After a long time, Microsoft has now surfaced to compete with the Apple iPad. Microsoft Surface tablet – the iPad competitor will run on a Windows 8 OS. This was announced by the company at an event in Los Angeles.

Microsoft Surface tablet will try and gain at what the iPad failed. iPad is good and the recently launched the new iPad, is even better. Initially Microsoft will launch two versions. One version will run on Windows 8 OS using Metro user interface and will be powered by an ARM processor capable of running the Office 15 software.  And another version will be powered by an Intel processor and this tablet will be as powerful as a computer.

It is clear that the Surface tabs are targeted at professional and loaded with productivity suite, which is missing on the iPad. Furthermore a tablet as powerful as a desktop / Laptop will soon become a reality and is good news for many users who can now work efficiently on a tab, on the move.

Surface tablet from Microsoft


Surface with ARM Processor
Weight: 676 grams.
Thickness: 9.3 mm.
OS: Microsoft Windows 8 with Metro UI.
Additional Features: Can run Office 15 software, supports USB 2, KickStand that allows users to place the tab vertically for watching videos or for presentation.

Surface with Intel Processor
Weight: 903 grams.
Thickness: 13.5mm.
OS: Windows 8 Professional.
Additional Features: Bigger screen (high resolution), bigger batter for longer life and USB 3 supported.

This tab with the Intel processor will support and run applications that you use on a PC or a laptop. In other words this is kind of a tablet – computer.

Optional Accessory for both Tablets: Cover with Keyboard (5 mm).

Microsoft surface kickstand with Keyboard

The tablet market is growing at a much faster pace and has already creating trouble to the netbook market. However there are some limitations when you use a tablet. Microsoft’s Surface tabs could bridge that gap.

The Surface tabs are too heavy as compared with other tablets but I guess the features are too good, the OS is more powerful, flexible and can run any applications that run on a Windows PC.

We do not know, yet, when this tablet will hit the Indian market. Price? – Not yet disclosed? Any guesses?

How does the tablet look, its design, watch this video!

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -