MIUI 9 Global Stable version being rolled out on many Xiaomi devices

At the Xiaomi launch event yesterday, Xiaomi launched the Mi Y1 and Mi Y1 Lite new series smartphones and they also announced the lightning fast MIUI 9. The good part is that this MIUI 9 will be rolled out on a lot of Xiaomi devices.

Xiaomi MIUI 9 Global version (stable) will start rolling out on Xiaomi devices this November. Xiaomi at the event had given the list of devices that they will roll this new MIUI 9. To start with if you are a Redmi Note 4 user then here is some good news. Redmi Note 4, Note 4X and Mi Max 2 will initially get the update.

These updates will be in phased manner, if you are using any of the handset listed you will get an update notification, it could take time, so check back some other day in case you haven’t got the update.

MIUI 9 compatibility

By Mid November smartphones models Y1,Y1 Lite, Mi 5, Mi Max, Redmi 4X and Mi Mix 2 will start getting the update (MIUI 9) and in December Mi Note, Redmi Note 4G, Redmi 2, Mi Mix, Mi 2 etc will start getting updates.

If you are using any of the Mi / Redmi Devices listed that will get MIUI 9 update and if you indeed got the notification and updated, let us know how the update went and how is the new lightning fast MIUI 9 performing?


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