With MIUI 9 Xiaomi had announced that many handsets will get the update, including Redmi Note 3, however nothing came up. But now Xiaomi it seems has rolled out MIUI 9.2 for Redmi Note 3. Do note this MIUI 9 for the Note 3 is Marshmallow based.

MIUI Global 9.2 version, has been rolled out. If you are still using the Redmi Note 3 handset then watch out for the update. If you haven’t received the update, hold on for few more days you will get it. Probably cause of hardware limitation the company is still counting on Marshmallow – This MIUI 9 for Note 3 is Marshmallow based.

After installing the update Redmi Note 3 users will find a huge improvements in the performance, furthermore the layout, new features and formats etc will bring the Note 3 back to life, might feel like using  a new handset.

If you have the Redmi Note 3 and have already updated then let us know how the update went and if you faced any issues as such.

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