Google today unveiled their next gen operating system called the Android L. The L runs on ART Runtime (that supports 64 bit processor). The ART was also available on the Android KitKat OS as an option but by default the KitKat ran Dalvik. ART is better than Dalvik with improved overall performance and better battery life.

There are over 5000 new API’s that are supported on the new Android L. The UI has changed, specially the notifications that have completely been revamped. The notifications got smarter and are stack based – it will open multiple windows and place the one that is more important in the front.

The notifications on Android L are action based which means you can either tap to view the same in related app or swipe to dismiss it. A new notification type has also been added that will popup the message on any app that you might be using, this makes sure you are not missing any important notification and you can view the same on the app you may be using.

The Android L will improve battery life thanks to project volta that will come integrated. Another exciting feature is the Smart lock. This new feature will automatically detect devices that you have paired with the handset (like the smart-watch) and unlock the handset as soon as you pick up the handset. If another user picks up the handset he / she will get the lock screen.

Google Android L their next operating system

The new Android L also provides option to user to remotely factory reset the handset in case it gets lost or stolen. At the even Pichai mentioned that Google is expanding the ecosystem via Android L. What’s the L called – probably Lollipop.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -