Aakash tablet for Rs 1138 only for students

College students from Mumbai will soon be able to buy the Aakash tablet that is priced at Rs. 2500 (general category) for just Rs. 1,138. To start with this scheme will be implemented in Mumbai, available at 100 varsities and then rolled on to the rest of the country by October 2012.

College students will be able to buy the Aakash tablet for Rs. 1,138 from their respective colleges / departments. Circulars have already been issued to all affiliated colleges in Mumbai. The colleges / departments have been asked to send in their requirements.

Most probably students will be interested in booking the improved version i.e. UbiSlate 7,  which is much faster and supports GPRS. The UbiSlate 7 will be launched, “hopefully” by the end of January 2012. Human resource development ministry is also developing free online content for postgraduate and under graduate students that will be available exclusively for Aakash tablet users.

Aakash Improved version UbiSlate7

UbiSlate7 with 700 MHz processor / GPRS supported

Aakash tablets for students will be available only from colleges at discounted price. If the students are interested they can place an order with their respective colleges / departments.

It is but natural that if students are to get the tablet at 50% discounted rate the best way to do it is directly via the colleges. Students do have an advantage first of all they are getting the tablet at a discounted rate and secondly they just need to approach their college / departments.

For general users booking from the Aakashtablet.com site has become a nightmare with no one having a clue of what’s going on!


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