As excepted Wishtel today launched their IRA series tablets in India. The two models namely the Wishtel IRA will come for Rs. 4000 and the Wishtel IRA Thing for Rs. 5,500.  These tablets will compete with the Datawind Aakash 2 version and other ultra low cost tablets.

Wishtel IRA features

This tablet features a 7 inch resistive touchscreen display running the android 2.2 OS on a Via 800 MHz processor with 512 MB RAM. This tablet comes with Wi-Fi, USB 2.0 and supports external USB modems / Dongle. There is built in stereo speaker with 3.5mm jack.

The IRA low cost tablet does not come with built in 3G and you cannot use this as a phone. This tablet comes with many useful pre-loaded apps like photo viewer, Skype, iRead apps and Office document editor.

Wishtel IRA low cost android tablet price in India
Wishtel IRA

The IRA 7 inch tablet comes with a 2200 mAh battery with 3 hours of video playback and up to 5 hours of continuous Wi-Fi / 3G usage.

Wishtel IRA 7 inch tablet price is Rs. 4,000.

Wishtel IRA Thing features

The IRA Thing too comes with a 7 inch touchscreen display but with capacitive technology. Most of the features are the same like the 800 MHz Via processor, Wi-Fi and external 3G support.

This tablet comes with USB 2.0 port and built in stereo speakers along with 3.5mm audio jack. The IRA thing is available in Black and whit colours. This tablet runs on the android 2.2 OS.


Wishtel IRA Thing capacitive 7 inch tablet price in India
Wishtel IRA Thing

This tab comes with 2800 mAh Li-po battery that can play videos up to 3 hours and you can use Wi-Fi / 3G for almost 5 hours.

Wishtel IRA 7 inch capacitive touchscreen tablet price is Rs. 5,500.  The Wishtel also comes with optional android 2.2 or Linux Sugar OS.

There is nothing really exciting about this tablet. The low cost tabs, they all come without built in 3G. Except for a higher price and impressive looks there is nothing exciting about it. As for me I still prefer the Xtab A10 (I am still waiting for the delivery).

If you wish to book your Wishtel IRA or IRA Thing tablet – visit the Wishtel eStore.  The process is similar to what we have seen with the Aakash and the recent BSNL tablet – the email form based booking.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -