The original Aakash tablet as we all know was available on the website with only cash on delivery option. Datawind, the company that is manufacturing the low cost Aakash tablet got overwhelming response, but since cash on delivery was the only option available they have reached the limits and have stopped getting more order. This is the reason why users are seeing the sold out option for Aakash tablet on the website.

But hold on there is some good news. The ordering process has become better with help from (Nimbuzz) who will now handle the online payment part on part of Datawind. This also means that Indian users will be order the tablet with multiple payment options.

How to order Aakash tablet with multiple payment options

Those of you who wanted to know if shipping will be charged from users, well we have the answers now. The new link does mention that Aakash Tablet PC is priced at Rs. 2,499 plus shipping charges of Rs. 199 that goes to a total of Rs. 2,698.

Payments made via Credit / Debit card / Net Banking get higher preference over cash on deliver or pay by cheque / DD order. So if you want to get hold of the tablet faster, you know what to do.

To book the Aakash tablet click this link or copy and paste it in a new browser tab

Buy Aakash Tablet online with multiple payment options with now handle Aakash Tablet online booking process.

The table that you see is the first version (UbiSlate 7) that comes with 366 MHz processor. This tablet was distributed among few students and those present when Aakash was launched. The review was bad, most of them found it to be too slow and this forced the manufacturers to delay the launch and to get in an upgraded version the UbiSlate 7+ which is powered by a 700 MHz processor and supports GPRS.

I have already pre-booked the UbiSlate 7+ and am sure many of you have done the same. Those who are happy with the original Aakash tablet configuration (without GPRS support) can buy using the link mentioned above.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -