Couple of new handsets were launched in July 2016 in the Indian markets and some handsets also got a price drop. New handsets will be launched in August, but as on 31st July 2016, here are some of the best handsets that you can consider buying.

Best Smartphones In India that you can buy (as on 31st July 2016)

You can choose from any of the handsets listed below (not in any particular order), choose one based on your requirements.

Redmi Note 3

Redmi Note 3 is still the best bet, most powerful, very good battery backup and good price of Rs. 9,999 (2GB RAM). Note 3 camera quality is above average.

Hexa core / 4G LTE VoLTE / 2GB RAM / 16GB ROM / 5.5 inch FHD screen / 16MP / 5MP and 4050 mAh battery.  Camera: above average.

Redmi Note 3 price: Rs. 9,999

Moto G4 Plus

Motorola G4 Plus – This one is also powerful and comes with an excellent camera.

Octa core /4G LTE VoLTE / 2GB RAM / 16GB ROM / 5.5 inch FHD screen / 16MP / 5MP and 3000 mAh battery.  Camera : Excellent.

G4 Plus price : Rs. 13,499

Best Smartphones in India as on July 2016

Lenovo ZUK Z1

The ZUK Z1 (this handset comes with outdated hardware but still powerful) and a good option to consider also with excellent camera. Note : ZUK Z1 does not support VoLTE for now.

Quad core /4G LTE / 3GB RAM / 64GB ROM / 5.5 inch FHD screen / 13MP / 8MP and 4100 mAh battery.
Camera : Excellent.

ZUK Z1 Price : Rs. 13,499

Vivo V3

Vivo V3 – This is another very good option, it got a bit cheaper at Rs. 14,980. V3 comes with the fastest finger print unlocking, almost instant.

Octa core /4G LTE VoLTE/ 3GB RAM / 32GB ROM / 5 inch HD screen / 13MP / 8MP and 2550 mAh battery.  Camera : Above Average.

Vivo V3 now for Rs. 14,980

LeEco Le 2

LeEco Le 2 another powerful smartphone you can go for but the camera quality is not that impressive, if you are okay with that and like the Le 2 then you can go ahead – priced at Rs. 11,999 (don’t buy from LeMall site, their service is too slow).

Octa core /4G LTE / 3GB RAM / 32GB ROM / 5.5 inch FHD screen / 16MP / 8MP and 3000 mAh battery.
Camera : Average.

Reliance LYF

Reliance LYF Water 8 also looks good for the price, also several other Reliance LYF models got a price drop. The main advantage of getting the LYF phones is the Reliance Jio Preview that users get for free (unlimited 4G for 3 months). The Jio scheme I guess will be rolled out to other devices too, already been done on some selected Samsung devices, so if you really want to use Jio later on better buy handset with 4G and VoLTE support to make the most out of it.

Other Smartphones

The Coolpad Note 3 Lite and the Asus Zenfone Max is also worth considering.

For those looking to buy a tablet with phone features the Xiaomi Mi Max is a much better option though the screen is smaller than a tablet, but for Rs. 14,999 you are not going to miss a phone or a tablet.

Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 is another one with excellent battery life.

Best Premium Smartphone as on 31st July 2016

You can either go for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge / S7 if you have the budget or go with Xiaomi Mi 5 or OnePlus 3 (OP3). Between Mi 5 and OP3 it makes sense to go with OP3 the price difference is genuine.

OnePlus 3 is doing really well in Elisa (Finland) – it is the second-best-selling phone in general and best-selling phone online.

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  1. gogi ji……

    moto g4 plus, lenovo vibe k5 note, xiaomi redmi note 3. which one is better???? please help me… 🙂

    1. choose between motoG4 plus and RedmiNote3. avoid lenovo- its thick and has less features.

      1. Moto G4 plus is also thick Bro and also looks ugly…. But overall performance is good…. Redmi Note3 is nice looking, well built , quality phone with premium feel.

  2. gogi ji
    thanks for revamping the best smartphone, which is long overdue. one suggestion is that we are all fond of dual sims and sep slot for micro SD, so if possible, pl mention hybrid sim or dual sim+SD in the mentioned specs of the best phones for us to decide and buy. pl mention a WORD about native video calling too in all your reviews alongwith the specs of the phone ( though sometimes – mentioned in your video )

    amongst the tablets, i think iball snap 4G 2 (from your page) is worth and VFM with native video calling, though cannot be compared with mi max.

    apart from imo app, needless to say, dada knows native video calling is very much useful for those who are at far off places # a sense / feel of human -( seeing them )

    thanks dada
    sundar g chennai

  3. gogi ji too good within 6 month aise karte raho analysis its too good in one article we can take a choice……

  4. HTC 10 should be in the list under premium category. It is far better than Samsung on any given day.

  5. Ranaji you almost forgot the honor 5c,i hope it should be a top of your list,because of its nm chipset,fastest, camera,etc.your opinion please.

    1. I did not get the Honor 5c review unit from the company, am not sure how the hardware / camera will be performing.

  6. gogi sir mi4 is now available for rs.10999 on flipkart..

    is it hood at that price..?

    I need good camera

  7. Why not consider coolpad note 3. I am using almost one year excellent display ,no hang even one time, OKcamera, also eexcellent audio quality through earphone only rs8.5

  8. Gogi ji dont you think galaxy s7 or s7 edges price is too high to consider,it is very cunning of samsung that it haven’t reduced its price of its handset a single rupee after several months of its launch, I would go for OP 3 , which has sd 820 ,very slight reduction in camera quality and I think 2k display in 5- 5.5 inch display is an overkill, what do you say Gogi?? Is it worth buying the GS 7 ??

  9. Hi Gogi,Thank you for Ranking the mobiles for easy understanding.I have been using Redminote3 for a week. Could you please suggest some ideas to improve the output quality of RN3 Rear camera please. I am quite fine with front camera.

  10. mi4 also a good buy for those who don’t want 4g and fingerprint sensor, it was available for 11k and trust me it has very good camera and display quality compared to redmi note 3 and le2 and maybe zuk z1 and other mobiles under 15k.

    1. Where r u getting it for 14K!!!!!!!
      Its jaw watering deal man
      Its far ahead of cheap Chinese phone with monster specs on page, which always hangs even with tonnes RAM and with close to supersonic frequency speed processors and 1X MP cameras, even with all this stuff, they fail in real life processing.
      Its all about Samsung R&D and its patents makes if different from these cheap products.
      And thanx to sAMOLED display on S5, which makes fall you in love with, after all its patent of Samsung.
      I would say, you can go without thinking again and also let us know where r u getting it for 14K???

      1. @Pankaj
        it was available on flipkart for limited period offer, note 4 was also available for Rs.21k for very limited time just few hours.

      2. For 14k it’s giving you some very outdated specs, heats like hell and is a single sim phone. It’s better if samsung just stops it’s production.

    2. Better go for Lenovo ZUK Z1 with better battery, FP Sensor, 3GB RAM, better looks, bigger screen size, and same processor with a higher clock speed. And not to mention, the goodness of Cyanogenmod.

      1. Only high benchmark scores necessarily doesn’t defines a phone. As phones with low on cores, moderate RAM, Avg battery mAh, performs far better than these benchmark toppers.
        Even with 2 yrs old hardware on board it outperforms, because it is old hardware of flagship device.
        And its Samsung, who launched their phone with 16 MP cam, which these RN3 and guys launching in 2016, don’t you think, they are launching phone with outdated camera???? and even so, theirs so called 16MP camera not matching with 2yrs old Samsung technology.
        Ya…..its 2 yr back Sammy launched their phone with finger print sensor, which these RN3 & Le says revolutionary technology.
        S5 has barometer, hall sensor, heart rate sensor, which these cheap phone doesn’t have even after 2yrs.
        It has octacore processor 2 yes back, which seems peoples, the new technology.
        What most, S5 is water proof and dust proof, which makes it better choice over these craps.
        And with its sAMOLED display it outperforms in batter backup,these craps with 4000mAh battery, even though it has 2800 man battery.
        Also its smart features like gesture control, pop-up browser and video player, look away features and a lot.
        And after all you need to have hands over FLAGSHIP PREMIUM PHONES to see the difference.

  11. While recommending Samsung J7, i think it must be qualified, that this phone while good is lacking in essential sensors. Only 2 sensors are present, compared to five sensors normally present in even 10k phones. Samsung has habits of providing less in their mobiles, for money they charge.

  12. This is very very valuable and really helpful article from you gogi bro..keep up the great work and please update this monthly..Thank you.

  13. Thank you Mr Gogi for your nice article. Please keep it up. Hope you will review this article every month.

  14. gogi redmi 3s is launching in india on aug 3rd it is almost confirm in mi india Facebook page they gave link miui community india which has cluses as 3 and s

  15. Samsung j7 2016 edition and OPPO f1 and f1 plus should also be in the list (since OPPO f1 is equally or better than vivo v3 with an excellent cameras ,octacore +3gb ram ).

      1. Oppo F1 camera is quite excellent for a 15k phone .I think it is the best camera phone for 15k . But your review is the final .