BeeLabz who are already selling the Ashni, Prashi and GeekT tablet models will launch three new exiting models on Monday, the BeeTabz Dhruv, Dhruv2 and Dhruv+. The Dhruv specifications are similar to Micromax Funbook, but the other two models come with additional features that many desired for. is a fraud company, you can read more here, do not waste your time reading this article.
Today, everyone in India is talking about low cost tablets which are now affordable and are good quality products. Take the example of Micromax Funbook, Xtab A10 etc these are selling like hot cakes. But the problems with these tabs is that they do not come with built in SIM slot and for net connectivity the user either has to use the built in Wi-Fi or attach a compatible 3G dongle. Well finding a compatible dongle again is not an easy task.

Tablet users always wanted that extra feature (a SIM slot) but the price gap between the low cost tab and a tab with SIM was outside the affordability range. Well BeeLabz’s Dhruv is here to fill in those gaps. So guys just check out the specifications.

BeeTabz Dhruv Features

The Dhruv comes powered by a 1.2 GHz Cortex A8 processor with Mali 400 GPU and 512 MB RAM. The tab is quite powerful and can play 2D and 3D contents with ease. You can also play many HD games.

The internal memory is 4GB and micro SD card up to 16 GB is supported. This tab runs on Android 4.0.3 ICS OS with access to Google Play (Google Market). The capacitive touchscreen is 7 inches supporting 800 by 480 pixels resolution. Other features are HDMI port, Mini USB port, G-Sensor, Wi-Fi, External 3G support (You will need a 3G USB modem / Dongle), internal speaker, 3.5 mm jack and front camera of VGA resolution.

BeeTabz Dhruv ICS low cost tablet

The battery capacity is 2850 mAh (Li-Poly) with an estimated usage time of about 4 to 5 hours. The specification sounds familiar and is identical to most of the tabs available in the markets.

The BeeTabz Dhruv (with external 3G support) is priced at Rs. 5,999 Rs. 4999 (excluding tax – With tax it comes to about approx Rs 5,220).

BeeTabz Dhruv+ Features

The Dhruv+ or the Dhruv plus is the tab that most of you are looking for. In other words a low cost tablet with built in SIM slot. The specifications are exactly similar to the Dhruv model except this tab comes with a SIM slot that can houses a 2G SIM. This means you can use a 2G SIM card and surf the net using GPRS or EDGE networks you can even send SMS’s / MMS’s and even make / receive calls.

BeeTabz Dhruv+ (plus) ICS tablet with built in 2G slot

The SIM slot does not support 3G so in case you want to use 3G for surfing you can always connect an external 3G dongle. Now this tab comes with dual cameras, a front facing VGA camera and a primary camera of resolution 2 MP placed at the rear. There is no built in GPS but Bluetooth is supported. Rest of the features of Dhruv+ are the same as compared with the Dhruv model.

BeeTabz Dhruv+ is priced at Rs. 8,999 (taxes extra). The company is offering discounts so  you can get it at an even cheaper rate.

BeeTabz Dhruv2

This is an even more advanced tab with the same configuration as compared with the Dhruv, except it comes with Bluetooth, 2 MP rear camera, VGA  front camera and SIM slot that can house either a 2G or a 3G SIM.

With Dhruv2 you will not need a 3G dongle just put in the SIM and you are ready to surf, call, SMS or send MMS.

BeeTabz Dhruv2 Price is Rs. 10,500 (without tax).

Dhruv Tablet : Similar configuration as Funbook, Xtab A10, Attitude Daksha and Karbonn Smart Tab. Cost Rs. 4,999 – Taxes extra.

Dhruv+ Tablet: An upgraded Dhruv tab with 2 MP rear camera, VGA front camera, Bluetooth and built in 2G SIM slot. You can use the tab for making calls and surfing the net via GPRS/EDGE network without any external dongle.
Cost Rs. 8,999 – Taxes extra.

Dhruv2: The most advanced low cost tab with 2 MP rear / front VGA camera, Bluetooth and Built in SIM slot. You can use a 2G or 3G SIM card. Surf the net using 3G/GPRS/ EDGE without the need of any external dongle and also use the tab as a phone.
Cost Rs. 10,500  – Taxes extra.

Which tablet should you buy?
I am sure you would agree that the features and specifications are nothing new, apart from the SIM slot, camera and Bluetooth. Those looking for Phone functionality on a tablet at affordable price can now smile.

When it comes to Dhruv, it is the cheapest so for at Rs. 4,999, and even with tax (4.4 %) it will still be few rupees cheaper than Attitude Daksha.  But if you want a little more go for the Dhruv+ or Dhruv2 depending on your spending capacity.

Note: I would suggest you to keep away from Beelabz, if you still want to buy from them do it at your own risk. Before ordering this tab please read the comments.

Published by Gogi Rana

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  1. I heard that prashi runs on android 2.3 version not the latest 4.0, this is bit sad while all other tabs are running on latest version of android.

  2. Hi Gogi, thanks for the update. Gives me confidence to wait for some time more. Regards

  3. Gogi, what Mr Anand said to you? Pls explain, as I'm, we're waiting for your support…

  4. I have paid for Dhruvz model on 18/05/2012, But till date i have not received any despatch/delivery related mail from Beelabz. I felt very much interest on beelabz after visiting your website & in the inner mind there was a faith on you.

    But now, I want my money back, can you suggest me how to get it?

  5. Hi, they haven't delivered me still, its been 15-16 days after I booked it, will they deliver? has anyone got the tablet? how does the prashi tablet work?

  6. Are you fully satisfy from meeting with Mr Anand? because we all are behind you. Thanks for update current.

    1. On the first place he would have not met me if he was to run away with the money. Plus I got in touch with other executives working with him from my contacts so it is true. Wait for their official announcement on their site, and they have made an update on facebook.

  7. Hello Da..
    Good to know that u had a meeting with Mr Anand today..Though I fully trust him and he's a good man I know but did you tried asking that why did it all happened at 1st place?? I mean fist they said orders have been dispatched and our order # is the tracking # also so if the tabs were not even dispatched or handed over to fedex then why did they lie

  8. Hi Gogi, first of all, thanks for meeting the CEO of BeeLabz today. After discussing with him, what does it look like: will the Chinese at all supply the tabs and if so, when, or is it more likely that the money shall be refunded? And do you think that they meant what they said today. Eagerly awaiting your reply on these two points. Regards

  9. Hi Gogi, I agree with Anjita, they seem very suspicious, and we should do something before they disappear with our funds. The tel. no. in their website has STD code 894, whereas having lived in Bangalore earlier, I remember the code as 080. When you click the link to the product details, you get a window which says "Error 404–Page Not Found". I think many people would have booked through their website, and I hope their credit card details are not at risk, forget about the money they have paid for the tabs. We are looking forward to your assessment after your meeting with the CEO today. If it is positive, we wait. If negative, we need to take immediate steps that are required to deal with such situations. Regards.

    1. I had a meeting with the CEO of BeeLaz today in Mumbai, there is shortage of tabs and they did not get the lot as promised by their manufacturers. On monday, they will put up the reason for the delay on their site, as for the customer service, they are shifting to a new call center. Don't worry about your money, you either get the tab or your money. More about this on monday.

  10. is now working. I have a meeting with Beelabz CEO today and will post the updates on Monday.

    1. Thanks for your update. As you will be meeting him today put these important points from fake dockets codes to everything. And warn them not to act like a fraud company. else one day everyone will catch them and put in prison.

  11. Dear gogi,

    I am from Bangalore. And beelabz is very suspicious company. Its now time to sue their company for frauding. We should register a complaint and flash this issue on news channels. Very soon before they run away. They are cheating everyone even in nepal I had inquired even they haven't got the product till date. Their website of is suspended. They delete comments on fb they don't reply as their contact numbers are off. Can you figure out anything out of this

    1. Anjita, I sent a mail to CEO (Anand) he said he will call me yesterday, he is in Mumbai, I am also in Mumbai, but he never did. And today the site is suspended, which is not a good sign. I will try again on Monday and see what can be done.

      1. They are running away gogi sir, slowly they will run away taking all the customers money. They are not genuine from a single side. Their site is down. They don't have a landline number. They don't reply customers, they delete posts. Send fake docket codes and fake fedex receipt. they are totally fraud. We all customers should take actions for this frauds company before than run away. We should go to news channels. Figure out something gogi.

        1. Well I don't think they can run away easily, will update you on this, on Monday.

  12. Hi Gogi, will they send all tabs on or before 3 June or only Prashi? Since you have contact with them, can you please also check the despatch schedule for Dhruv and Dhruv+ which have been booked by many of us. Thanks in advance.

    1. I did get in touch but the news about 3rd june was a comment from one user on the site. I think on Monday we will get a clear idea.

  13. hello da
    Did you get hold of them? any update regarding the order status? did they reply you?

    1. Aashish, some one commented in the prashi article that the tabs will be sent to users on or before 3rd June. I guess they have still not got the tabs from the Chinese guys. In the mean time I did call Romit Ray (Executive Director) BeeLabz. He said he will talk with Anand and see what can be done.

      1. Thanks for replying da. Though I have faith in them but I don't know what did they lie at first place when they told us that the products have been dispatched and we can track our orders which will be updated after 24 hours which never happen, now they keeping mum and not replying at all which also doesn't leave a good impression

  14. Hi gogi, few days back only after reading your reviews about xtab a10 I ordered it on ebay, but it cost me around Rs.6890 including Rs.200 for shipping for 8gb model,but on nxg it was around rs 400 less, why was it costly on ebay? And today after reading your reviews for dhruv tab I feel like I haven't done a great deal, is xtab a10 not as good as dhruv tab? Plz reply as soon as possible.

    1. NXG is not that bad, dhurv is new but there are issues with the new company Beelabs they are new and are setting up their house as a result there is a lot of delay. NXG you will get the tab much faster. Yes there are some advantage with dhurv, but then there is a very long waiting time, I hope the company does something and gets the stocks in order.

      Not sure why ebay cost so much more. I would suggest the next time you buy any product online check it on different sites, here in this case you could have called the NXG / chatted with them to find the right price.

  15. Hi Gogi, good to know that the company does exist. Maybe it is a mis-management issue. So let's wait and see, and do let us know when you receive your Prashi+ or refund, so that we can get some better idea about them.

  16. Hi Gogi, thanks for your reply. I guess we, who have paid 100% advance for their tablets, have to keep waiting for some response from BeeLabs? Otherwise the money should be written off? From your information, is this a genuine company which is already selling other tablet pcs in India? Do you know of other people who have bought their other tablets? Anything to figure out if the company is genuine?

    1. The company does exist and the office address is genuine. I guess its some mismanagement from their end, but whatever the case they should return the money if they cannot deliver. Customers will not wait, forever.

  17. Hi Gogi, just curious, but if you got the fedex tracking code for your Prashi+, and if you have still not received the tablet, then the fedex tracking code should mention where it is held up. Any news from this tracking code? Basically I am trying to figure out if this company BeeLabz is genuine or not. Regards

    1. Nothing, on site it says not found and called fedex they say the same. You see anyone can get the receipt it is just 2 or 3 paper you can take it home, fill it and then submit that with parcel at the courier office. Now many companies do this, instead of getting it done at the courier office.

      The fedex system will only be updated if they receive the parcel, they will scan it (there is the barcode on the receipt) and it will immediately updated on their system, infact users who are tracking will see the update (received at center or something). Well there is still nothing here.

      I sent a mail asking for refund, no reply yet. I don't know what's going on, but I think its no good waiting.

  18. Hi Gogi,
    I am Anupam Pahari from Kolkata.
    After reading the review of Beetabz Dhruv in your website I decided to buy one.
    I had made payment for a Beetabz Dhruv on 18.05.12. But till date they even don't provide me any shipment details or other details regarding the delivery.
    Due to their delivery policy in their website I should have got it by this time. They even don't receive calls.
    Is this type of professional support encourage any other person to buy any tab from them? Will they provide after sell support at all in future?

    1. Anupam, I am as angry as you are, I have just sent them a mail if they cannot delivery give the customer 2 options, either wait or get the refund.

  19. Hi Gogi,
    I am a subscriber to your newsletter, and have just now ordered for a BeeTabz Dhruv+ from the link on this page.
    In your view, will the 2G on BeeTabz Dhruv+ be fast enough for browsing the net and emails?
    And can I set up push-mail for my yahoo, Hotmail and other email accounts, like in any other android smartphones?
    Grateful for your reply.
    Regards, Jayanta

    1. Jayanta, since this handset supports 2G you can use GPRS or EDGE networks. The speed is good but not as fast as 3G. And yes you can access yahoo and other email accounts. Consider this as a big android phone.

    1. Hi sorry still not got the tab but got the fedex tracking code so next week is for sure.

  20. Does dhruv+ plays H.264 format videos?Most tablets for eg. Funbook claimed that it supports all video formats but its doesn't supports H.264 format,it only supports H.263 format.plz help..

    1. Kishan, there is the buy online links in the article after every Dhruv model.

  21. I want a tablet under Rs. 6000 which is good attitude daksha, dhruv, dhruv+, dhruv2 etc, the tablet must come with a good processor and battery backup.

    1. Ahmed, the specs are the same but the batter mAh may be different and the design. As for the battery backup am not sure all these tabs are yet to be launched.

  22. Prashi Tab which one can I choose for 3G sim, long life battery, capacitive touchscreen,
    Can I purchase without any hesitated with snapdeals offer?

  23. It beetabz dhruv+ is suitable for reading .pdf files and other e-books.Plz do a review of this tablet.

    1. Mohit it will be more comfortable if you go for a high resolution tab instead of 800 by 480 with good ppi. I will be doing a review on Prashi+ this week its with 1024 by 600 pixels.

  24. Hai Gogi, I want a nice quality camera, internet browsing, what should I buy now, funbook, xtab or this dhruv/dhruv+/dhruv2. Tell me which is better taking all the features.

    1. Ramakrishna, if you are talking about features all are the same, the Dhruv looks a better option in terms of price, as for quality camera that will be too much for such low cost tabs.

  25. Hey its the same as micromax but a bit cheaper but funbook with dongle makes the cost same

    1. Arjun, this tab will be launched tomorrow, visit this page again tomorrow, will update it.

  26. Hi. I like the dhruv+ . How can i buy it? Are you going to do a review of it?

    1. Chandan,

      Dhruv+ is same hardware as funbook, attitude daksha etc, only thing is you get some extra features. I will not be doing the review for this tab but another one called Prashi+ you should see that next week.

      Check back this page on monday will update links from where you can buy online.

  27. Hi,
    I wanted to know which is better Prashi/ prashi+/dhruv/dhruv+/dhruv2 plz help…
    Can I use google play in prashi?


    1. Prajwal, I will bet getting the Prashi+ soon, and will do a review on that. Yes Google Play is available and you can download apps.