Samsung has launched a new tablet called the Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris. This tablet is powered by quad core processor and comes with 3G support. But the key attraction is the Iris camera on the back with built in Aadhaar authentication.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris features and specifications

This tablet is using Contactless technology linked with Aadhaar servers. Galaxy Tab Iris is a made in India product and the Iris feature can be useful at many areas such as banking, healthcare, security and so on.

How does the Galaxy Tab Iris feature work?

Once the Aadhaar card ID is entered, the dual eye scanners on the rear can be used to scan the user’s eye. The data collected is then verified from Aadhaar servers and the person’s identity can be quickly verified (biometric).

This biometric technology (UIDAI compliant) can come to use in many areas as it gives the company ability to securely identify the person (Aadhaar based). It’s paperless, fast and contact less.

Inside the hood the Galaxy Tab Iris is packed with quad core processor clocked at 1.2GHz. It is running Lollipop with 1.5GB RAM and 8GB ROM pus micro SD card support of up to 200GB. This tablet sports a 7 inch screen with 1024 x 600 pixels resolution.

Samsung Galaxy tab Iris launched in India for Rs. 13,499

There is a 5MP AF camera on the rear along with dual Iris cameras. Weight is 327 grams with non-removable 3600 mAh battery. Key features are 3G, 2G, WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth 4.1.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris eye aadhaar authentication UIDAI compliant

Hardware is okay not that powerful, looks like a basic tablet but the Iris technology linked with Aadhaar is the key attraction and can come really handy for businesses and for security.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris back panel

Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris scanner on the back

Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris SIM and micro SD card slots

Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris is priced at Rs. 13,499.

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  1. Any news on any manufacturer releases phone that can giv IRNSS positioning system.(it just a software update)

  2. Above 10 k every body wants powerful hardware.

    Come on Shame- shung 600×1200 display
    3years old quad core.

    It irritates when playing best games and switching on apps fastly.

    Lenovo phab 7″ is having good reviews on Flipkart overall.

    1. Buddy, correction! display is 1024 x 600.

      Even Amazon Fire tablet has the exact specification and costs 3400.

  3. What I find interesting is that even with these miserable specifications, Samsung are still able to offer 200 gb of expandable storage. So no excuse for others. Never restrict that feature as people can use for their downloads and store all their relevant data in one place, especially as they have no other computer

    1. What means of connecting 200 gb hard disk on 3G quad core. It sucks.
      And have u seen washed out 1200×600 display on galaxy tab3 ?
      Does it make sense at this price.
      I have used tablets from asus, lenovo and mipad and galaxy tab 3.
      Way better than these galaxy tabs.

      1. Don’t mistake me. I am not praising this tab! I would not even recommend it for purchase at 7 k with these Bekaar specs(especially 1.5 gb RAM which with Samsung bloatware amounts to just 600 mb for the user!)

        My point is that with low processor power and RAM and bloatware on top if Samsung can offer 200 gb expandable memory(via micro sd card, not hard drive by the way) no reason for so many companies to restrict micro sd support to just 32 gb or 64 gb.

        In India and China a smartphone for around 10 k is the only computer many people own. For maximum functionality maximum expandable storage is a must. OTG is a headache and needlessly adds weight to the device and it’s hard to hold a device with a USB drive plugged in even if you use a one piece adapter. For that reason, Chinese companies must also start manufacturing cheaper Class 6 micro sd cards(128 gb for around 2.5 k, 200 gb for 3.2 k) Then even if you purchase a phone or tablet for around 7 k, for around 10 k, you have 200 gb storage available to you for your needs.

        Given that laptop users have up to 2 tb on the computer itself and the option of transferring excess data to external USB hard drives, we must try to accommodate users who cannot afford a laptop a little more in terms of their data storage needs

    1. They do that anyway. I’m more concerned with the Indian government stealing my information. If they have my biometric info, they can even use it to frame me in a murder case! I had my Aadhar card made but I never use it as far as possible. I don’t want our government having any kind of integrated database of my financial activity

  4. happy to see something new innovation somewhere..facebook should use the fingerprint authentication program linked with adhaar to prevent people from creating fake account.

    1. What is wrong with fake Facebook accounts? Most of the entertaining accounts out there are fake accounts. Intelligent people are not going to expose their real identity on the internet frivolously. Think of the controversy that a single tweet or Facebook post can generate. All kinds of low-grade goons can show up at your house. The real problem is not with fake accounts but spam accounts.And they can easily track and delete those based on behavioristic analysis and enabling users to post relevant complaints about certain accounts