BeeLabz who are already selling the Ashni, Prashi and GeekT tablet models will launch three new exiting models on Monday, the BeeTabz Dhruv, Dhruv2 and Dhruv+. The Dhruv specifications are similar to Micromax Funbook, but the other two models come with additional features that many desired for. is a fraud company, you can read more here, do not waste your time reading this article.
Today, everyone in India is talking about low cost tablets which are now affordable and are good quality products. Take the example of Micromax Funbook, Xtab A10 etc these are selling like hot cakes. But the problems with these tabs is that they do not come with built in SIM slot and for net connectivity the user either has to use the built in Wi-Fi or attach a compatible 3G dongle. Well finding a compatible dongle again is not an easy task.

Tablet users always wanted that extra feature (a SIM slot) but the price gap between the low cost tab and a tab with SIM was outside the affordability range. Well BeeLabz’s Dhruv is here to fill in those gaps. So guys just check out the specifications.

BeeTabz Dhruv Features

The Dhruv comes powered by a 1.2 GHz Cortex A8 processor with Mali 400 GPU and 512 MB RAM. The tab is quite powerful and can play 2D and 3D contents with ease. You can also play many HD games.

The internal memory is 4GB and micro SD card up to 16 GB is supported. This tab runs on Android 4.0.3 ICS OS with access to Google Play (Google Market). The capacitive touchscreen is 7 inches supporting 800 by 480 pixels resolution. Other features are HDMI port, Mini USB port, G-Sensor, Wi-Fi, External 3G support (You will need a 3G USB modem / Dongle), internal speaker, 3.5 mm jack and front camera of VGA resolution.

BeeTabz Dhruv ICS low cost tablet

The battery capacity is 2850 mAh (Li-Poly) with an estimated usage time of about 4 to 5 hours. The specification sounds familiar and is identical to most of the tabs available in the markets.

The BeeTabz Dhruv (with external 3G support) is priced at Rs. 5,999 Rs. 4999 (excluding tax – With tax it comes to about approx Rs 5,220).

BeeTabz Dhruv+ Features

The Dhruv+ or the Dhruv plus is the tab that most of you are looking for. In other words a low cost tablet with built in SIM slot. The specifications are exactly similar to the Dhruv model except this tab comes with a SIM slot that can houses a 2G SIM. This means you can use a 2G SIM card and surf the net using GPRS or EDGE networks you can even send SMS’s / MMS’s and even make / receive calls.

BeeTabz Dhruv+ (plus) ICS tablet with built in 2G slot

The SIM slot does not support 3G so in case you want to use 3G for surfing you can always connect an external 3G dongle. Now this tab comes with dual cameras, a front facing VGA camera and a primary camera of resolution 2 MP placed at the rear. There is no built in GPS but Bluetooth is supported. Rest of the features of Dhruv+ are the same as compared with the Dhruv model.

BeeTabz Dhruv+ is priced at Rs. 8,999 (taxes extra). The company is offering discounts so  you can get it at an even cheaper rate.

BeeTabz Dhruv2

This is an even more advanced tab with the same configuration as compared with the Dhruv, except it comes with Bluetooth, 2 MP rear camera, VGA  front camera and SIM slot that can house either a 2G or a 3G SIM.

With Dhruv2 you will not need a 3G dongle just put in the SIM and you are ready to surf, call, SMS or send MMS.

BeeTabz Dhruv2 Price is Rs. 10,500 (without tax).

Dhruv Tablet : Similar configuration as Funbook, Xtab A10, Attitude Daksha and Karbonn Smart Tab. Cost Rs. 4,999 – Taxes extra.

Dhruv+ Tablet: An upgraded Dhruv tab with 2 MP rear camera, VGA front camera, Bluetooth and built in 2G SIM slot. You can use the tab for making calls and surfing the net via GPRS/EDGE network without any external dongle.
Cost Rs. 8,999 – Taxes extra.

Dhruv2: The most advanced low cost tab with 2 MP rear / front VGA camera, Bluetooth and Built in SIM slot. You can use a 2G or 3G SIM card. Surf the net using 3G/GPRS/ EDGE without the need of any external dongle and also use the tab as a phone.
Cost Rs. 10,500  – Taxes extra.

Which tablet should you buy?
I am sure you would agree that the features and specifications are nothing new, apart from the SIM slot, camera and Bluetooth. Those looking for Phone functionality on a tablet at affordable price can now smile.

When it comes to Dhruv, it is the cheapest so for at Rs. 4,999, and even with tax (4.4 %) it will still be few rupees cheaper than Attitude Daksha.  But if you want a little more go for the Dhruv+ or Dhruv2 depending on your spending capacity.

Note: I would suggest you to keep away from Beelabz, if you still want to buy from them do it at your own risk. Before ordering this tab please read the comments.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -