Three devices from Xiaomi the Redmi Note 3, the recently launched Xiaomi Mi 5 and the Xiaomi 20000 mAh power bank (PB) will go on sale on 4th of May 2016. The Note 3 will be available at 2PM both 16GB and 32GB variant.

Even the Mi 5 and the 20000 mAh power bank will be made available at 2PM, please confirm the timings from their official site, in case of any changes. These products will be available on via open sale – no registrations required.

The 20000 mAh Mi Power Bank is available for Rs. 1,699.  Redmi Note 3 32GB is priced at Rs. 11,999 and 16GB for Rs. 9,999. And finally the premium Mi 5 will be available for Rs. 24,999.

Mi In-Ear headphones Pro is available every Tuesday at 10am for Rs. 1,399 along with Mi Bluetooth Speaker for Rs. 1,999.

Redmi Note 3, Mi 5 and 2000 mAh Mi PB open sale on 4th May

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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -