The next Google Android version 5.0 will be called the Lollipop. The company confirmed this on Wednesday when they launched the Nexus 6. Google will also make the Lollipop available on older devices starting from the Nexus 4 and onwards.

The Android 5.0 Lollipop is here but it could take some time before it is rolled out on older (Nexus) devices. Motorola started off well with the Moto G and have launched many more models. Here is some good news. Motorola will provide the Lollipop update on Moto G/X (Gen 1 and Gen 2) and even on the Moto E handsets.

The Android one handsets that were recently launched in India might also get the update. The new android 5.0 comes with a lot of changes; interface is beautiful and gives you the right information at the right moment.

The notification on the Android 5.0 Lollipop can be customized you can avoid getting messages from people you don’t want too. You can hide sensitive information. The Lollipop gives the handset battery a boost-up with it’s built in battery saving option – it extends the battery backup by almost over an hour. With this new OS users can check the estimated battery backup remaining when handset is on battery mode and the time it will take for a full charge when connected to a charger.

Android 5.0 Lollipop coming soon

Other features are encryption option (better security) which is on by default, support for 64 bit smartphones / tablets, USB audio support and OK Google will work even when the screen is off.

Motorola and Android One users get ready for a sweeter treat – watch out for the new Android 5.0.

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  1. Please give me new software 5.0 lollipop
    My old software kitket 4.4.2 please give me software lollipop

  2. Plzz tell me…. Can I update my lava iris x1 atom to Android 5.lollypop from built in 4.4.2 KitKat?

    1. Haha do u release u r rom .come my site .there i released all modal custom rom 5.0.0 lollipop . and kikat .and more os android ..we help u upgrade u r android vir…

  3. I wanna to upgrade my mmx canvas nitro a 310 version 4.4.2 to 5.. lollipop. How to upgrade help me please.

  4. Can u pls tell me that how I update my phone micromax canvas nitro 4.4.2 to 5.0 lollipop?

  5. any info about lollipop upgrade of android one devices..???? sum sites telling about mid-jan.
    the main usp was getting updates 1st..
    n still no updates after a month of release..
    i also heard that bugs r already solved by providing 5.0.1.. bt 4 us nothng.!

  6. My micromax canvas A1androidone phone, How to update my android phone version 4.4.4 KitKat, now I am interested in latest version – lollipop

  7. can u pls tell me that how i update my phone micromax canvas nitro 4.4.2 from 5.0 lollipop…???

  8. Dear Gogi
    I want to bring to your notice one technical / software snag in Moto G 2nd edition which i just purchased. In the Network options it has only two options i.e. 2g preferred network and 3g preferred network. I does not have the exclusive wcdma network option as is there in micromax, samsung other phones. what this does is that I cannot exclusively hook on to the 3g network and most of the time my phone is on 2g network and due to its less speed I cannot browse or use google play.

    1. Just buy Asus Zenfone 5 and enjoy fastest speed, even in 2g, I m getting very good speed. Only con less battery backup but thats not problem. I also have 10500maH mi powerbank.

  9. Gogi Motorola conformed moto e get android l but I have one doubt about after android another versions will come na it will update or not
    Okay how much mb or GB it would be

  10. Hello Gogi Sir ,
    I want to ask that the indian brands like Micromax will get the android lollipop update . Will there be update available in Micromax Unite 2 .
    Plz reply …

  11. I have Micromax canvas nitro 310 ..
    It’s a kitkat version
    How to update this to lollypop version?

  12. gogi… phones like micromax magnus, turbo, canvas will get this update? does this L supports these hansets chipset? (mt6589) please reply…. there are lots of people suffering without updates and lots of problem after buying these phones by spending a huge amount.

  13. I am also upset from micromax I have a114 canvas 2.2 I prchased device in Dec 2013 at that time rumours was that this device will get kitkat update definitely but till today no words from micromax

    1. Don’t except software update from micromax. I am upset in my two micromax handset magnus and turbo.

      1. Bro, I will suggest you to install miui rom for both the phones i.e, magnus and turbo.

        go to their official site>downloads>then select brand and model no.
        you will find rom for both your phones and since mi provides better updates and software upgrades than the mmx.

        for any consultancy, only whatsapp me on 8574966762

  14. Along with Battery Saving option, there is also Project Volta. Which saves some juice according to Google.

  15. Good thing about android L is that it is optimized to run on devices with 512mb Ram. So almost all low end android phones will run just fine.

    1. xiaomi is planning to update their devices like redmi s,1s,mi3,mi4, note to miui v6 version.

  16. gogi …new nexus 6 and nexus 9 tab is now available with android L or lollipop…check that too..

  17. Gogi ji. Any confirmation of the Android One devices?
    The list of official update phones are only the Nexus devices and Motorola devices. With no mention of the Android One.

    1. When android one was launched it was said that the one’s will get updates from Google for up to 2 years. So I guess they will get L but could take some time.

  18. Nice to hear this but waht about us who are still stuck up with JB & no update is ever going to come.

      1. Forget about any software updates in any micromax mobile… They just sales phone and forget for updates.