As we all know that the Samsung latest enchantment, the Samsung Galaxy Note is now available in India and this device claims to be a Phone-Tablet hybrid that could spell trouble for the other tablets. However the Note’s first competitor is Samsung’s own Galaxy Tab 750 and 730.

If you look at the price factor the Samsung Galaxy Note is priced at Rs. 34,990 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 is priced at Rs. 33,000 and 730 at Rs. 30,500; not much of a difference! (Some stores are now offering Samsung note for just Rs. 28490 – for limited time only).  Now the most important question that is troubling many consumers out there is should I buy the Note or should I go with the Tab 750 a 10.1 inch tablet or a Tab 730 an 8.9 inch tablet?

Let’s do a comparison between the Samsung Galaxy Note and the other Samsung tablets and see which is better.

The Galaxy Tab 750 and the Galaxy Tab 730 come with the same specification except for the screen size which is 10.1 and 8.9 inches respectively. These tablets sport a 3 MP primary camera and a 2 MP secondary camera. The processor is 1 GHz and the OS used is Honeycomb Android 3.1.

The Galaxy Note on the other hand comes with a screen size of 5.3 inches. The Note sports an 8 MP primary camera with a 2 MP secondary camera. The processor is 1.4 GHz and the OS use is Android 2.3.

Samsung Galaxy Note V/s the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 / 730
Samsung Galaxy Note V/s the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 / 730

As you can see the Galaxy Note is much better than the Samsung 750 and Samsung 730 tabs with better features but the only issue is the touchscreen size. No doubt working on bigger screen as on the 750 / 730 is a completely different experience.

As far as portability is concerned the Galaxy Note rules it is smaller in size and yet can perform better than 750/730. The S-Pen is an added advantage. Though the Galaxy Note is smaller than the tablets it is too big to be used as a smartphone, well it’s just too big. A Bluetooth headset is recommended.

I would rather go with the Samsung Galaxy Note for these reasons.

  • Portability: Smaller in size, easier to carry in your pockets.
  • Powerful processor: (But with Android 2.3 OS.)
  • 8 MP rear facing camera.
  • Hybrid : Phone + tablet.

Drop in you comment and let me know if you will buy the Samsung Galaxy Note?

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -