It seems YU company is getting ready for another flagship launch this month. They have already released a teaser video titled Redefining Flagship and the video clearly mentions that something will be  unveiled this month.

The last model launched by YU was the Yutopia, that was loaded with good hardware but price wise it was a bit on the higher side. Maybe this time we could see YU correcting the same, probably a device with a good specification and a good price tag.

The video that the company released is kind of a hammer test breaking the flag on a ship, :- ), well that also broke the ship, it’s  about creating a new flagship… redefining flagship.  YU is confident that the next model will break hearts, records and well the flagships.

Stay tuned for more on this, unveiling soon.

YU redefining flagship

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -