Airtel taken a hit since Jio came into picture with their disruptive schemes and tariff

Every since Reliance launched Jio, offered it for free and then finally came up with disruptive Reliance Jio Tariff plans, the other networks in India already started feeling the heat. Airtel has now announced that their Net Income dropped down to 74.9%.

Airtel’s NI (Net Income) was Rs. 1462 crore in corresponding quarter last year but this time for same corresponding quarter it is Rs. 367 crore – down by 74.9%. Airtel blames this for disruptive pricing by Jio (new operator) and also mentioned that the mobile market still remains turbulent.

To cope up Airtel also started providing free data to post paid customers in a bid to retain them, it may have worked to a very small extent but number of mobile users migrating from Airtel to Jio are still increasing.

Airtel Revenue drops cause of Jio disruptive plans

Jio’s network is really good, at some places it is bad, but in general (overall) the network is really good. I am using both Jio and Airtel and for the past few months Airtel network quality has deteriorated.  I used to get good signal from Airtel in one room but now it is really bad. I am using two phones now, one with Airtel SIM  is kept in a different room cause that is where the signal is, as for Reliance Jio, it works in all the rooms. If this goes on I might want to get my primary number on Jio.

Let me know your experience with Jio vs your network.


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