CREO Mark 1 handset got another scheduled update, if you may recall this handset will get a new update every month. This is the 3rd update since the launch of their first handset Mark 1. The latest software update will added additional privacy features on the device.

CREO is running proprietary Fuel OS, and the company will be providing updates every month. These updates are different, in fact new features are added to the smartphone. Users do have a choice, to install or ignore the updates.

The 3rd update enhances the users Privacy. More options have been added to the Privacy Settings – users can now lock apps and hide photos and videos.

Lock Apps

CREO Mark 1 users will now be able to lock any app using a pin or password. With this feature enabled they can access the locked app/s only when they key in the correct password.

Creo Mark 1 3rd  software update

Hide Media

This option will allow the user to hide images / videos (Media files). These hidden images / videos are stored in a hidden folder. These hidden images can be access from hidden files folder – user will need to use pin or password to reveal.

How to update

These are OTA update, you will get a notification, just follow the steps.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -