As per TRAI data Reliance Jio 4G turns out to be the fastest 4G provider when it comes to speed (18.35Mbps), Idea is on second position, Vodafone in third and Airtel at fourth position with 9.9Mbps speed. This is as per average 4G speed trend.

TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) started MySpeed app that users can use to check their net speed on the network they  are using and this data collected from various users  are being used to Analysis the best performing networks.

If you visit the TRAI website on the left side select 4G technology under Explore Data Speeds. Then check the top 3 operators or all operators, average or monthly trend. The results are as follows – in Top Three operators Jio is on top with 18.35Mbps speed on an average based on 1M+ test results, Idea is in second position with 11.77Mbps speed on an average with 75K+ tests and Vodafone is in third position with 11.52Mbps speed with 100K+ tests.

Fastest 4G Data Network provider in India, Reliance Jio on Top

If you check the All operators Average 4G Speed trend – Jio is on the top, 2nd position is Idea, 3rd position is Vodafone and in 4th position it’s Airtel with 9.9Mbps average 4G speed. The TRAI myspeed page also gives you a fair idea about the network quality in your location.

So what is your experience with Jio or the network you are using, leave a comment below.

By Sunil V