Every since Reliance launched Jio, offered it for free and then finally came up with disruptive Reliance Jio Tariff plans, the other networks in India already started feeling the heat. Airtel has now announced that their Net Income dropped down to 74.9%.

Airtel’s NI (Net Income) was Rs. 1462 crore in corresponding quarter last year but this time for same corresponding quarter it is Rs. 367 crore – down by 74.9%. Airtel blames this for disruptive pricing by Jio (new operator) and also mentioned that the mobile market still remains turbulent.

To cope up Airtel also started providing free data to post paid customers in a bid to retain them, it may have worked to a very small extent but number of mobile users migrating from Airtel to Jio are still increasing.

Airtel Revenue drops cause of Jio disruptive plans

Jio’s network is really good, at some places it is bad, but in general (overall) the network is really good. I am using both Jio and Airtel and for the past few months Airtel network quality has deteriorated.  I used to get good signal from Airtel in one room but now it is really bad. I am using two phones now, one with Airtel SIM  is kept in a different room cause that is where the signal is, as for Reliance Jio, it works in all the rooms. If this goes on I might want to get my primary number on Jio.

Let me know your experience with Jio vs your network.

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  1. An inappropriate question probably here to post but as people are talking about all the signal n net speed so i really wanna know if there is a way to increase internet speed in jio like switching bands or changing apn in settings .. because there are so many articles n videos for this but personally nothing really worked for me. I hardly gets100kbps or so even lower than that most of the time. ?

    1. Hi
      if your mobile is snapdragon & if its rooted then install network signal guru app. people say its working. my mobile is not rooted so not tried.

  2. Network of Jio is not that great but its improving over period of time , post monsoon network of Vodafone and Idea has deteriorated badly, I am glad that I have Jio now, atleast I can surf net , send sms, messages, calls and even missed call alert free of cost.,

  3. JIO sucks big time…Doesn’t matter you guys keep calling me an employee of AirTel but mujhe jo personal experience hain wohi toh bolunga ke nahi ??

    Phir main v bol sakta hu ke Saare ke saare Jio ke chamche bhade pade h yahape…

    1. you may have personal bad experience with jio…….but atleast admit that airtel are looters……..if you cannot even admit that then it does feel doubtful that you are somehow connected to airtel and brothers…..just shiting jio. a statement that airtel looted and the day service of jio is satisfactory you will definately consider jio would have been a correct approach….anyways….all tthe best to you and airtel….

  4. Waiting for jio Tv to sweep DTH Scene as well……as of today i pay Tata sky 8500 per annum+3000+3000=14500 per annum for 3 Tv ……..hope jio tv comes at half rate……and i will migrate to it……bye tata …..welcome jio

  5. AIRTEL and brothers have looted india till date, now they are making reasonable profits ,,,all due to jio. they have not taken a hit, they are now charging realistic prices.

  6. One very important differentiation between jio and airtel(and other established players) is that we hardly need core balance in jio so there is virtually 0 chance of wrong / fraudulent deduction/cheating with jio.

    Jeete raho Jio

  7. We all should support JIO in bringing Digital Revolution in our country. All other operators were just looting customers al these days. I have 2 numbers one is 10 years old and other is 7 years old both from Airtel. They never even bothered to free upgrade of tariff plans or providing some more free data. all I was getting was 1.5GB data all these days. Since JIO has arrived they have started all sorts of nataks. like, carry over data from last month to next month and 1gb daily data. all these days why did they think of these plans to retain customers?

    1. You don’t have right to express your opinions…See comments on my post below…I said Jio sucks & Airtel is best for me toh people started saying that I am a chamcha of AirTel…Such disgusting people here…

      1. that is because you are supportive of looters……th eday jio gets good in your area, you will see the point….

  8. Recently ported into jio from Airtel , after sending port message to 1900 I didn’t even receive call from Airtel to retain me in Airtel network

  9. Jio has calling problem unable to call maximum times on number start 1800 and few others too

  10. Docomo is the biggest cheater deducted 170rs from my dad’s mobile and never refunded these companies are soon going crash RIP ALL

  11. Bhai sidha funda hai in companiyo ne itna loota hai saalo se ab agar jio loote toh bhi koi gam nahi air vaise bhi saal bhar free diya isne ye kya lutega bas reasonable charges hai bakiyo ke jaise nahi jo pehle 250 mai 1 gb dete the

  12. AirTel is & will always remain the best network of India…

    Last month went to Dooars…Jio had ZERO network there while I got full AirTel 3G even in the trains & in the guesthouse in the jungle…

    Jio’s network sucks big time…AirTel is still the boss…

    Since Jio ONLY works on 4G, it’s a huge minus for them…Not many place has 4G connectivity in India, specially remote places like mountains & remote sea areas…Since Jio can’t provide 4G there, their connectivity is Zero in small & remote areas…

    Even if AirTel can’t provide 4G in all the places, I can still get 3G connectivity everywhere I have visited in India…

    Even in a prime location of Kolkata where I stay, Jio can’t provide good 4G speeds…I only get like 5-10 Mbps from Jio while I get almost 30-40 Mbps from AirTel…

    Jio sucks…AirTel rocks…Period…

      1. Yes I love to travel…Do you have any problem with that ??? And most of the places I have visited had zero Jio connectivity…

    1. OK you continue with AT.

      We won’t tolerate the loot.

