Redmi 1S will go on sale again today at 2PM. This time the Mi page on Flipkart does not reveal the number of units that are available or the number of users who have registered. If you are still waiting to get the 1S, try your luck today.

Letโ€™s see if there will be another sale on 30th September or will this be the last one. The Redmi Note is also expected soon. In fact it is the right time for the Mi4, but I guess we will have to wait for few more months.

You can check the full review of Redmi 1S here. This is quad core powered handset running MiUi customized android with 1GB RAM and 8GB storage. It is using qualcomm processor clocked at 1.6GHz. Screen is 4.7 inches with HD resolution and there is 8MP rear AF camera and 1.6MP front camera. It is dual SIM with 3G support and battery is 2000 mAh capacity.

Well for now the Redmi 1S will go on sale in few minutes. Let us know if you got one or missed this opportunity.

redmi 1s 23 september sale

Redmi 1S for Rs. 5,999.

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  1. Hi,
    My mobile Redmi 1s having no issue with battery heating And Only issue is it takes more time to charge battery (0 to 99% takes 5 hr’s to charge battery).
    Please suggest something.

    Thanks in advance…

  2. hey gogi please do a video of how to apply the redmi1s mi screen protector, because they have given three films and i have asked atleast 15 mobile phone shops including branded ones but they say all three a re scratchguards …..please please do a review bro

  3. Hi Gogi,
    I have observed that charging the battery to 100โ„… (99 to 100) is taking long time. I always follow the best practices. But still, why this is happening? Any inputs/suggestions might help a lot.
    Thanks in advance bro.

  4. Looks like we need to wait for Major release like kitkat/android L of MUi to fix outstanding issue like , battery drain and camera crash or heating problem.
    this new 41.1 update doesn’t include anything in change log apart from msging/email fixes

  5. New update ” MIUI JHCMIBH41.1 (Stable) ” 514.4MB now showing on my Redmi 1s after I connected to Wifi
    Just recieved My redmi 1s today, Unboxed it , Charged it to 100% …….
    My Miui ver showing MIUI-JHCMIBF36.0, so I think the Redmi 1s Shipped after 23rd Sep Sale has 36.0 update pre installed .
    When i connected to Wifi got notification of Update available ….So currently updating to ” MIUI JHCMIBH41.1 (Stable) ” 514.4MB my device – OTA

    1. If your Redmi1s is not showing the update 41.0 u can try this step………
      Go to Settings >General settings >scroll down to About phone>now keep clicking on Android version to unlock Developer option .
      Then try checking the System updates for available stable update …….thanks it worked for me

    2. Just received OTA notification of 41.1 stable update… What are the improvements.? Change log is not exciting… Should I update currently on 36.0 .. Did this rom allow me to store photos on SD card.. Same is Not mentioned in change log

      1. Updated to 41.1 directly from 36.0
        initial pros: 1. you can choose default storage as SD card for camera, gallery, music
        2. Now 50 to 100 my extra rom available as per my usage

        Cons: start up electron beam animation gone…

          1. Hi Dharit , m not stressing my Redmi 1s but till now no problem of overheating / Low ram / App crash has occured on my device “only battery drain”
            Dont know If u r aware of MIUI forum but if you dont here is the link to all solutions & updates :


          2. Yup.. Aware of that.. That why I am loving xiomi getting updated regularly and getting solutions to your problems by official forum… Far better than my previous micromax

  6. I am not getting any kind of update when search for it. OTA means how to get this update installed?

    Please reply sunny.

    Thanks in advance… ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Settings-about phone-System updates. These steps have u followed? This is the way to access the OTA and right now 36 is the stable version.

  7. Redmi owners need a help. I have got as 2000mA charger with my mobile and the battery is getting charged very fast. All of you got the 2000mA charger? Pls let me know.

    1. we all got 2a charger but it will be better if you use a 1a one which will avoid the heating issue while charging the charging time will be like 2hour 30 mins with 1a charger

  8. For those, who still have a doubt ill say to them is Redmi1S- “Phele istamal karo phir vishwas karo” after all flipkart hai na and for those who are criticizing it “I dont care” and Gogi bhai recently Xiaomi Announces Bluetooth Game Controller For Mi phones and pad and 300 lucky one will get it for only Rs 10 can u put more light on it

  9. Mr. Sunny, the way you are writing your comments, according to you,everyone else but you is a retard or a moron etc., and you are the only smart person. This does not indicate any intelligence on your part. Please try to control your language, this is a civilized forum, and not a street corner.

    1. Mr Ravi my post was targeted to people who are criticizing just for the sake of criticizing. Try to understand the posts. Lot of false news are spread about the phone without much substance. Geniue issues are welcome but sweeping statements saying the phone is bakwas is not acceptable Mr Ravi. Retards and Morons are some words which even parental guidance software allows. So chill Mr Ravi. Nothing personal.

      Redmi1s is now the world’s 4th largest selling smartphone as per volumes.

  10. Hi Gogi,

    i was using the redmi 1s for 2 weeks, battery drains very quickly to test i downloaded the RR3 game over WiFi.The battery was 61% before downloading, after downloading completed the battery 29%. Is it normal?
    is there any issue with the phone
    App always crashes and games like temple run,subway surf,candy crush all similar game apps crashes

    1. In my phone subway surfer, temple run works fast class. No hang crash. Only one time in last two weeks my phone got hanged when using camera. Factory reset once and install games one by one and test. If it still crashes then some issue.. Get a replacement. Also how much is available Ram? Reboot and play…on reboot lot of RAM gets free. Any issue pls let us know

      1. wow what a great phone, games khelni he to pahele ram clear karo, problem ho rahi he to factory reset karo, camera best he par istemal karne par hot ho jata he to 10mnt se jyada istemal mat karo, ye karo wo karo , costom rom dalo, are yaar aap sab xiaomi fans hi bol rahe ho k gret phone he or aap hi problems dikha rahe ho, itni magajmari to 3000 wale naye phone me bhi nahi karni padti. phirbhi xiaomi is best pocket ma rakho or khush raho

  11. The MIUI is best guest mode app lock everything is inbuilt, you can give or deny permission to apps like stopping using wifi or data thus saving lot on data usage… All battery protection, anti virus, ram cleaner are inbuilt…you can Uninstaller inbuilt app can customize buttons, notification light and also so many wallpapers and theme.. . Just go for MIUI guys it’s awesome in 6k…no ram problem no app crash in 20 days when on canvas 2 I used to frequent app crashes… I have always 100 mb ram after opening 6 to 10 apps… Than at least you can clear ram (single click clear all apps and yes you can lock app for time being if you wish not to clran) .. Awesome…

    If you can afford mi3 go for it (if it is availablev) but this is best alternative if your budget less than 10k…camera and display alone is worth for 6k

  12. For the people cribbing about the pperformance good news.
    Cm 11 has been ported and finally we have stock android and multi tasking.
    This is a stable port so all are welcome to try

    1. Hey Amartya,
      i booked redmi on 23rd sept. sale.
      is that worth buying?
      u said smthing about Cm11 (??) i dont know, whats that?
      i already booked the phone, yet had a mix thinking about buy or not, cause i read mostly opposite review of users on flipkart, and thinking about cancel the order n go with android one.
      plz suggest smthing.

      1. Hi Mayur,

        the hardware was too tempting at this price point, but there are issues with miui you have less ram, battery drains quickly, apps crashes frequently

        on second thought try android one if you can give up 720p display

        1. CM 11 is cyanogenmod 11 running on 4.4.4
          If you wish whatsapp me at 8981557757 and I can tell you more on how to get the most out of your device. For the price and the hardware this is just great just needs some optimisation done by us

          1. HI Amartya,

            After installing the cyanogenmod 11 running on 4.4.4, still the 1 warranty was applicable for the mobile if any damage occurs?

          2. Redmi warranty intact even if you root your device. This is Xiaomi and they have an extreme open culture.

      2. Go for redmi. The negative reviews are not valid if u know how to optimize android system. Go for it. Its the best.

        1. Hi Sunny,

          can you guide us how to optimize the redmi 1s to prevent apps frequent crashing and how to prevent the battery drain

          1. See if this helps. Disable apps you donot use. Uninstall apps that your donot use. See the many are running? how many start automatically? how many processes are running in background? Kill the processes you donot use. Please donot install heavy games.

            Also see the MIUI forum. Tons of help available. Just type in google “Optimize RAM in Redmi1s” and you will get the MIUI forum link.

            Any specific question pls feel free to ask us. And also hope you have installed the version 37 via OTA.

          2. I am not getting any kind of update when search for it. OTA means how to get this update installed?

            Please reply sunny.

            Thanks in advance… ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. got an update Redmi 1S – JHCMIBH41.1 released on OTA.. installed going to check the performance now..keep checking i will post what are major changes and performance of this rom..

      1. Sorry guys actually it was for testing purpose they haven’t release officially. soon they are going to release stable version currently testing is going on.. this one not stable there are lot of bugs they will release it soon some users like me got update on 23rd but they stop providing…becz they testing purpose they released later on they removed..the version is beta version…testing is going on soon they will release..the official one..thanks but the update is mainly for ram management and heat issue ..but some how they managed to work multitasking in this rom i am tested this..
        i Observed the things..
        1.look animation they removed but normal it is called Screen off Animation : electron beam they removed but they will include might be not sure..
        2.multitasking is fine some how they managed but still they r some issues..
        3.asphalt 8 is not working in this don’t now y its not starting at all..

        battery yet to test..testing now..but this version is in still in beta.. testing in-progress..

        This one is not officially patience they will release stabled version..with in few weeks..


        1. Thanks for sharing this. Love Xiaomi for their constant updates and dedication on their products unlike few Indian (aka Chinese re branded) brands who dump the mobiles and forget about the software.

          Prospective redmi owners just go ahead and buy it. Its a terrific device at 5999. ๐Ÿ™‚

        2. by giving to some so called chosen one how are they testing their new rom? are they asking for any active feedback? or through kidding

  14. Guys, this is all to do with MIUI ram management.
    Only KitKat update can rescue us from all these updates. Hopefully, Xiaomi will provide us with an update at the earliest.

  15. To all those retards who are hell bent on criticizing Xiaomi all i need to say is the genuine Xiaomailsi lov ers dont care. Xiaomi now is world’s 5th larget smart phone vendor and Redmi1s is world’s top 5 selling smart phone.

    Read the below link for more details

    People who have bought Redmi1s please donot panic. Dont fall for these cheap reviews by the so called users. Read gogi review and other professional reviews only. Optimize your apps, dont run too many apps please. Please donot push your phone as if it has a 3GB ram. Redmi is a very capabble phone for the price. Enjoy your phone. Dont fall for cheap tricks by Xiaomi haters and all those people who have failed to get a redmi or mi3 in the flash sales and are now angry. And lot of people are first time smart phone buyers in Redmi so they will take time to understand their phones, the android system in general.

    Xiaomi rocks. Bring in MiTab fast pleaseee.

    1. Already bought both Mi3 and Redmi 1S and very happy using them.
      Eagerly waiting to get the Note and Tab series. Xiaomi, launch it very soon……..

    2. yes you are absolutely right
      dont panic
      you clear your ram now and then
      try to create a power mode with low cpu usage
      use a 1A charger instead of the provided 2A that will not produce the heating effect while charging
      you will be surprised to know that ftp and screen mirroring all built into it
      call recording ok google and so many goodies and download speed like 2mbps etc you can see in this mobile
      please keep the brightness low and use auto mode if you are outside that will save much more battery
      put it in 2g mode and use 3g if you need higher speeds and turn of data connection and swtich to flight mode at night and that alone will give you more power saved in battery
      and much more options still there to be found hidden explore tips and tricks
      the video player has a audio boosting option and screen capture and plays anything upto 1080p

  16. i dont knw why all these may are complaining as if they are spending 60,000 but not 6,000..plz think..sometimes we need to adjust.. even i phone has many drawbacks.. and by the way guys its all related software issues which will be fixed by xiaomi for sure in their next update.. lets hope for that.. they are very good at this unlike others..

    1. If you go through I phone page you will find people complaining only…its human tendency they hardly give their precious time to appreciate, of small problem is there they tend to exagarate.

  17. Most of the Hated reviews and problems are coming from ppl

    1. Who have been unsuccessful in buying this phone on Flipkart flash sale.
    2. Who are either new to android phones (no offense) or upgraded from Nokia Symbian devices
    3. Who are expecting Note 3 / S4 / iphone 5 …..blah blah like performance
    4. Who are not aware that there is a Global MIUI forum and Indian MIUI forum for all the solution & usability updated daily and actively by experts of android with Xiaomi team working hard
    5. Who are not aware tht Other brand phones in this price brackets ie(5000-10000>infinite ) never update their phones or once in 6month / 1year /never and usually get hardware issues more than software
    6. Who are paid employees of Rival/Flagship company to downfall Xiaomi brand name and are jealous to How Xiaomi made such a huge success in India without Advertising Hugh Jackman, Hritik Roshan …..blah ๐Ÿ˜€
    7. Who are Spammers or just here to grab attention with their Negative comments .
    When expert reviewers like Gogi Sir have highly rated this phone for price its coming for ,what else do you need Your decision……..By fan of Xiaomi, Oneplus….brands which provide High End Specs at affordable price ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. 8. And very Important ….ppl who want to divert other users on Flipkart so that they could have more chance in winning this phone on Flash Sale lol

  18. Beware of all those people who are spreading wrong information about this phone. Redmi1s is a very capable phone with a great camera. Some software issues exist which will be sorted out in a month hopefully. Go ahead and buy it. Just dont expect Mi3 like performance from this phone please. RFemember you are paying Rs 5999 and not Rs 13999. OK?

    And lot of people spreading wrong information/criticism about redmi as either they dont own the device/couldnt get it or are retards. Ram issue can be managed by managing your apps. No big deal. This phone has got close to 1000 ratings of 4 and above in Flipkart. Stop spreading rumours.

    Redmi1s rocks. Thanks to Gogi for his review which helped me buy this device with complete confidence. Keep up the good work Gogi.

    1. sorry bro its time to do some home work… its rating is 3.5 star nd going down….. even the back cover of redmi 1s has 4star but not the phone… sorry mate….

      chkout :-

      I am happy that you have got good phone without any prob… atleast some 1 has got good phone…..and i think 1655ppls have given thr comments on flipkart on this phone nd from thm more thn 80% are compaining…… the prob with this phones r…. they r not doing strong R&D on such phones… they r just packng this phone with heavy chipset they even dont know hw its going to perform…. thr motto is to sell as much phone as they can till ppls have craze…. thr is no proper service centr.. no whatsoever help… i think its time to show chinese ppls tht india is not a dumping ground for thm….

      1. There are many Xiaomi service centers across india. Why you say no proper service centers? What problem have you faced? Which service center you visited? And also what issue you have faced and to whom you have complained and what resolution is pending? Give us true details. Just dont give a generic statement that there are no proper service centers. Give the forum pure facts.

        1. If u go through the comment I have written earlier abt this phone… how my fren got cheated from xiaomi redmi 1s… he bought this phone and within 2-3 days its screen went off… after going to service center they told us to pay 2000rs for the screen… thr xcuse was we spilled water on the phone… and when we told to open the phone in front of us 1st they argued bt later agreed to open in front of us so we found out there were some small component looks to be fried due to overheating of this phone and thr was no sign of water anywer on the chipset… after arguing a lot with thm finally we left thr service centr nd called flipkart… but thnkfully flipkart agreed to take the faulty device back…

          nd my fren thr r around 9 redmi 1s device in my area.. all r facing overheating and illegal app shutdown issues.. 4 of them have already called flipkart to return this device… rest dont care as they only use whatsapp….

          but i can c few comments over here they hav got good phone… m happy for them… but more then 80% r negative abt this phone… i think chinese company should take indian customers seriously nd should not make india as dumping ground nd cheat ppls and thr hard earned money…

  19. What I think is Flipkart Using Cheap Marketing Strategy To sell Mi phones . We don’t have any Proof that there 60k Devices on sale yesterday. My friend Clicked and Gone OOS . Don’t be the prey at least for Redmi1s because there are many negative reviews about this Phone which raises question about quality and durability Of this device .

    This is Just A Hype ………………………

  20. Almost 40% of users on Flipkart have now rated Redmi 1S 1 or 2 stars out of 5.
    Itโ€™s very clear itโ€™s a very very bad product.
    Still I am surprised to see 60000 units sold in just a few seconds today????

    1. Rick get your maths right. Go to flipkart and study the ratings before wasting your valuable words in this forum. You say 40% has given it a rating of 1 or 2. Really? You know how to calculate percentage Sir?

      Total 1664 ratings–the breakup

      588 people have given 5 star
      410 people have given 4 star
      200 people have given 3 star
      137 people have given 2 star
      329 people have given 1 star

  21. Sir I already have one redmi. BT the problem with it is it get warm whenever I start the camera and ram goes down cont. And after some time it get close.. Sir how can fix this problem..

    1. Hi Aman,

      When I received the mobile, first thing I did was to uninstall all unwanted apps. There are lot of Google apps which are not required, uninstall them. And there are some which you can disable, so that it doesnot run in background. Decide which are the apps you are going to use/need and uninstall the rest.
      Dont install FB app, instead use a third party app. You can also install Advanced task killer.
      Once you are done with the above, reboot the mobile. (Hold power button and select reboot). Reboot will increase the RAM by upto 300-400mb and it will also kill many unwanted job.
      So, thats my experince, try it.
      I had a moto g, unlike REDMI, it would heat all the time. Whenever you browse, play games etc. But REDMI heatsup when you play games continously. I dont play much games except Candy Crush and that doesnt heat up.
      I get 14 – 18 hr battery with 3G on all the time. And I listen to music 1-2 hours, browse 3-4 hours.

  22. I think its pretty cheap strategy of of xiaomi & flipkart to make hype of sell.

    Rather redmi 1s chant, some meditation can do work for one who is looking forward to it.

  23. Awesome 60000 Units sold out in 5.2 seconds!!!! Heating Issues , Camera app that crashes at a phone temperature of 39 degrees , Unresponsive MIUI Interface and a pathetic battery life , Are people Insane to buy such a Poor Quality Mobile !!!! Are people really so desperate that they blindly buy this phone for rs 5990 when u can buy better Mobiles for around 8-12k!!!! I guess the reason they stopped mi3 was that it was so damn good and Xiaomi realised that rs 13990 was too less and they would probably release it later with a higher price tag!!!! MotoX is due to get released and once we see the Price tag Xiaomi may relaunch the MI3!!!! the reason they are persisting with Xiaomi redmi 1s is that its a crappy device and they want to sell high volumes before people come to their senses but I wonder how such awesome specifications can deliver such horrible Performances , Fancy this a Camera App crashing at 39 degrees , all can imagine what quality Xiaomi manufactures its Mobiles with , Next what Redmi Note , lets see how that fares!!!!

    1. My redmi is giving no issues and even after playing subway surfer for 15 mins continuous the camera works perfectly..nothing crashes. BTW you are criticizing a device without using it I think. In Flipkart close to 1000 people have given it a high rating despite all the nay sayers. Yes the device sucks for those morons who bought the device only for 5999 and expected iPhone like performance. Its a superb device and our dear gpgi review has also given it a thumbs up despite few bugs. So all those people who couldn’t get lucky in the sale please try again instead of criticizing

    2. Yes you are right, they are making people full. Just think if the fones are that good what is the problem why they dont sell this mobiles in shops they can make more money and be popular.Looks like this online sell is totaly fake. First 2or3 sell was ok but today there was 60000 pcs. After reading the user reviews i dont think 60000 peoples buy in 2,3 seconds it looks that 600 pcs was there .not only redmi 1s ,mi3 has got so much problems(user reviews).Just one suggestion to all people, now days peoples thinking is 6000 only “ISME KYA”. But i say if you drop your 6000 from your pocket you will feel giltyy for 2 or 3 days. But if you buy some thing faulti, you will feel giltyy all time you use it. I am not enimy of xiaomi but not to buy when it is onair wait till the company to be sable in india(like gionee).

    3. Are you on a campaign for non-Xiaomi?? Tell me which phone is the fourth most popular phone in the world?? Canvas 2??LoL.. save your thumb energy and don’t waste your precious time putting up obnoxious comments like this..

      1. Agree with you sam. Tons of people are hell bent on blaming xiaomi as they either couldnt get the phone or expected iphone like performance in Rs 5999. There is no limit to expectations. Redmi is a very capable phone and the best under Rs 10000. All professional reviews have given a thumbs up to the phone including our Gogi but some people will never understand.

      2. If people critisizing RedMi are non-Xiaomi, then what are you, who praises Xiaomi? ๐Ÿ˜€ Just like some people love RedMi, there are people who who hate it. Its normal, everyone has their reasons and justifications.. People who got good RedMi – hurrah. People who got defective/problematic handset – sigh. People who are not bothered (like me) – peace! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. I dont think they are actually selling that phone. Not 60,000 of them at least. Saw a video today in youtube about the sale. It went out of stock far less than 5.2 seconds.

    1. Yes, thats true.the sale as per my calculation was around 2-3.5 seconds. Flipkart is just making us fool.

  25. Finally got MI device after 3 failed attempts …..In addition to Redmi 1s ordered
    Philips SHQ1200 ActionFit Sports +
    Cubix Flip Cover +
    Samsung MicroSDHC 16 GB Class 10 Evo
    A perfect Gift 2 remember ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Bad choice Bro , after all the reviews you have heard I wonder why u wanted to go for this Device!!!!

      1. People like you should either use the device or keep your mouth shut. Have you read Gogi review? Have you bread igyan review? Have you read digit review? These are professional reviews. All are good. It’s an awesome device. I am using it. Lot of people expected a iPhone in 5999.,they are criticizing indeed. Ha ha. Keep up the good work Xiaomi

      2. Bro , every mobile in this world has problems including Iphone worth Rs. 50000-60000 or even more had hardware related issue. Imagine spending 50-60k to find out critical hardware related Issue. Name a phone that is 100% perfect from the day it launched and I would cancel this order.
        At least issues with Xiaomi phones are only software related and most of them have already been fixed. Try googling your problem with this phone and you will find solutions So stop criticising just 2 divert users…. lol

        1. You are right arnish…all people who are criticizing red mi 1s expect this 6k phone perform work as 20k or above… I my self using 2 red mi1s from12-13 day’s.. Everything work great.. No heating problem, no camera Issue , only thing is poor ram management.. But I think its due to heavy customization of software.. But it is really awesome UI..I think this phone is for mild- medium users n not for heavy game users… Redmi 1s is steal at 6 k ..u will not get better phone at this price tag.

        2. so true. Some folks who either didnt get the product or expected iphone like performance in Rs 5999 are going balliastic in criticizing this sweet phone. Keep up the good work Xiaomi.

      3. I am using it since 15 days, I am very happy, I have uninstalled all the apps which i don’t need. and battery backup is 1.5 days to me. i don’t charge full i always charge only 90%. in Rs. 6000/- which are the alternatives tell me. I found only draw back is Ringtone and Speaker Volume is low but again in headphone volume is loud enough.

  26. Again,this time i got two….
    Now most of the people around me owe the same phone and they are happy with it!

  27. How Much u hide Xiaomi but the truth is there was no such thing as 60,000 units as there was only 50400 units in todays sale

    Proof –

      1. Keep your “lol” with you as i was successful to buy it at very first Attempt without any extension! without any hardwork also! its just a matter of time

  28. It is 5:39 pm now, till the redmi 1s has not been added to my cart despite the successful click !!! Are filkart fooling us ?

  29. 23/9/14, luckily red me 1s in my cart.But what’s that nothing in cart.Bros v should use customer protection legal provisions with buying proof.I gonna take inciative @ my end.Flipkart is in existence only becoz of us’the we people’.Stop fooling Flipkart.Better boycott this product.Are grapes sour.No……a question of right,.,.

  30. Wah! Wahh! i get it for the very first attempt and buyhatke extension was a failure but still i manage to get as i keep refreshing the page and just in second Touch Down the Buy now Button! there was some furter problem but its now okay! and dont depend on extension it some time work or sometime not!

  31. Guysssss please read the flipkart comments before buying this phone like an brainless zombies… all users around 1000 user r giving bad review about this phone….. please chkout before buying this bakwass phone….

    1. I guess most of the bad comments are from people who didnt get the phone in flash sale, i have 1, and its running smooth, no issues so far, as per RAM issue update is coming in another few days, camera is awesome,

      1. It might be so in your case. But today I got a shock when I read the review comments, And the people commenting are certified buyers of this phone. There were only two comments out of 1000 odd from non certified buyers.

      2. I don’t own the RedMi nor do I plan to.. I’m just curious about all the crashing reported by certified buyers on Flipkart. Also there are so many people waiting for update to fix the issues.. what if phone keeps crashing before update can be installed? ๐Ÿ˜€

        That said, lately I’m finding Flipkart’s services to be somewhat patchy, not only for RedMi sales but for other products too..

      3. @Rajesh… my fren if ppls havent got this phone thn hw cn they give review about anythng??? think man think!!!! they aren’t paid to give reviews…

        Guys this battery heats up like an volcano… camera shutdowns in between.. even any any games r getting illegal shutdown after few minutes….even my fren got this ph nd we were totally dissapointed… we know we cant get such phone at the price of 5999/- but still whatvr the specs r it should work flawless.. but it isnt… nd i saw lot of brainless zombies r sitting waiting to get this phone and encouraging others…

        guys dont you research while buying ???

    2. ahhh finally theres one person who accepts what Im saying!!! I dont know why these People are rushing to get this Mobile !!!! I missed it on the first sale and boy am i glad i Missed it !!!! My Guess is that all these are people who want a buy a Smartphone for the first time and they are thinking that Redmi 1s is good!!!! Im sure Xiaomi and hugo barra will be getting heap loads of curses by now and thousands more of curses due to follow !!!!!

      1. You are a classic case of grapes are sour. Poor you..angry coz u didn’t get a redmi so venting anger…ha ha…xiaomi keep up the good work.

    3. After taking into consideration abt heating battery RAM, i still went for this phone (no service centre availble here).. i hav nothng to complain abt it.. If u want it.. get it else go for high end phones..

    4. Sameer you are absolutely right. Unfortunately we have a herd mentality in India, so it is easy to make fools of people (that is why the flash sale), and take their money. Thank God I did not lose Rs. 5999/- and gain a headache!!!

    5. Get your fact rights. Stop spreading rumors. More than 1000 people in Flipkart have given it a rating of 4 and above. Open your eyes…use specs and chk. You are a classic case of grapes are sour. Get a life man instead of criticizing this awesome device. Xiaomi rocks

      1. Sunny, I got a better life than you, since I do not waste my precious time over stupid flash sales. I have also seen your more recent comments. You seem to be a Xiaomi agent, the way you are defending them. You get a life pal, and fast.

  32. I canโ€™t see redmi 1s in my cart but it says โ€œSuccessfully added your Redmi 1S to cart! Please proceed to complete your order.You can complete the payment process by 6:00 PM on 23rd September, 2014 (Today). โ€

  33. Hi gogi I bought this phone and using since 10 days. Hardware is pretty good but lots of heating issue, battery is not enough for 1 day moderate use, and the worst part is 3g network reception is very poor. My gionee p3 showing 4 network bar at the same time with same network my Redmi showing no network coverage. I really dispoint with Xiaomi.

  34. 5.2 seconds is a gimmick and seems something fishy. I have clicked maximum withing 1 or 2 seconds, however the result is out of stock.

  35. Hi guys,

    I got 1 cell booked today and another is still showing that it adding to the cart.
    today all stock got cleared in merely 1 second unbelievably.
    placed order for 1 and hoping to get second which is still adding to my cart.

  36. Out of stock at exactly 2 PM??!!! Flipkart and Xiaomi are making us fools. I doubt 60,000 units can’t be sold in 1-2 secs.. How is it possible? Actually there are no 60K units for sale.. They are building a hype and nobody knows whether 60K units are actually sold.. They may be selling just 5-10K units…

    Sad thing is some people buy with only intention of selling at higher price in some