Here is the review of Xiaomi Mijia IR Sensor and Photosensitive Night Light this one is from the Xiaomi brand, very good quality and priced at Rs. 1100/- approx with shipping.

This light will work only when there is complete darkness or low light. It needs 3x AA batteries and there is a switch to control the intensity. Low Intensity will give you more battery life and high intensity will give you less battery life.

You can expect 6 to 12 months of battery life depending on the usage.  The IR senor can detect motion up to 5 to 7 meter distance and 120 degree angle. This is from the Xiaomi Mijia Brand and built / finishing is very good.

There is a tape on the back that you can remove and stick the back on a wall, tiles, wood etc. This automatic night light can be placed near / under bed, passage, wardrobe etc. When there is low light / dark environment and the IR detects a motion, the light will switch on and will light up. After 15 to 20 seconds the light will then switch off automatically.

Xiaomi Mijia IR Sensor and Photosensitive Night Light

I had done review of one more such light that was cheaper Rs. 600 you can check that here.

You can buy this from GearBest website for approx Rs. 1,100 with priority line shipping (make sure to use Priority line shipping).

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