      Everyone has freedom of choice.

      1. Best of luck… (y)

        They never looted ME & I am using them since they born…

        But you obviously has the freedom of choice… 🙂

    2. Hey Sushrut, have forgot to mention you got Airtel 4G signal even in under water deep inside Sea.

      1. I said what I experienced myself…Doesn’t matter you believe or not…I don’t give a damn…

        1. Also I have clearly said that I got “3G” (Not 4G) in most of the places I’ve visited…Get your eyes checked buddy… 😉

    3. On a serious side just ask one question to yourself, How many years have passed for Airtel to reach at this place? And how old is JIO? Because of JIO all these companies are crying bcos they are not able to loot the profits out of a common man…

      1. Maybe you have a bad experience with Airtel but that doesn’t mean that they were looting everybody…I am an AirTel user since they came to India & there was not even a single instance of looting…

        But you will obviously protest if you have/had bad experiences…That’s quite normal…

        Like I am protesting against Jio…Calls don’t connect properly…Recharges don’t get credited properly & data speed is a joke at my place…Max 5 Mpbs…

    4. we have realised you are highly paid employee of airtel………..public sab janti hai…now airtel ..you can fool some people all time, but not all people all time….hahaha…..

      1. Main v public hi hu…Aur mere paas Jio aur AirTel dono hain…

        Yahape pic upload karne ka system nahi hain warna aabhi tumhe speedtest karke dikha deta dono ka…

        Jio mujhe 5 Mbps se jyada nahi deta…Aur AirTel 20-40 Mbps…Same place pe…Mere ghar pe…

        1. I think you are a unique customer who is getting that much speed!!!!
          Hats off to you sir!

  13. JIO is still not reliable enough to be the primary sim. Airtel is not better either. I have found Vodafone’s network to be most solid and use it as my primary connection but I am eagerly waiting for the day when I will be able to switch my primary number to Jio. Freedom from blood suckers!

  14. सुनील मितल अपने ग्राहकों को जमकर लूट रहा था उसके साथ ऐसा होना ही चाहिए |

  15. Airtel never gives anything for free. if, its giving free there would be a gimmick to trap customers.
    Airtel looting time is over thats’ y it is planing to sale part of the company stake to soft bank and part of the cell tower business to indus towers.
    Jio planing incorporate 1.2 lakh cell towers across india already 60% finished currently these are in testing phase some software upgradation process is going once it finishes its work no Telecom operator can beat its signal accuracy across india.

  16. I am also experiencing very bad signal on Airtel sim from last few months. Network is fluctuating a lot and signal goes off and on only when we are using LTE recommended option. If we are on 3G, signal is full and stable. I have till now raised two service requests with Airtel and no resolution yet.
    I am also planning to port to Jio if this issue is not fixed in next 1-2 months time.

  17. Well i am forced to use airtel now as in my room only airtel network comes as apartment is 4-5 floors underground but still only airtel network comes at room don”t want to use airtel because of their past looting but i have no option but to use airtel

      1. Actually its not underground its base is ver low on which building is made in shillong as shillong is mountain area

  18. Initially some people including me were hesitant to use jio as primary no. only because of its unavailability in feature phone but as we see the introduction of jiophone many of us including me will port to jio cause in case of emergency or breakdown of primary android handset, there is option of 4G feature phone.. ?

  19. I have already ported my main number.

    Jio is good so far.
    Better than idea / airtel in some remote areas.

  20. I use AirTel and Jio. My personal experience on Airtel is average. Being good mobile network reception, Airtel always lagged in internet. 3G always worked with the speed of 2G.
    They are having another problem of worse customer care. They never work on complaints. Simply close it after few days

    Personally i would not like to AirTel or any other operator to get killed by Jio. Because it will create Monopoly and that will not be good for users.

    Meanwhile I guess AirTel is first operator to make no roaming between Mumbai and Maharashtra.

  21. Airtel deducted so much balance till date.. im sure airtel deducted more than 10000 rupees approx from my number. RIP Airtel

  22. Jio (Baahubali) will kill this airtel (bhallal dev) very soon. I want to see his death again

  23. Airtel looted & cheated us for years.

    Jio with secondary bsnl sim for coverage in remote areas will be a good idea for many.

    Those confined to city only can enjoy jio only.

  24. I did an experiment in Delhi. I took 2 same Model mobiles. One is having AIRTEL Number and Other one is having JIO number, Signals are full in both. I downloaded same file at a time in both. I was highly surprised that JIO downloaded it very fast than AIRTEL.

    AIRTEL network has become very worst now. Earlier it was known for Best Network in Industry. But after entry of JIO in the market, AIRTEL collapsed and JIO is rocking. Now AIRTEL is giving free data to its Looted customers but now no body want to use their slower internet services.

    1. This is because Airtel is using its HSPA/3G network systems and has just increased the speed, while JIO has full fledged 4G network systems.

    2. That’s true. Airtel gave me 5 gb free but the speeds were pathetic. Not like before.

      1. This is Airtel strategy ..ya they will provide u free data but not the speed ..mean that u will not able to consume data faster…Nd by technically assuring peoples mind that they are giving u free data…

  25. After jio start dth cable then remaining earning of airtel from dth too diminished and finaly airtel will sold out to Vodafone rip

    1. Don’t do this mistake Bro. Jio is only good (sometimes only) for 4g only. Calls and SMS are almost failed. I tried to change my whatsup number to Jio number which was in my secondary mobile. A verification code was sent by Whatsup team for activation to that Jio number and guess what… I received that message on Jio number after 2days!!! What will happen if your primary number is Jio and you are making online payments thru credit card or debit card and OTP will be send to Jio number for making payment and you will be receiving that OTP after 2-3days!!!!! So Jio is good for Data only and I am using it as secondary number for Data Use only.

  26. Net Income dropped by 75%…………… This not income this LOOT dropped by 75/%


      You are 100% right. It is not Income it was LOOT from innocent customers. They gave me 1 GB for 28 days for Rs. 360 before entry of JIO. And now they are giving me free data to my postpaid number but now I don’t want to use it.

      1. Ya bro previously airtel provides 1gb data for 250 or above but this is not fair …1gb data fair cost is 50 or slightly more .. from past few years airtel is looting his customers ..these telecoms companies like idea,vodafone etc are charging rs250,300 for 1gb .. nd now when jio is providing data in fair price so airtel nd other companies are filling complain against jio…I think ya now his income is dropped by 75℅ now this is fair for airtel..

    2. Ya you r right. Yeh hi woh company thi jisne whatsapp ke liye bhi alag se charges lagane shuru kar diye the.. Yehi hona chaiye tha

  27. In Jaipur , here jio gives 2-3 Mbps and airtel stuck at 200-300 kbps .sometime airtel speed decreased to 70-80kbps

  28. i have a yotaphone and unfortunately it only supports airtel 4g and not reliance 4g.. so still hanging on to airtel till i change my mobile..

    1. Yotaphone supports B3 i.e, 1800 MHz… And jio operates on 850, 1800 and 2300 MHz… So, jio should work

  29. I personally feel that Xiaomi and Jio are like angels who came and changed the whole game in mobile/telecom industry. Lets all hope that they live up to best expectations and maintain their good reputation.

  30. I really liked the current Jio network. In one of my relatives house in Vijayawada(AP), no signal comes except Tata Indicom and that too in only one corner!!
    But Jio does wonders. Network is very clear, even with a single bar(I was getting almost all bars there!!!!)

    These Airtel, Voda, !dea etc. are great cheaters. They deduct money from customers in one or the other way(like activating services automatically etc.)

    I feel so sorry for Airtel as it’s trying to safeguard its existence by putting sentimental adds and trying to make people sentimental fools!!! Where were these offers earlier(adding remaining data etc etc..)?? Even if they add it, they say that you have to use this plan and that plan. But after sometime, all of a sudden they will change the plan terms and collapse the whole data.

    This happened with me where I had around 4.5Gb data accumulated(Prepaid). I was carrying forward this data as I was using Jio 😉 . One fine day, these cheaters just changed the plans and my whole data went in the AIR and there was no one to TEL. This is called the real AIR/TEL.
    Since then, I have stopped using their bloody services.

    Even my self I have kept it as secondary number due to its coverage. But now, AIR_FRAUD/TEL is no match to Jio. It’s too good if the plans continue to be like current plans. Jio, Jiothey raho*

    *Conditions apply 😉

    1. Airtel and telenor deducts balance by activating useless services . I used both and got irritated and ported to idea and docomo. Using these two from almost 4 years. They never deducted balance like airtel nd telenor. Idea by aditya birla group, and docomo by tata never cheat like that. They are most trusted groups

  31. jio is far better than airtel, airtel provide very bad service, no communication with customer,
    Many times raised complaint for not single but, not replied

  32. Jio bahut hi acha hai bahut achi speed aati hai mere gaon me Airtel ke 2g network nhi aate baha jio 4g ke ache network aate hai .jio ne hamari life badal di hai hume azaadi di hai data aur call rate se main jio se bahut happy hu