Google has unveiled a new email system called the Inbox. As per Google the new system called the Inbox works for you, they have built this from their Gmail experiences. This system separates the important information from the rest.

The Google Inbox is invitation based you can request for one. Today our email are not just limited to official mails but they are flooded with a lot of other stuffs including spam. Take for example the promo emails, travel related email – your booking details etc, the purchases you have made and so on.

Now the Inbox will make this look even better, you can have all your purchases in one place and even track the orders that have been shipped without actually opening up the message. The same goes with reservation details, pictures, flight status etc. You get the key information you need at the right time without having to do much. This system will work on the desktop / laptop, android smartphone and iPhones.

Inbox by gmail launched

And there is more…, the Inbox is different and provides real time update in user friendly way using your email. Head on to the official inbox page, you still need an invite – you can request one by sending an email to [email protected].

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -