Google Android watches – the LG G watch and the Motorola Smartwatch will be available soon. Google has extended its android domain to Autos and TVs. They announced the Android Auto and Android TV, today.

The Android Auto will come shipped in 25 branded cars pretty soon. Apart from music and maps the Android auto will come with lot of controls linked between your android phone and the car. Interaction can be via voice or using the on board touch screen.

The Android Auto will show relevant information as soon as you step into your car. It can also monitor your driving habits. Users can use voice control and can reply to emails / messages using voice inputs.

TV’s could soon come powered by Android TV. This will make it easier to control the TV using any android devices like tablets or Smartphone and even smart watches. The Android TV can do more – like play movies, games, can keep you updated about your favorite programs and much more.

Google android auto

At the event Google also unveiled that the new Chromebooks will support android apps, users will be able to run those apps on the books and will also be able to receive phone notifications on the Chromebooks itself.

The LG G watch and GearLive from Samsung will be available on Google store starting today (not on play store India).

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -