Those eagerly waiting for the Aakash tablet here is some bad news, there will be some more delays. The Government of India has just realised that they need 22 crore more tablets. The Govt had previously ordered just 1 lakh tablets.

Looking at the massive response the Govt has estimated that there is a need for 22 crore Aakash tablets and for which a new tender has been issued. The Govt is now waiting for manufactures, who can fulfill these demands. Datawind Company will also get a chance to submit their tender.

Interestingly you do not find many tablets in the market, the pre-orders / bookings are still being processed and tablets being delivered. Overall it is a very slow process. Issuing a new tender for 22 crore Aakash tablet seems to be an illogical choice especially when the tablets have not yet reached the masses and no one knows how the tablets will perform. In fact those few who have used the tablets have complained about slow speed, build quality and poor battery.

This is a new product and there will always be some kind of technical issues, it is not just selling the tablets but also providing technical support plus a need for a service centre. ¬†Anyway we hope the tablet come handy for the purpose it was made for and pray that this is not another scam. Just think Rs. 100 x 22 crore…?

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -