The Rs. 1 Mi Flash sale seems quite attractive however, very few users will get lucky with such flash sales or other flash sales. This article will help you prepare better for the sale, though most of it depends on luck but there are certain things you should cross check.

Remember there are limited units available for any flash sale and depending upon the number of users who are interested, it might get even more difficult grabbing a unit in such sales. The latest is the Rs. 1 Mi flash sale where very few units are available.

Decide what you want

If there are multiple products available in the flash sale at the same time, decide what you want, select just one product and concentrate on that, unless you can multi task.

Prepare for the sale

Say for example if the sale will begin at 2PM make sure to login at 1:00PM of 1:30PM. Now most of you might have already used the company website before, or have logged in / by default always logged in,. etc. To be on the safer side, logout and then login.

Once done you might see a countdown time, keep the page open, you can continue doing other work / surfing etc. It is important that during those minutes and just before the final countdown your net connection should not fluctuate, so make sure you have a really good and fast connection.

For some users the countdown might be a bit slow, even a 1 second delayed countdown will make you unlucky.So make sure to check the website countdown on your phone / laptop / desktop, compare the countdown if there is any difference you know which one to choose.

How to Prepare for flash sale (buy now button)

Get ready to hit the buy now button

This might need some practice. When the final countdown approaches, start counting yourself and just before 00:00:00 hit the button. You might grab something, much of it will depend on your network speed too.

If you see the buy now button and then you click, you are already too slow. You need to be really fast, before the button load fully – you should have clicked.

Flash sale scripts

Now say if there are 100 handsets for sale and you come to know that there is a script that will automatically get one in your cart. Now imagine 1000 users using the scrip of 1,00,000 lakh users using the script.

So better ignore the script sometime you might get really lucky when such script gets banned from the sale and become ineffective.


Though these flash sales are more about timing i.e. when you press the button. Much of it depends on your net connection and your computer health (incorrect countdown timer), if you get these things right, your success rate increases.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -