The Mi3 from Xiaomi, goes on sales again, today with about 20,000 units. The sale as usually started at 2PM. In case you miss this opportunity you can register again and try for the next flash sales. Xiaomi Mi3 is now available for Rs. 13,999 and goes out of stock in….

The Flipkart Mi3 page is currently showing over 1,50,000 registrations. That means over 1,50,000 users eligible to book the unit and only 20,000 in stock – “bahot naa insaafi hai yeh”. Anyway this time the registered user numbers are less as compared to the last flash sales.

And this time many users are aware of the loopholes with the Flipkart countdown timer. So just post you comments below and let us know if you could manage to get this time and if you have any tips for other users.

Xiaomi had started the flash sales with 10K units, then with 15K units and now 20K.

Flipkart 19th August flash sale for Mi3 in India

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  1. Hi yesterday night i got notification on my Mi3 to get update of MiUi 6 it is 544mb OTA update, i updated software to miui 6 its working normal

  2. Hi Gogi sir,

    Mi3 is a Good one (4 -star plus).

    But I have some littel problems.
    I tried to connet Mi3 to my desktop UBUNTU os with OTG Data cable to usb port.
    It will not support. I called customer care and they told it will work only for windows system.


    I asked for MIUI/MI3 user manual form the customer care.
    They told me to use readme. Update the ROM and leter after one day again i called Customer care they then told README will not work in INDIA and not yet released for Indian version.
    Simply I down loaded 590MB.

    If you know any solution for data cable connetion to UBUNTU please let me know.

    Thank you,

  3. Can anyone help me to MIUI registration? As every time it says that simcard not bound or no network.

  4. Gogi plz help me.yesterday I got from flipkart new 32gb sandisk dual ultra pen drive.I am use xiaomi mi3 but it is not working shows usb storeg but copy and paste not working.plz help me how to copy paste PHONE(xiaomi mi3) to USB I am waiting for u r reply….

  5. Hi Gogi , pls help me out here, I received the xiaomi mi3 yesterday and opened the box today, just switching on the phone it became red hot, could not even place it near the years, also the home buttons are making hardware sounds when the screen is unlocked, same with the dialer, sounds are coming from the mid of the body as I press the home button or the dialer button.

      1. Thanks for the reply Gogi, got a call from flipkart and they will be replacing the unit, I took the unit to the MI3 service center also, the guy there had no idea about the problem, it was an HTC/MI3 service center, they didn’t look like supporting or expert with the product, now I am skeptical using this product, should I use it or sell it outright when I receive the new unit? thanx in advance.

      2. Hi Gogi,

        I am using Mi3 for the past week.Awesome mobile

        I want to know how to disable app in Mi3

        Pls help me

  6. I hope that Xiaomi and Flipkart does not use the ‘out of stock’ policy with the Note and 1s after seeing this much demand.

  7. Hi Gogi,
    As the MI3 mad rush has come down, now it’s time for Xiaomi to release the Note and 1S series(if possible, the tablet as well). What do you say Gogi bro. (most of the people are eagerly waiting for the dual sim phones 🙂 )

    1. There still is a rush for Mi3, but yes it is time they should get the other handsets in the market.

  8. RAM is mentioned as 2GB. but user available in just 500 to 600 MB. Checked using CPUZ app. We don’t don’t even have a option to check how much is RAM is being used under ‘App’ option in the phone..

      1. I used the Clean option. But my concern is why only 500 to 600 MB RAM is available for user?

        1. Ignore the RAM as the os will handle it well, as you use the apps the free RAM space drops probably the apps are cached to improve performance, also depends on the theme you are using. Do reboot and check RAM. As long as you are getting smooth performance ignore the RAM.

          1. Yes!! whenever I restart the phone , whether there are many widgets/apps on the homescreen but the ram clears up till 1100 mb and more
            And when I use phone the whole day without switching off , till the end of day ram reaches 300-400 mb

  9. Used wired connection and dont depend on wifi , speed will be fraction slow on wifi and u may not be able to buy it.

  10. Finally, Mi3 accessories are available in flipcart for pre-order. Hopefully will be sent as per the info – 5th week of Aug.

    1. Please dont believe so much in Micromax ,I write something against it not because I am against it but because of my personal experience with micromax , I now hate this company . The worst part of them is just writing specs to attract people like dogs and the one who buys , suffers then..
      Sorry to write in this blog , I just want to tell that think thrice (atleast ) before buying micromax

  11. mi3 killer is coming. With 5.2 inch full HD IPS display with gorilla glass powered by snapdragon quad core chipset and 1,5 Gb ram and 12 Mp camera and all this for a 11500 Price tag from MMX wait till september last 🙂

    1. wow
      First Nexus 5 killer ONE plus ONE arrived
      Moto G killer MI3 arrived
      And now MI3 killer—-> Micromax ….Please !!!! Think before you write

    2. Please dont believe so much in Micromax ,I write something against it not because I am against it but because of my personal experience with micromax , I now hate this company . The worst part of them is just writing specs to attract people like dogs and the one who buys , suffers then..
      Sorry to write in this blog , I just want to tell that think thrice (atleast ) before buying micromax

  12. Wow
    1. Xiaomi Mi3 Out of Stock !!
    2. Moto G 8 GB Out of Stock !! only Moto G 16 GB available.
    3 Asus Zenfone 5 8 GB Again Out of Stock ..Comming soon….

    1. Asus zen5 sold 80,000 mobile against 75,000 mi3,even 25% buyer of mi3 are olx black seller,25% eBay,only 50% are true buyer

      1. They are black sellers because of this awesome smartphone. I saw that some bought it and bidding is going for mi3 in EBAY and the bid reaches 28000. Oh my god !!

  13. Tried 4th time in a row and got it this time. Suggestions for others: Be on a PC, and better use a reliable broadband connection. The moment timer is converted into BUY, Hit it.

  14. i m giving you a “BRAMASTRA” , use speeder xp it will speed up d clock timer. Say tnx to me now.. 🙂

  15. Hi gogi, just try this out, change your computer/laptop’s time 2-3 hrs ahead of actual time and then restart browser and go to page you will see the countdown has reduced by 2-3 hrs.

  16. Hahaha.. I came here to read comments.. Hopefully will buy this phone by 2015… Or Mi4… Till then lets watch this fun or wait for something like Xiaomi alternatives …

  17. Hello Gogi Sir, Mi3 Flipcover is available for preorder on flipkart from WSRetali for Rs.559, looks like Redmi 1s alon with the other accessories is going to be available from 5th week of august!

  18. We all love xiaomi mi3 the first nexus that fits in our hand ZTE said that they will launch nubia z7 soon in India another nexus for us

  19. Every time I tried but could not get it so there is a suggestion to the makers that please give the product to first 20000 people who were first to register so the problem will be solved.

  20. For the first time I tried to book MI3 just to check my luck, and for my own surprise MI3 is in my Cart !!! I am waiting for Redme 1S (for dual SIM use). Having Sweet confusion 🙂

  21. This is just information for you all.. and not to hurt xiaomi fans.. even though I am also interested in xiaomi phone but not able to book this one.

  22. large order was of some online resellers and olx sellers who resell it taking 1 or 2 thousand extra.

  23. Mi3 wow third time unlucky anyways now i have started to enjoy this mad rush point the pointer game lol to buy Mi3 is even harder then winning Diwali bumper lottery ha ha. but wait a minute why the mad rush even i am having 3 Android devices namely Samsung ACE Duos,Samsung S3,Samsung Tab3 8 with 3G….and still wanting Mi3 but why ???? it must be same greed buy something if it is cheap by our standard and not weather we really want it otherwise why the mad rush and trust me even 14000 is not cheap by any standard. what am i doing yes i am bidding for next round because i am loving this game oyeee my heart beats faster when i see the counter ticks lol its good fun thanks.
    Good phone Mi3 to own

  24. if you are as frustrated as me.. here is some hope… snapdeal toady briefly showed a banner with Jolla smartphone image & asking visitors to register their interest .. should be here soon .. managed to enter my email id …

  25. tips to buy:-
    1. use firefox or chrome
    2. don’t login 2-3 hours early, login just 2-5 min. remaining to the clock for the sale.
    3. open multiple tabs
    4. keep the cursor just above the clock at the middle
    5. as soon as the buy button appears, click it, multiple times
    6. u will definately get in your cart.
    7. if take few miliseconds to move the cursor, better place the cursor and keep the finger to your mouse at 00.00.01 sec remaining, and keep on clicking the are a mentioned, buy button will get clicked in miliseconds.
    enjoy your MI 3

    1. I agree !! today I got the phone and my friend also did the same and eventually we were the lucky two who got the MI3 (Mission Impossible 3) phone in first attempt. Don’t rush for Aug 26 sale, wait for just one more day ebay is launching exclusive iberry phone Auxus note 5.5 with Octa core processor, 13 MP camera, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB expandable to 64 GB, dual sim and that too at just 13900. Beat it MI3 by any standards. This phone is going to give a tough competition to MI3 and likes of Gionee. Watch out for this big killer. But definitely its notch up by a tad to MI4.

      1. Dont buy any products of auxus. Built quality is not good of their phones. Already facing problem in my nucle। N1 since within 2 months of its purchase.

  26. Don’t try any tricks, there is nothing like that…. its just counter, some of you may be behind by 1 or 2min then the actual counter hence when you click it will say out of stock, I was able to book one today but I don’t want it yet, I could be purchasing little later.

    1. Also note there was not details on Zauba site aboute this weeks import of mi3, probablay they are selling from old stock…..

      1. very much true, they just imported 20000 on 8th august and i doubt if they sold all 20 k phones last week, Cheap gimmick by Xiaomi…. they are not able to fulfill demand but creating fake hype …

        Can Flipkart/Xiaomi provide details on customers who bought it till now???, they will not………..

        1. Not all imports are cached by I mean they may miss some imports and there are ways to make the import and export details not visible publicly.

      2. Smell bad.!!! Mmx far better relation with us canvas hd time.but now, feel c……ya banaarai hum ko..

  27. Hi Gogi,I was waiting for Redmi Note but as suggested by you I final bought this beauty…also my GF who left for heavenly abode recently wanted this…so more than anything else it was bit emotional decision…also I faced no issues in buying coz I think the reason could be I am flipkart-first member….

    Thanks for ur suggestions…

  28. i think there also a frastu section should introduced,where peoples can punch / bite the flash images of hugo bara and bansals … it will help lots of frustated peoples to release their anger….we can also send the punch counts on their fb page….gogi ji plz think about it

  29. these r the tips i found in a youtube video
    1) login anytime (atleast an hr ago & keep it logged in) n chk if u can see counter on MI3 tab (not MI3 home page)
    IF no…keep on checking after 5 -10mins….IF yes….return back when 2-3mins left
    2) open MI3 tab n let the counter begin
    3) refresh page when 20secs left to sync counter to be as precise as possible
    (make sure fast internet is der to load page…considering it wont take more than 1-2secs to load full page completely)
    4) keep cursor exactly in between “the sale” & “starts here” above counter
    5) hit click as soon as “buy now” button appears

    & YOU ARE DONE!!!

  30. atlast i booked it today after missing it for 3 times. waiting for the arrival of my 1st smartphone ever

    thanks gogi for your detailed review about xiaomi and all products..

  31. when the counter reached zero I clicked on th button BUY NOW but all I got OUT OF SOCK. strange, how it could be in zero second.

    1. u have slow hand. i am able to book 3rd time (5, 12th and now 19th)with just 384 kbps speed on laptop. i didn’t book 1st time although i was their chosen 1000 customer,

        1. thrice firefox 1 time opera. i am able to buy every time since 5 august , without any trick. basically their is no trick whatever. just refresh ur page 4-5 min before the final time , in last half min don’t blink ur eye, keep ur hand steady u will be able to buy. yesterday i was able to click twice , means yesterday i bought 2 mi3.

    2. d problem is flipkart does not hv its own server timer…timer having corelation with ur system timer…so if ur system time is slow suppose 1 minute buy button appear after one while others hving d button already….

  32. I think I wont be able to get it ever. Last time I tried through both mobile and computer both but failed. Today also……………Disappointed 🙁 🙁 🙁

  33. I can manage to add in my cart for my friend but he do not required because he purchase xolo
    is it possible to transfer to other one