Those of you who did order the Aakash tablet for Rs.2,500 from the website, expecting that the delivery will be made within a week, will have to wait. DataWind, company will not dispatch the tablets immediately in fact there has been a change in plan, low cost tablet delivery process will start in January 2012, hopefully.

This is not the first time that DataWind has made a commitment and failed to honour it. The Aakash tablet was supposed to launched in November which incidentally got delayed to December and then the website started showing the order now option with delivery within 7 days.

DataWind has not given any reason for the delay but I believe it is because of high volume orders and an unplanned approach. As of now Aakash tablets are sold off and the only option is to pre-book the UbiSlate 7 which will also be released by end of January 2012 but looking at the current situation, it could get delayed further.

Aakash tablet delivery delayed
Aakash tablet delivery delayed

DataWind, the Candaian company is playing safe with cash on delivery option, that way they can even delay the order process and if required can even reject it. Indians are particularly excited about this low cost tablet even those who already own an iPad or a Samsung Tab want to buy one. With such as low price it is worth a try even if it fails your expectations.

It is still unknown how many tablets have been sold the company is also gearing up to deliver this tablet for colleges for almost half the price.

Source:  Yahoo News (Thanks – Nipun)

By Rajeev Rana

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