Xiaomi Mi power bank and Mi band will go on sale at 2PM no registration required

The Mi Power Bank 16000 mAh first sale will begin at 2PM today on Mi.com for Rs. 1,399 (open sale – no registrations required). Xiaomi will also be selling the Mi Band at the same time. Both these products are in great demand and probably with go out of stock in seconds.

The 16000 mAh Mi Power Bank is priced at Rs. 1,399 and the Mi Band is priced at Rs. 999. What’s more the colorful Mi Band Strap will also be made available at 2PM for Rs. 199. The power bank comes with a super sized 16000 mAh battery capacity packed in a sleek aluminum casing.

It can charge a smartphone with a 3100 mAh for up to 3.5 times after which the power bank will require charging. A very good option for those who travel a lot and often find it difficult to recharge their devices on the move. The 16000 mAh is like a family charger, more than sufficient and it can charge up to 2 devices simultaneously.

Mi power bank and Mi band on sale today

Regarding the Mi Band, it is the cheapest fitness band, check this review to get an idea about it. And yes it is worth the price.

Head on to Mi.com for the sales.


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