The Mi Power Bank with aluminum casing will be launched in India by Xiaomi, pretty soon. These power banks will be available in 5200 and 10400 mAh capacities, Xiaomi has not yet revealed their price in India.

However before they are officially made available by Xiaomi, the Mi Power Bank with 10400 mAh capacity has already been listed on with a price tag of Rs. 1,446 and is available as of now.

This power bank makes use of rechargeable Li-ion battery cells from Samsung and LG. The 10400 mAh can fully recharge the Xiaomi Mi3, 2.5 times and iPhone 5s for 4.5 times. It comes with short protection, cell protection and thermal protection during discharge / charge state.

Weight is 250 grams and the Power Bank can be fully charged in about 5.5 hours using 5V/2A plug and up to 12 hours with 5V/1A plug. There is power button, led indicator, micro USB port and a standard USB port.

Xiaomi Mi power bank 10400 price

The Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10400 is available on Snapdeal for Rs. 1446, it would be better to wait for the official launch, it might be priced even cheaper.

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  1. Hi Gogi,

    As we are speaking of the power bank, I have a issue. I hope you can help me on this. I have a Lava Iris X1 and I am trying to charge it with a 9000MAH Samsung power bank. but it does not charge the Lava Iris X1. All the other phones are getting charged with this power bank except the Lava Iris X1. I have changed many cables including the Lava Iris X1 cable and checked but it does not work.

    Also kindly let me know if I can use a 2A output power bank to charge a 1A phone. Will it damage the phone in anyway.

    Appreciate your help and support on these.

    Thank you.

  2. Xiaomi officially has Priced there 10400mah powerbank for $14(Rs 800) and 5200mah powerbank for $8 (Rs 458) expect it to be priced low in India.

  3. The page now shows the Mi Power Bank as “Sold out,” and the price to be Rs. 5495/-.

  4. Snapdeal page now shows sold out there is another 10400mAh powerbank from Ambrane which is quite cheap and famous and it too claims to have samsung cells inside(but no charger included but this xiaomi looks much superior with its safety features but more importantly xiaomi seems to have included a USB charger in the package, needs a conformation on this.

    1. It charges the phone. It is a battery which can hold charge and charge your phone when required.

      1. Charging time vary from many facts. Some pb have 2 amp quick charge option which quickly charges the phone but some say that it damages the phone. But you may charge your battery from 1 amp port.

  5. Hi, the current price has now risen to Rs 5495 and now it is showing as sold out.

  6. It will be much cheaper as the world wide Xiaomi store Xiaomiworld is selling it for 1300 INR.

  7. Looks good, but price is Mi 10400 Power Bank Rs 2190 +100 for delivery. saw flip kart just now, 19 jun 2014.

    1. The seller is third party named KHinfoline so its also not official price official power bank will be sold by WSRetail..

  8. As xaiomi had not revealed and also not announced the MI power official price. The sellers are selling the products by purchasing from other countries. So, it is better to not buy the product as the price may reduce as already seen in MI3.

    1. Dude if you are waiting for MI TV then your wait will be long as Xiaomi is deciding to enter the market for selling their TV as they don’t want to sell it online and with these the accessories will also be available in open market. Don’t know about phones.

      1. Shashank, they will be selling the TV’s online, no plan for offline store, as for user experience they could provide that via their special service centres.

  9. Hi Gogi, is this power bank compatible with handset like moto G with non removable batteries??

    1. It does not matter you can charge smartphones tablets as long as it has a micro USB port.

  10. I was puzzled with pricing until I saw it wasn’t from xiaomi, the pricing in china is around 700 INR, expecting three digit pricing here too 🙂

  11. Yup we should wait for the official launch it would definitely have a lower price tag.

    1. No it does not come with a charger only issue is that that the output current is 5V 2A most of the phones I have require 5V 0.7A or 1A, I am bit apprehensive on this that it does not damage the batteries or the circuit inside the machine/batteries of the phone. Gogi please enlighten us on the same.

      Well, presently I am using the Ambrane powerbank of 10400.. its good, best part, it has two power outputs with different amounts one is 5V2A and the other is 5V 0.7A.