After launching several budget friendly smartphones, YU Televentures have now launched the YU Yutopia a Snapdragon 810 octa core powered smartphone that falls under the premium category. This handset is priced at ₹24,999 – it is worth the price, continue reading.

Box pack

Inside the rectangular black colour box pack you will find the handset, screen guard, SIM tray ejector pin, data cable, travel charger (fast charger max output 12V 1.25A), screen guard, user guide, warranty card, SAR info booklet and house of Marley premium quality earphone with extra earphone plug caps. SAR value as mentioned on the box – 0.30W/kg @ 1g head and 0.62W/kg @ 1g body.


This handset is made of aircraft grade material Aluminum + Magnesium alloy that is not only stronger but also gives a good finishing to the handset. The grayish silver coloured handset I got for the review had a border on the rear side highlighting the design aspect and a silver border surrounding the screen. Weight is 155 grams with built-in battery and dimensions are 72.59 x 146.55 x 7.20mm.

YU Yutopia review and unboxing

Build quality and finishing is very good, however I did find a small gap on the right side where the screen and the side meet, not a big issue but when you are using the handset in dark environment you can see some light bleeding out. Now I am not sure if this minor imperfection is replicated on all the devices or just the one I got for the review.

YU Yutopia design and build quality

The power button is on the right side along with volume rocker surrounding it (Volume + | Power | Volume -). Audio jack is on the top and at the bottom there is a micro USB port. Speaker vents are on the rear side.

There is a 21MP camera on the rear, dual LED flash and finger print scanner. The YU Yutopia comes with 3 microphones, one on the front bottom, another on the rear top above the camera module and the 3rd one below the speaker out vent.

This is a dual SIM handset, there is a hybrid slot tray that can be used to add micro SD card or a nano SIM. The other slot is using push lock / unlock mechanism, push the micro SIM into the slot and press it all the way until it locks, to unlock press it and let it eject a bit, then pull out.

YU Yutopia dual SIM slot / tray

There is LED notification; you can set the colour you want. The LED is at the bottom, just below the screen. There are no dedicated navigational buttons, you will get on-screen buttons.

Yutopia is loaded with accelerometer, light, proximity, hall, gyro, pressure and magnetic sensors.


Yutopia sports a 5.2 inch screen with corning concore glass protection and supporting 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution (Quad HD). Colour reproduction, viewing angles and touch response are very good.

YU Yutopia 5.2 inch with 2560x1440 pixels resolution

Memory, Storage and OS
This handset is packed with 4GB RAM and 32GB storage. On the first boot you will get around 24GB free space and 2GB free RAM.

Apps are getting installed on the external storage by default. OTG works, when I connected the pendrive it was getting detected but I was not able to access the contents – probably some software issue that can be fixed.

Cyanogen OS 12.1 based on Android Lollipop 5.1.1 runs out of the box.


This smartphone houses the qualcomm snapdragon 810 MSM8994 octa core 64 Bit chipset clocked at 1.5 ~ 2GHz coupled with Adreno 430 GPU. This is the same hardware that powers the OnePlus 2. Performance is smooth, lag free, however handset does heat-up when using heavy apps. The max temperature I encountered was 45 degrees. Heat build-up is common on Snapdragon 810.


  • Quadrant – 17216
  • Antutu (64 bit) – 1st time 45916, 2nd time 47572
  • Nenamark 2 – 57.6fps
  • Internal storage Speed – Read (235 MB/s), Write (47 MB/s)
  • Multi Touch – 10 Point.

Gaming (Asphalt 8)

The Asphalt 8 got installed on the external storage card. Hardware no doubt is powerful and can play high end games. Asphalt 8 game was smooth, no lags and playable in high visual quality mode.


This handset is packed with a primary 21.4MP camera with dual tone LED flash and front camera can shoot in 7.7 megapixel resolution. It takes time focusing the subject and sometimes the focus is not very sharp. But in general camera quality is above average, though would have been better if the focusing was a bit fast.

Rear camera can shoot 4K videos.

Rear Camera Sample

Front Camera Sample


Sound is very loud and clear. In-call sound is also very good. I did not find any issues with network. 4G worked on both the SIM slots (I am using Airtel 2300 band). No issues found with WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth.

The premium earphone from the House of Marley sounded really awesome.

Finger print scanner and issues

There is a touch ID based finger print scanner on the rear. Detection and processing speed is decent enough. It is accurate. You can register up to 5 finger prints however, avoid registering 5 finger prints because there is a bug.

With 5 finger prints registered one can easily unlock the phone using the power button, it just makes the security look stupid, so register at the most 4 finger prints if needed. Again a software bug that can be fixed.

YU Yutopia 21MP primary camera and touch ID based finger print scanner


YU Yutopia houses a 3000 mAh Li-Po battery with quick charger 2.0 support. Performance is decent. You can expect 4 to 5 hours of continuous moderate to heavy usage on a single charge.

