Xiaomi has rolled out software update for the Redmi 1S handset. System update V45 is available over the air, make sure battery percent is over 70 and use a good stable network for downloading the update.

The Redmi 1S comes with excellent hardware at an unbelievable price. There were issues on the handset and based on the feedback, Xiaomi has released the V45 software update that will fix most / all of the issues.

The key issue with Redmi 1S in India was it getting heated up, and at times reaching temperature of over 45 degrees even with normal usage. Xiaomi has improved thermal control algorithm to help keep the temp well under 38 degree with normal usage.

The next issue was low RAM. The 1S comes with 1GB RAM and the available RAM was too less or would drop too low with normal usage. This issue has also been fixed and has resulted in noticeable improvements in the test run (as per Xiaomi).

redmi 1s software update

The 3rd major issue was the handset lagging with heavy usage. I also found the same with the camera app (check Redmi 1S review). Well the issue was very much related to handset heating up, that has been fixed, after the update the UI should perform well and there should be no frame drops / lags.

If you have already got the update notification, get the software updated to the latest version and leave your feedback. The Redmi 1S will go on sale today at 2PM.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in