Corning Gorilla Glass is being used on 4.5 billion devices, the company has now announced the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 that raises the bar of protection. Devices using Gorilla Glass 5 will survive 80% of the time.

Corning Gorilla Glass 5 features

The Glass 5 comes with considerable improvements when compared with Gorilla Glass 4. This new glass is 2x more damage resistant. Gorilla Glass 5 will also provide better drop protection. It will survive up to 80% of the time when dropped from a height of 1.6 meter.

Moreover the Glass 5 is tougher, more damage resistant, touch sensitive and provides greater optical clarity. As per the statistics given by the company 60% of smartphone users at some point of time may have accidentally dropped their devices from waist and shoulder height.

We will soon see new devices using Gorilla Glass 5, starting with premium category.

New Corning Gorilla Glass 5 unveiled

Does Gorilla Glass provide full protection?

These glasses do provide a good lot of protection; in most cases you don’t really need a screen guard. But do note these glasses break, so don’t expect them to make your phone unbreakable. If you have read the statement by Corning that says – there is an 80% chance that the device using Gorilla Glass 5 will survive from a drop of 1.6 meters.

Yes 80% chance, the other 20% depends on a lot of factor. Many users have asked me why I don’t do drop test, this the precise reason, the 20% variation is huge if you consider Gorilla Glass 5. Most smartphones are using Gorilla glass 4 the survival rate from such height is even lower.

It’s more about luck, the environment you are in, the ground quality, the smartphone area of impact and if additional force was applied when dropped.

Drop test / bend test are done to get more traffic, views don’t take them seriously, you still need to be careful with your device.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -