. But the problem is that you cannot just like that cast your screen as in Chromecast. You need to install 3rd party app such as imediashare so that you can cast your video, audio n pictures. But as there is no screen cast you cannot play games from mobile. That’s the handicap I faced. But quality and service by Leoxsys was highly commendable.

  4. Gogi,

    I have Samsung 7 series TV with which I can share youtube video from my phone to TV. Also by TVLink app given by Alcatel phone, can see phone screen shared. What difference this Chromecast makes apart from this?


  5. From Video review I see that external WiFi network is necessory. Can you suggest any such dongle for Miracast?

  6. Hi Gogi ji,

    Please check and confirm whether it will work with MTNL (government) provided modem (connected with telephone) broadband connection with 2 MBps speed. Is there any specific requirement for wifi router or it will connect with any wifi with good speed. Thanks.

    1. Sree does not matter what connection you use as long as it is connected to Wi-Fi router and you have good speed. By the way I am using MTNL connection – ADSL Wi-Fi router.

      1. Ashu I have WiFi router in my home.. per gogi sir words ..its enough.. What do u say

  7. It connects via wifi hotspot or we need wifi connection in our house I have no 3g or wifi connection. Is it usable for me?

    1. Can any body reply on this question. Can we do this by making a hotpot from another phone? Is Internet Connection necessary for casting things from phone(Not youtube). Can only WiFI Device alone (without internet) can work?

      1. I hope you should have wireless router. Like how wireless printer will not work on mobile wireless hotspot. For screen mirroring you do not need internet connection but you need to have router.

  8. Great!!! So you need wifi router, tv with hdmi, 1-2 mbps high speed internet, android phone having android version 4.4, and what you get is terrible lag in games. So only use is for watching videos and pictures, which you can do with any pen drive and you dont need all these stuff.

    1. You also get to stream youtube videos in addition to local content on mobile like pictures, songs and videos. If you prefer to first transfer them to usb first and then hook up usb to tv, then you’re right, chromecast is not for you. 🙂

  9. 1)So can we cast My player or VLC, and what if my TV doesn’t support AC3 or DTS audio codec?

    2)What is the use of HDMI extension cable

    1. Pawan, yes I think that will work, if you check the video review I am able to see the phone menu, dialer etc, whatever I do on the screen I get it on the TV. The HDMI extension cable comes really handy when the HDMI port is on the back of the TV (not on the sides) and the TV is wall mounted, that way you get less space between the HDMI port and wall, if it is difficult to attach the dongle there, you can use the cable.

      1. Well my TV’s HDMI slot is bigger so how to connect the chromecast in such bigger slot because I think chromecast’s port is smaller

        1. Port you are thinking of is micro USB port. Chrome cast front portion will go to your TV HDMI port.

  10. Very informative review. Thanks.
    Can we stream movies from sites like Vodlocker or movies2k via laptop?

  11. Gogi, mirror screen only works on Android 4.4.2± as mentioned in main website and also as per snapdeal spec page recommended Internet speed is 4+ mbps but it works on low speed as well. I ordered on launch day and it works amazingly.

  12. Hey gogi,
    I am from canada, here the wifi speed 25 mbps everything going smooth on my chromecast. So its just a wifi speed issue which causing lag

    1. Hi but that was only when playing asphalt 8. And that game is installed on phone, it does not access the net. So data transfer is between dongle and phone.

  13. Gogi sir, can I play video on my phone memory card on tv using this? Earlier review of chromcast says no! Have they updated it? Although you say “anything can be mirrored” but is it possible to mirror video files on tv?

  14. Hi
    Gogi just want to know can direct use my pen drive on it without using wifi. Like other smart tv which has option of usb.

  15. There is lag even if you have fast WiFi connection. This is the limitation of this technology sad part is that there is no solution.

  16. Hello Sir,
    As always good review of chromecast. I just want to know if there is any significant difference between chromecast and teewe.
    I have broadband speed of 1 mbps, will it be sufficient for one of these devices?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi teewee is cheaper but it did not have the cast screen option to share anything from the phone. Not sure if they have added this feature now.

  17. I have a Sony 3d smart TV and I connect it with my mi3 over wifi. Whenever I cast my phone screen to the TV there is a notable lag so much so that racing and Acton games are unplayable. So the lag is not limited to high graphic games but is limited by the technology.

      1. That is something else than what I see on my TV. On my wifi connection I get a small delay on the TV maybe few 10’s of millisecond..

    1. Reduce the output resolution of your phone to 720 instead of 1080p. That would reduce the lag.

  18. what is the speed of your internet connection? Is there any minimum bandwidth speed for streaming?

    1. My net speed is 1 to 2 mbps. There is no limited speed requirements as such but better if you have fast and stable connection.