The YOC Intelligent Body Motion Sensor Night Light is a cool product that you can use at your home and / or office. This is a intelligent motion sensor light that can be easily fixed anywhere, it works in low light conditions, automatically switches on motion detection.

Inside the YOC Motion sensor night light box pack you will get a user manual and 3 light units. The build and finishing is very good. Body is made of tough plastic, however it is not water proof.  There is a motion sensor and a LED light.

The back cover can be removed. On the back cover itself there are 4, 3M stickers that can be used to fix the light on the wall or on most surfaces. If need be you can also use screws. You will need 3 AAA batteries to power this device.

Now this YOC Motion sensor night light works when the lighting condition is low / in dark environment. This is always on, and the motion sensor is always active – it consumes less power. When there is any activity (motion detected) then the LED light switches on.

YOC Motion sensor night light

The LED will be on for about 20 seconds after that the light switches off. This system is perfect to use in certain situations where you need a light source for few seconds like passageway, staircase, near bed etc. This unit can be easily dismantled hence makes no sense using it outdoor where it is easily accessible to anyone.

The batteries I guess will last for a year or so, may me more with Duracell brand. A very good buy for around Rs. 750, you get 3 units in one box.

Rating 5 out of 5.

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By Rajeev Rana

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