The YotaPhone that was unveiled at the MWC event a few months back has finally been launched. Yota, a Russian company specialized in Modem development has now entered into the Smartphone domain. The YotaPhone is their first smartphone with a unique touch!

The YotaPhone comes with dual touchscreen. There is a main 4.3 inch LCD screen with 1280×720 pixels resolution and another 4.3 inch on the rear with 640×360 pixels resolution. The rear side is with E-Ink display that consumes minimal power.

The rear e-ink display can be used to view information without waking up the phone. The YotaPhone also comes with gesture options and a put2Back app that can be used to assign apps to run on the e-ink display for example you can assign social networking apps like Twitter to show up on the rear display – you can view the tweets without having to wake up the phone, what’s more the E-ink or electronic paper display is always on.

The E-ink display is 50% thinner, lighter and easily blends with the back side without taking up much space and is always on. The YotaPhone rear screen supports black and white colors.

Yotaphone with dual display

This handset runs on Android 4.2.2 with 2GB RAM and 32GB on board storage. YotaPhone is powered by 1.7GHz MSM8960 Qualcomm Snapdragon dual core processor. The weight is 146 grams and thickness is 9.9mm. There is 13MP rear camera (AF) with flash and full HD video recording support and front camera of 1MP resolution.

Other features are 4G, 3G, Bluetooth 4, GOS with GLONASS/A-GPS and Wi-Fi (a/b/g/n). The battery is 1800 mAh capacity. The handset is available in Russia for approx Rs. 45K. Not sure if this handset will make its way into the Indian markets.

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By Rajeev Rana

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