YU Yunicorn is the next flagship unveiling on 19th May

Just few days back YU posted a teaser video regarding an upcoming flagship model ; well it will be called the YU Yunicorn. This flagship smartphone will be unveiled on 19th May 2016. YU is betting high on this flagship, hopefully they get it right/price, this time.

Update : the launch has been rescheduled details awaited.

YU Yutopia though packed with a powerful hardware was pricey, Indian customers are comfortable going in for handsets that are under Rs. 20K. I have a feeling that the Yu Yunicorn could carry a price of under Rs. 20K.

So far the company has not unveiled any details they have also not showcased any image of the smartphone. Their tagline for the Yunicorn – ‘Fantasy will soon become reality’.

So what do you think the YU Yunicorn could come packed with and the price?

YU Yunicorn coming soon


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