How to check PreBooking Order status of Aakash Ubislate Tablets

If you have booked the Aakash (Ubislate 7+) tablet you can now check the order status online by simply entering the booking ID that you may have received via email. The website has got a new makeover with the check status option that is not yet enabled.

Update: Aakash 2 commercial version launched. Read more about the Ubislate 7+ and Ubislate 7C new android tablets.

Update: The link for checking the prebooking order status for Aakash tablet , I am not sure if the link is working but can you try and see if it works. The page does loads up but when you add the details it throws up an error message.

Update: The Govt has admitted that they have some differences with Datawind and it seems that they may not extend the contract with Datawind. So guys forget the Aakash tab from Datawind and don’t waste time following / confirming orders. The GOVT has however revealed that they will still launch the upgraded Aakash tablet with the same price tag (click to read).

I had sent an email to Datawind regarding the order status and they did replied back after more than two weeks. They also send me the link from where I could check my order status. I entered the booking ID but it shows incorrect Order ID. Maybe Datawind are still updating their database but there is a text on the check status page that says you will have to wait 48 hours after placing the order for the database to get updated. If you are still getting the incorrect order ID, you will need to re-book the tablet again.

Keep your booking ID ready and check out the status here. (Update: The link working).  I had booked the tablet in December and I am now getting incorrect order ID. Anyway it makes no sense booking the tablet again now. It is good that the website now has an option to check the order status, but I guess it’s too late now.

Ubislate 7+ check order status

Ubislate 7+ check order status

Here are few reasons as to why you should avoid buying / ordering the Aakash / Ubislate 7+ tablet for now.

  • First of all you may never get a confirmation call from Datawind regarding Ubislate 7+, most probably because their system never registered the Booking ID even though you may have got it via email and another strong reason could be that the Ubislate 7+ has not yet been launched.
  • The email that I received from Datawind mentions that I need to send a cheque / demand draft payable to Datawind Innovations Pvt. Ltd. Now there is no mention about when the tablet will be delivered after the check is cleared, (though the email does mention that they will prioritized delivery of your Ubislate7+ in March, why so much delay and no specific date in March.) moreover it will take a day or two for the cheque to reach Datawind via courier. If you are still interested in the Ubislate 7+ tablet then do not send the cheque as it seems the 7+ tablet has not yet been launched, instead opt for cash on delivery option.
  • The GOVT is now looking for fresh tenders and want to make the tablet more powerful. You can read my previous articles on Do not buy the Aakash 2 tablet yet and waiting period for Aakash tablets get longer. You can also check out Aakash tablet alternatives.
  • The Ubislate 7+ was supported to be launched in Jan 2012 but it never happened, instead the GOVT is looking for fresh tenders which points out to the fact that they are not happy with the current manufacturer, Datawind.

I know you are desperately looking to get a hold of the Ubislate 7+ but it will be wise to wait and watch. As for now I would advise you to avoid buying the Aakash tablet, at least for now, wait and wait we might see a better tablet for the same cost in few months.


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