Due to huge response Datawind the Aakash tablet manufactures are not able to answer all the question, the phone numbers are always busy and there is no way of reaching the company immediately.

Here is the lost of frequently asked question about the Aakash tablet which I hope will solve most of your queries. You can still try reaching the toll free number or contact Datawind Company via email, but trust me this is a lengthy process.

Aakash (UbiSlate7 and Ubislate7+) tablet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The difference between UbiSlate7 and UbiSlate7+?

The Ubislate7 is the first version with a low processing power whereas the Ubislate7+ is more powerful and is recommended. Both the tablets support Wi-Fi but the 7+ version also supports SIM card with 2G (GPRS). The Datawind Company is also providing access to Wi-Fi hotspots at Rs. 99 for 2GB. But the GPRS version is the best option and you can access the net from almost any place in India depending on your carrier. The Ubislate7+ also can be used for making / receiving phone calls (mobile functionality).

Aakash Screen / device quality and warranty?

The Ubislate7 and the Ubislate7+ both tablets come with a resistive touchscreen. If you have used capacitive touch screen devices before you might find touch sensitivity a little annoying. The device is well built but do not expect the kind of finish that you find on high end tablets. Aakash tablet comes with 1 year warranty and thankfully there is a different number for technically support.

Does this tablet have a camera and is Video chat / Video call possible on Aakash tabet?

No. The tablets do not come with any camera. But future version may come with camera and GPS support but that will also increase the cost. As for video chat/ calls without camera, simply not possible.

Are there any Aakash tablet accessories available?

As for now there are not accessories available but are being finalized and should be available soon. The accessories are car charger, headphones, cover and keyboard. The tablet comes with USB port so it is possible to attach external USB keyboard or other USB devices that is supported. The Aakash tablet accessories will also be sold online via the aakashtablet.com website.

Can I play games on the Aakash tablet?

Yes you can play many games but it will be a lot smoother on the Ubislate7+ which comes with a 700 MHz processor. Some high graphics games may run a bit slow.

Does the Aakash tablet come with android market app?

No. But instead there is a GetJar App store from where you can download apps. The tablet runs on android OS so it is possible to manually install the android market app and avoid using the GetJar app for downloading and installing apps.

Does this tablet come with GPS?

No. There are no GPS on Ubislate7 and ubislate7+.

Where can students buy the Aakash tablet at discounted price?

The tablet that you buy from the website aakashtablet.com or any other partner site online, is the commercial version. If students are interested they need to get in touch with their college/ universities. The government is planning to distribute tablets at subsidized rates to different colleges / universities, but have not announced it yet. In general the only way to get the tablet at subsidized rate is from your college; if you cannot wait go for the commercial version.

How do you order the Aakash tablet online?

Visit the site Aakashtablet.com and either order or pre-book the tablet depending on the options that are available. You need to enter your details and submit the form. You will then receive an email with booking id.

Aakash tablet FAQ Frequently asked questions
Aakash tablet FAQ Frequently asked questions

What next?

Each and every person who had submitted the form and as per the orders that Datawind has received, (First-come, first-served) will be contacted by the company and the order, shipping address and payment option (cash on delivery) will be confirmed before the tablet is dispatched.

Is there any confirmation for pre-booking / orders made?

Yes. Users will get the booking id via email that itself is the confirmation that the order is placed. But that is just step 1. The step 2 is another confirmation via email or phone before the tablet is dispatched, but the second step will take time depending on the queue.

I have pre-booked many times how do I cancel my order?

As I mentioned before there are two steps the first is when you fill the form and get the booking ID via email and the second step is when you either get a call from Datawind Company or are contacted again via email for order confirmation with payment on delivery, you can then decline the offer.

I have not yet received the Aakash booking id?

After submitting the form you should get the booking id via email within few minutes. In some cases there could be a delay. Wait for a day or two and also check your spam folder to confirm that you have not received any email. You can then try submitting another form. Anyway you always have an option to cancel an order in case you make multiple bookings.

Are there any other payment options available for example using credit card, debit card or net banking?

Yes, as of now there is just one partner Ncarry.com who is selling the first version of Aakash (Ubislate7) with multiple payment options. Since the payments are made almost instantly, you can expect to get the tablet delivered much faster than the cash on delivery options.

What is the Sold Out option on the Aakashtablet.com website?

The Sold Out option means that the company has received too many orders and new pre-orders will be suspended for few days and will resume after the previous orders are cleared.

When is the expected date of delivery for ubislate7+

Ubislate7+ shipping is expected to start by late January 2012.

How is the tablet, delivered and is it limited to selected cities in India?

The Aakash tablet will be delivered via courier and delivery can be made in any part of the country (only in India).

I have received the Aakash tablet but I am facing some technical issues how can I get technical support?

Aakash Tablet Technical support contact
Call: 01832581330 or 01832580177 between 10 AM to 6:30 PM on working days. These numbers are only for technical support only; do not use these numbers for any other queries.

Not getting through customer care toll free number?

Because of overwhelming demand it will not be easy to get through the 1-800-180-2-180 number. Other alternative is to email [email protected] but the email support is also not that fast.


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