As per TRAI data Reliance Jio 4G turns out to be the fastest 4G provider when it comes to speed (18.35Mbps), Idea is on second position, Vodafone in third and Airtel at fourth position with 9.9Mbps speed. This is as per average 4G speed trend.

TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) started MySpeed app that users can use to check their net speed on the network they  are using and this data collected from various users  are being used to Analysis the best performing networks.

If you visit the TRAI website on the left side select 4G technology under Explore Data Speeds. Then check the top 3 operators or all operators, average or monthly trend. The results are as follows – in Top Three operators Jio is on top with 18.35Mbps speed on an average based on 1M+ test results, Idea is in second position with 11.77Mbps speed on an average with 75K+ tests and Vodafone is in third position with 11.52Mbps speed with 100K+ tests.

Fastest 4G Data Network provider in India, Reliance Jio on Top

If you check the All operators Average 4G Speed trend – Jio is on the top, 2nd position is Idea, 3rd position is Vodafone and in 4th position it’s Airtel with 9.9Mbps average 4G speed. The TRAI myspeed page also gives you a fair idea about the network quality in your location.

So what is your experience with Jio or the network you are using, leave a comment below.

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  1. Jio is not consistent everywhere whereas Airtel gives far more better network coverage and connectivity. I’m using both the connections JIO is very inconsistent both at home & office(Kolkata – Technopolis). I’ll stick with AIRTEL for now until JIO becomes more stable. I’ll thank JIO for making the data cheaper and forcing others to do the same.

  2. At my home 1800 mhz band never crossed 1mbps, whereas 2300 mhz gives me about 5- 8 mbps. Using redmi 2 Tamil nadu.

  3. I’m Chennai and I can confirm that between Airtel and Jio (both of which I’m using), JIO is way ahead. Not sure because if JIO is still in the promotional period, but most of the time I keep watching live videos (ongoing Champions Trophy) without any buffering. Also the liveTV and other JIO apps are really useful for me, when compared to other providers. I’m yet to check JIO outside chennai, but so far I’m satisfied.

  4. Lock your network band to 1800mhz rather than 2300…. I easily got 3 to 5mbps(bytes) download speeds

      1. Network signal guru app…. U can get it on Play store ROOT required after that u can figure it out yourself

  5. Jio me speed capping hoti h speedtest apps jio apps aur youtube playstore me hmesha 1-2 MBps speed aati hai net velocity me check krne pe 3 MBps bhi ho jati hai aur lagatar kuch download kr lo to 100 KBps ki limit set

  6. Jio’s net speed sucks big time & I stay in a prime location of Kolkata…AirTel 4G gives me 40 Mbps speed here where Jio can merely manage 6-7 Mbps…

  7. It is only partially true, does not give true picture. Jio giving around 20mbps only outdoors for me. Indoors in commercial buildings, no signal at all. Not able to even make calls. Whereas Airtel is having good 4G signals even for browsing in such locations as well.

  8. Jio is pathetic in bangalore. The speed doesn’t even cross 1mbps at any point

    1. Good joke bro, even I stay in bangalore(E-city), I get almost a speed of 12mbps always..

  9. I don’t know if ambani is a saint or sinner, but I know one thing. It was because of him I enjoyed truly unlimited 4 g for about 2 months. The fact that it was free just made it more wonderful. Above that he made other operators drop their rates. A big salute to jio and ambaniji from a common man.

  10. Due to the fact JIO has smaller no. Of sub’s as compared to other operators

    1. But all JIO customers are using 4G, whereas customers of other operators are using 4G, 3G, 2G or no internet also. So its great to manage all customers using 4G.

  11. Bhai mere yaha to halat itni buri hai ke jio se se acha ide aur voda ke 3G chalte. saam ke 6pm se 11 pm tak to 2G se bhi jada flop , location ( Rudrapur, 274204, Uttar Pradesh)

  12. Jio is worst in our area, airtel gives the highest constant speed around 20mbps, jio is around 2-4 mbps.

  13. At my location I am using Idea and Reliance Jio, both are doing great, hard to say which is fastest, but Jio gives more for less :-).