If you have used a Micromax handset before you might be well aware of the Bloat ware apps that almost every handset comes pre-installed with. And now there are reports about Micromax is remotely installing some apps without user permission.

Some Micromax users have reported that apps were installed on their Micromax devices without their permission and the frequency of ads have increased, they have even found ads showing up in the notification bar.

After some users reported about the abnormality on their handset XDA developers further investigated and found that Micromax is using a 3rd party firmware OTA service called Adups (FWupgrade.apk), instead of the default Google’s firmware OTA service. Now this 3rd party app does not really update the firmware, but actually installs unwanted apps.

XDA Developers further confirmed that the apps were indeed installing on users mobile phone without their permission and to avoid the permission popup the app was installing it via command line access.

Micromax installing app without user permission

It seems the main objective of the apps that were installed without users permission was to make money, once the apps were installed users would start seeing more ads. However there is a huge possibility that users data might also be collected / sent, and if this be the case, what is being sent and what information is collected is not known.

You can check more about this on XDA Developer forum, they also have a temporary solution for this i.e. rooting the device and disabling that software update application.

There was a news about coolpad android devices on theregister website – security experts found backdoor on devices sold by coolpad they pushed ake over-the-air (OTA) update that does nothing but instead installs unwanted applications – now most of the Micromax handsets are in fact re-branded Coolpad.

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  1. very bad Experience from Micromax phone lot of unwanted software is download on my phone without any permission. i am try to stop them and vest my 3 to 4 days on this BAD PHONE experience MICROMX

  2. Too much poor service using Doodle 3 since last 9 months and getting same issue .
    Apps getting installed automatically also checked in Setting —Security–Verify apps…to disallow the unwanted installation but it’s not enabled ..not functioning however checked with other handset like Samsung they have same option and is functioning .

    Don’t why the company is not focusing on these points also if you want to get the same corrected they have Service Center but if willing to keep your mobile with them since long time without exact TAT ,
    In current nobody have too much time to take the follow up with the agency whether the handset got repaired or not so people hesitating to go to Service Center because they have long ques for existing complaints………POOR..POOR
    Guys donot Suggest to buy Micromax also never suggest to anyone …..it’s my request …to all the existing users….

  3. I have micromax a102 mobile.I am facing same problem with this. Frequent ads and auto installation of apps made my data balance nill. Please send me a solution through email.

  4. here also i am facing the same in micromax unite 3..how to stop this plz reply me through mygmail account .
    plz soon u recover this type of problem’s

  5. I am use Micromax canvas p480 tab.
    the last one month my tab is automaticaly install more apps without my petmition
    when i turn on my data apps are automaticaly download and installed
    downloading temp files are stored in file manager.
    i am delete this all temp file then repeat same thing how to solve it any one plzzz help me.
    first time show one notification to download 9apps i am also download it.
    then this problem is started.
    then i uninstall 9apps then also repeat this.
    again and again install 9apps automatically with other apps and it is show porn ad also plzz help me….

  6. I have Micromax A102. First it was once every week that one app was sitting in my menu. But from last week the frequency has increased. Every time I turn on my data there is one app being installed, which is nuisance. Micromax has no regards for users privacy. I have also Tweeted the same to micromax but no reply from the company!!

  7. Mmx is really sucking , the apps exploits the contacts, locations, emails to third party which can be very dangerous also automatic installation of apps cause headache to user as phone memory gets used quickly and 3G data gets exhausted soon. They should change their tagline to “nothing like Money”

  8. I also facing the same problem. I uninstall the unwanted apps again restart it will again installed automatically. Sometime 3g data will soon disappear 100mb within 5 minutes, every time problems. I did not see such a stupid phone its not good, I only used for 6 months.

  9. I also have the same problem that in my doodle 3 it auto install unwanted apps without my permission so kindly any one suggest me to solve this problem.

  10. I am surprised that so few people have posted their comments here, on this very serious issue. There must be many MMX users. More people have not posted their comments here? I wonder.

  11. I am facing the same problem I am using the canvas 2 colors and sometimes this saavn Amazon ask me apps get install on their own without taking any permissions.

  12. “A Customer Experience”
    I bought micromax handset 2 years back. Since then i called Micromax customer care number a lot of times, till today. What is intresting is that not even a single time the phone was picked by them. Actually it was not ringing but it was saying -“All lines are busy at the moment..”
    Call micromax customer care!
    Try it yourself!!!
    In Real, there is no helpline no. Of Micromax. Try it yourself & U will cm to know.
    Spread this msg across the country. Thanks

  13. Yu is cheating us another way, just now I have checked yu is available on amazon if I pay them 12,499. Gogi you can your self check this, I have it added to my wishlist where it is showing 12,499 price and i am able to add it my cart successfully and can pay for the same.

    This is just cheating as price they have announce it 8999 and in flash sale they have put only 3000 units instead of 10000 and now they are selling same at 12499. If this is their stratagy than they should have announced it earlier (diff price for flash sale). This is #yuplayconsumers or #yuplayfraud

  14. Hi, I have bought YU and it doesn’t have any bloatware or ads that I can see so I am not concerned at the moment, its maybe applicable to MMX handsets and definitely no cyanogen at-least.

  15. We know the Mmx is rebranding the Chinese pieces so the basic defect could be from china only as if we have seen some security issues in earlier days of Xiaomi’s existence in India. I’m sure Mmx team will take positive step soon regarding this issue. China does not seem positive fellow of us so kindly everybody including companies do avoid their stuffs as much as you can.

  16. I think mmx only do rebranding of Chinese product but the real villain behind this is China who’s such type of behavior was noted through xiaomi like brand regarding security issues..

    1. Don’t drag xiaomi’s name here, am using xiaomi phone from last 4 months and I never encountered any problem like above, and don’t compare ‘Blotware rich’ micromax to xiaomi, the only app installed other than the system apps in xiaomi is ‘flipkart’.

  17. Well done Gogi… thanks for the article…

    Adups or no Adups… Im still getting push ads and app installs on its own!!!

    Below is my comment on earlier GSM Arena article…

    Apart from Gogi Rana, BGR and GSM Arena, all other Indian blogs are silent – *on Payroll of ScamMicromax*

    I’ve already gone to consumer court and will update once i have a resolution…

    Just do yourselves a favor and don’t buy *ScamMicromax*


    { I UNFORTUNATELY bought an Doodle 3 102 ( yes, yes…the blame is squarely on me )

    There’s this saying in colloquial hindi *mehnga roye ek baar, sasta roye baar baar*

    Been getting ads in the notification area as well as apps getting *magically* downloaded on their own ( didnt know Micromax put a magic potion in their os source code…pathetic ba#$@#$% )

    Did all the app purge/factory reset/banged head against the wall ( I deserve it… dont I, after all no one forced me to buy this little piece of sh@# from Micromax )

    BGR India has also reported it today… Gogi and GSM Arena as well, shows you are not on the PR payrolls of this shi#$% company…

    I guess this needs to be carried by all leading blogs out of India to create pressure on Micromax…Like the Redmi 1s spying issue.

    Also affected users need to really make a song and dance about it on all possible forums to ensure this is acknowledged and patched by Micromax ASAP ( any one has MMX’s Rahul Sharma’s cell no ? ) Please share and bombard him with insults 🙁

    Though im pretty sure he also must be using a junk spyware/bloatware installing piece of SCAM !!!

    Thank heavens i didnt get the YU Yureka in the flash sale…

    And hey anyone from Micromax, if you’re reading this, im going to write to I&B ministry ( not sure that will help !!! ) and going to a consumer court on monday…}

    Spread the word, make a *flash* on all your social media pages.

    1. We are trying to cover this in detail and make a splash too.
      Read our article where we teardown the apk and go in depth and please consider sharing it too.

    2. I am also facing the same issue, app get automatically installed on my colors 2 handset.. Since 2days I am trying to comment on this issue on gogi’s site, but it get deleted in 5 min.( I don’t know how that happen). I also comment on MMX fb page but this also deleted in 10 min. Really this is serious privacy & security issue …surely MMX did it for profit , am not going to buy any MMX mobile in future. If MMX are true /clean they will publicly make any clarification on it or if they remain calm that means they will not change & in future we will face same problem with various MMX mobile phones..

  18. Facing Same problem in my colours 120 4gb rom they installed 2apps in a week i have rooted my phone and unistalled all mmx pre installed apps but mmxaap store installs automatically. Next newshunt installs automaticaall last week and now snapdeal even they collects my personal data too bcoz I always found my uploading speed is progress and my 2gb data remained to 459mb in 15days . While im using this sim only for browsing . I used to download things in my tab even my whtsapp also so where was data going … Shit shit mmx u r stealing contacts and selling it for others and my personal data too ..

  19. Yes very true even I am experiencing it on my canvas doodle 3. Whatever mmx bloatware I do disable it somehow become enable & enters in app drawer. Many time advertisements come to install few online seller apps like amazon & all which I have installed already from playstore. It does installs saavn like apps for songs etc without your permission. Very disappointed with Micromax’s strategy.

  20. We now need clarifications from Karbonn, Lava, and all the other re-branded phone sellers in India, that they are not doing the same as Micromax. My confidence in these re-branded phone sellers has been severely jolted after this revelation about Micromax. If Micromax is doing it to make money, there is a strong possibility that the others are doing the same too.

    Karbonn, Lava, etc., please clarify.

    1. Yes even in my newly bought karbonn titanium s4 plus 3 app were got installed without my permission.

  21. Same issue with Unite 2.. not to mention insufficient storage error even though there is plenty, Unstable 4.4… and this security breach.. i think this news should go viral.. MMX cant take indian audience who supports them with their wallet take them for a ride.. shame on u MMX

  22. Mmx r giving useless software but not giving update to their flagship devices like canvas hd ,canvas4,c2plus they stuck on jb and where is kitkat atleast if not lollypop.

  23. No it will be interesting to hear the comments of those who were concerned about xiaomi stealing personal data

  24. Not only that fooling people MM Unite 2 A106 with 8 GB but shows only 0.89GB ,is it not cheating ???
    If u try to load app it says insufficient space and how do they get space when they load apps of there OwN ?? More IMP – u can’t load app of ur choice, it is decided by phone which to go where . Seeking advice .

    1. Isn’t it possible to solve this problem by releasing a software update ? In android one handsets whole internal memory is available for app installation.

      1. You can re-partition the internal storage for different values of phone storage and apps storage after rooting your phone.tutorials for this can be found on Xda Forum

  25. i have seen this before in my unite 2 many apps like snapdeal,mi store,askme etc were getting installed automatically on my device without any cofirmation or permission checked that the app causing it was software upgrade, unistalled it by rooting the phone and the phone is finally normal, i presumed that the phone had been unstable because of virus but now we know the truth

  26. I have Micromax Unite 2 A106, they say it’s with 8 GB storage but now after use, came to know it’s only have 0.89 GB. That is fooling people. Another thing is that when you load any app it says there is “no space available ” !! I have 16 GB Ext Memory Card which of no use as I can’t load any app of my own to that and thus remains almost empty. Rooting seems to be very completed process also. Seeks some advice. Thanking in advance !!!!

  27. Micromax yureka is actually a rebranded coolpad F2. Now all the Yu owners be prepared to share your phone data and get free adds and malware!!

      1. Actually with CyanogenMod there shouldn’t be a problem because this is done by Micromax themselves to steal the data

  28. This news is 100% truth in my canvas gold a300. Last 30 days this happen to me. They installed snapdeal without my knowledge. Ads at notification bar make irritation. Phone frequently Misbehaving. I lost my patients.

  29. This is a serious offence. Even I have seen it in couple of instances. I think there is no regulatory for controlling these things and hence, MMX is looting the customers. Till now I was thinking to buy MMX latest model (Yureka) and I am totally refraining my self from buying any MMX devices anymore. I will also spread this word in my networking sites regarding this bloat ware, which is eating away the customers hard-earned money. From my part, this is what at least I can do. Hope others also follow.

    1. Yureka is a rebranded coolpad phone. They spend zero on R&D and even when they spend, they only do that to devise ways to install adwares!

  30. Now those who were talking abt supporting Micromax, here is ur chance to support Micromax by buying a micromax device n allowing more such apps to install on ur device

  31. I am using mmx canvas mad a94. The apps are automatically got installed from several months( 3 to 4) started with Dr. saftey app after that I uninstalled it and it never got installed again but from 1 month even after uninstalling apps the apps got installed again when using 3g or Wi-Fi ,then I restricted the background data for that software update app and now the apps are not automatically installing.

  32. I use canvas knight and often getit app gets installed automatically without my permission.

  33. Micromax, we trusted you blindly, and you are re-paying us like this? bye bye Micromax! Bharosa aur dil dono toot gaya.

  34. Gogi ji its totally true. In fact I have faced the same issue in my mmx A092, the ads do come to my notification bars gradually every time I switch on data and if you long press for app info u will see that it’s the software upgrade app. Shame on you micromax, so cheap activity.

    1. I don’t think MMX has any idea about it, if they had they would have stopped it. They are just re-branding that’s it, everything comes packed from China.

      1. Gogiji, hard to believe that MMX does not have any idea about it. If it is really true that they do not have any idea, they should not be in this business. Ab kya karenge humlog, jo inpar itne din se itna bharosa kiya tha??

      2. They should know about it.
        Wow what a punch by MMX.
        Really I hate them day by day. Useless fellas mmx.

      3. The homepage of the stock android browser that came preinstalled on my Bolt A065 is locked to mimicromax dot com. Once the browser in opened, it visits Micromax and downloads the adwares to be installed by Adups. I actually saw the words “micromax application push” when the apks were being downloaded. So Micromax clearly knows about this! They are the culprit.

        1. The same thing happened to my canvas2..now its gathering dust..on top of that now it has stopped working, there were calibration issues right from d start, even after recalibrating not much improvement..over d years it went from bad to worse,stopped charging, dont have time to visit service centre

          1. Its sad to see Rs 12000 I have wasted just like that..my lava iris 504q still works excellently

  35. Oh! No more yureka!
    This is cheating. Probably micromanaging may not be knowing it, it must be done by Chinese coolpad?

    1. Yureka may not have this problem as it is running Cyanogen mod, you have the facility for rooting officially or you get already rooted device.