Xiaomi and HRX (Hritik Roshan) brand launched the HRX special edition Mi Band 2 called the Mi Band 2i. This Mi Band 2 HRX Edition fitness Band comes without heart rate sensor but with improved tracking algorithm and with a lower price tag of Rs. 1,299.

The Mi Band 2 was cool and came with a very good price tag and now this new Mi Band 2i is also pretty cool, but a trimmed down version of the Mi band 2, without heart rate sensor. So in case you really do not care about the heart rate feature then this is the best fitness band to go for.

There are two advantages of using a band without heart rate sensor one is that you can wear it like you want, a little loose. Band with heart rate sensor need to touch the skin all the time. Another advantage is the improved battery life, since the heart rate sensor component is missing.

Mi Band 2i HRX edition review

Mi Band 2i HRX Edition Specifications

Inside the box : Tracker, strap, charging dock and user manual
Screen : 0.42″ OLED, with single touch button for navigation
Bluetooth : 4.0 BLE
Works with : Android 4.4 + above, iOS 7.0 and above
Tracker body : Aluminium Alloy
Strap : skin friendly, rubber, Hypoallergic
Water Resistance : IP67 (splash proof)
Battery : 70 mAh
Charging Time : less than 2 hours
Battery Life : up to 23 days
Build and Finishing : Very good, comfortable to use

Mi Band 2i HRX edition fitness band


This band comes with improved algorithm that filter out unwanted steps when exercising, giving you a even more accurate step count. The Mi Band 2i can be used for tracking your physical activities, sleep  quality, calories burned and apart from these the band can also be used for getting call / app notifications. For call there is caller detail option you can enable that too.

Mi Band 2i HRX fitness band quality

This band gave consistent results. For more accurate results use the appropriate exercise mode from the Mi Fit app. Do note that the results will be different for different people based on their walking habit / pattern, but the results will be consistent.

Battery life will be pretty good better than the Mi Band 2 if you have used one, since this one does not come with heart rate sensor.

Mi Band 2i HRX logo


A very good and affordable option in case you are planning to get one, minus the heart rate sensor – if that’s okay. Pricing is very good at Rs. 1,299.

Rating 4.9 out of 5

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in