Looking to buy a new earphone then check out the Piston Classic from 1More. This earphone works with Android and iOS platforms and comes with a decent price tag of Rs. 1,499. Here is the 1More Piston Classic In-Ear Earphone review that will help you decide.

The 1More Piston Classic in-Ear earphones are smaller in size, the ear piece fits perfectly, it’s light weight and quite comfortable. The earphone body is made of aluminium alloy and available in 3 color options.

This earphone comes with in-line remote color that comes with 3 buttons and a microphone. The buttons can be used to control the volume / media and the multi function button can be used to receive calls / cancel calls and for voice activation.

1More Piston classic review

1More Piston Classic Earphone Specifications

Weight : 18 grams
Drivers : 10mm, dual layer composite driver
Sensitivity : 100 db
Frequency : 20Hz – 20KHz
Speaker resistance :  32Ω
Mic : yes

1More Piston classic closeup


The 1More Piston Classic in-Ear earphone sound good, you will easily notice the difference if you have used any earphone priced under Rs. 500. This Piston classic has slightly better sound output when compared with Piston Fit.  Also the dual damping system takes pressure off driver that helps minimize distortion. This earphone delivers powerful bass output.

1More Piston classic controller


Another great earphone from 1More. The Piston Classic comes with a decent price tag. If you have the budget go ahead and buy one.

1More Piston classic in ear earphone

Rating 4.8 out of 5

1More Piston Classic In-Ear earphone is available on Amazon in 3 different color options for Rs. 1,499.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in