Battery Performance

  • Ran Benchmark for 19 minutes battery % dropped by 7 and battery temp was 41 degrees.
  • Played Asphalt 8 for 19 minutes battery dropped by 8% and temp was 43 degrees.
  • Watched 4Kvideo with full brightness (WiFi on) for 23 minutes battery dropped by 11% and temp was 31 degrees.
  • Handset charging (wall charge) 2 hours 10 minutes from 0% to 92%. Full charge estimated – under 2 hours 25 minutes.

Image Gallery

Video Review


The YU Yutopia is directly competing with the OnePlus 2, both the handsets are powered by same 810 processor and also priced the same. The other specs are not exactly the same, and specifications no doubt is better on the Yutopia.

Performance is smooth and handset heats up with heavy usage (both Yutopia and OnePlus 2). Yutopia is a good option but as already mentioned it falls under the premium category.

YU Yutopia is available exclusively on priced at ₹24,999.

Published by Gogi Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -

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  1. Does it support 3G native video calling?
    Gogiji, request you to please include comment on this feature in every phone review!

  2. Worlds powerful smart phone is heating like hot cake, gogi ji I want to ask one thing is the companies are wont testing there devices before they launch? like heating issues, camera, battery, etc…then why they are scrubbed in our heads?

    1. up to 45 degrees heatup is acceptable, in fact you can go on to up to 55 degrees. Now all depends on the apps you are using, heavy apps will heatup. Most handsets are using metal body and that heats up, you will feel it a little more hotter for the same temperature as on the handset with a plastic body.

  3. Awesome review as always, thanks gogi, can I get the black wallpapers of yu yutopia, it is looking cool. Thanks in advance. Regards.

  4. In my honest opinion, Huawei honor 7 is much better than OP2 and Yutopia. I’ve been using honor 7 for three months now. No heating issue, looks more premium and a very good camera. I also got Android 6.

  5. This phone is advertised as made in India, but charger shows made in china. When the phone can be made in India then why not the charger?

      1. My dear friend,
        For all smartphones including giants like Apple and Samsung, all are OEM China and assembled are different places in the world.

        So…. the main thing is …”Everything is Made in China” LOL!

  6. I have returned this product.
    It’s an epic fail from my personal experience.
    Even the 1+2 was the same, atleast the software was good though.
    While playing games, it’s very difficult to go back as the navigational buttons don’t show up that easily!!
    Handset heat’s up like hell, even while charging itself with out being used!!!
    Camera quality is average I should say, as I didn’t find any details.
    Touch on the navigational buttons is not accurate!!!!!
    Thank god I returned it.

  7. on other reviews it is mentioned that yutopia is powered by 2Gz snapdragon 810….and scored over 69000 on antutu….whats going wrong in your review sir ?

    1. Performance by default is set to balanced if you set it to performance mode you will get a much higher benchmark score. Even with balanced mode it is heating to 43 degrees, if you set to performance the handset will heat faster and will reach higher temperature.

    2. The benchmark shown here are actual even if you set performance mode they don’t hit a score of 50k.

  8. Plz sir tell their executives. Indians have enough premium brands! We are expecting upto moto g range . And 810 within any phone its fail

  9. Almost all (read all) Yu handset will support jio’s VoLTE . Plz Check on site for full lists .. It’ll be done through an update .. Yu Yunique user reported that they got an update for VoLTE support from Yu

    1. I think it is better to invest in Oneplus2

      Yutopia price should be within 20 k at least.

  10. Gogi Sir last pic in rear camera sample that is night mode camera pic with flash or with the help of flash tell me

    1. The image description is mentioned, when you click the image you will see it. The last 3 images (rear camera sample) is street light shot with flash off in following order – auto mode, night mode and HDR mode.

    1. Also Im requesting gogi ji to come up with a post covering VoLTE, VoWiFi & list of devices supported that networks .. I think both these VoLTE & VoWiFi r very interesting feature & today’s phone sud must have

      1. @Gogi: Yep I do think the same but @Pradeep first of all Rjio still have to launch commercially then only Gogi can test VOLTE & VOWIFI features and rate the performance of the handset.

    1. Brother, why should be priced below 17000? what is magical about 17000? It should be priced below 10K

  11. @gogi It will be helpful if you can add an extra element of after sales service, for overall rating a phone, it will truly help a lot.


    1. After sales experience will be different for different users, some may be happy some may not be happy. Moreover very few percent of people may actually face an issue that will require after sale support.

  12. Gogi Sir, earlier in your reviews you used to mentioned whether native video calling is supported by the handset or not but now I see that you do not mentioned about it in your reviews. Because of high internet charges in India native video calling is a must for some users so in future do mentioned about this in your reviews.

    1. Native video calling in most cases are not supported (also not supported on Yutopia), cause people for example are using skype based app.

    1. Not sure, but subscribe on Amazon where it is listed, you will get an email when the product is in stock.

      1. Wow it went out of stock? YU is lucky then. Your rating of 3 tells enough. Did you find barometer of practical use during review?

        1. I don’t think so barometer has any good use for normal users, but its barometer work just fine I have tested my self.