After failing to get the contract for the Aakash 2 tablet, WishTel Company, which came second in the bidding process, will be launching their tablet. They will officially make an announcement in New Delhi on 23rd March.

The low cost tablet market in India is so lucrative that many manufacturers are ready to jump in with or without the Government support. As we all know Datawind is the official manufacturer of Aakash 2 tablet that will launched in April.

WishTel claims that their tablet will compete with the Aakash 2 tablet, BSNL-Penta and will feature a more powerful processor, a longer battery life and 7 inch capacitive touchscreen. They have not disclosed the price yet.

The WishTel tablet will run on Android OS and will come pre-loaded with course materials for CBSE, ICSE and IIT. We will have to wait for the officially announcement to get a better idea about the specifications and the price.

WishTel low cost tablet
WishTel low cost tablet

If things work out for the WishTel, probably, we may find more manufactures who took part in the Aakash 2 bidding processing, selling their branded tablets, directly into the markets. WishTel has unveiled that their tab fulfils the requirement as per the guidelines by IIT Rajasthan.

Well its good news for the Indian consumers, it’s a tablet war going on, pretty soon you will be able to buy a good quality, low cost tablet at a cheaper price.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -