As you all know the Mi Power Bank with 16000 mAh and the 5000 mAh capacities has already been launched in India. The 16000 mAh power bank will be available on 9th June via for Rs. 1,399. No points in guessing, this surely will get sold out in minutes, oops seconds.

This will be the first Mi 16000 power bank sale. This power bank comes with dual USB ports – it can charge 2 devices simultaneously. The bank is packed in a sleek aluminium casing with a huge battery capacity that can power up iPhone 6 for up to 5 times and Redmi Note 4G for up to 3.5 times.

Max 5.1V/3.6A dual output. This device is temperature resistant and comes with short circuit protection, Automatic charger protection, over-voltage protection for both input/output and over-discharge + over-charger protection. There is a reset mechanism to rest the device in case it becomes unresponsive.

So get ready for the Mi 16000 mAh power bank flash sale on 9th at 2PM for Rs. 1,399 on

Mi 16000 mAh power bank sale

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  1. Hopefully they bring back srock for 10400mAh too.. Don’t want a 16000mah one..

  2. is not 3.6amp output is too much for a normal battery .. ? What you say gogi vai … as generally we use 1amp output charger

    1. All modern phones have current limiting circuits.. They will draw as much current as the phone can handle..
      Tablets and fast charge devices are capable of drawing higher currents..

  3. A very useful power-bank. This power bank comes with dual USB ports so it can charge 2 devices simultaneously, this is very useful

    1. No…you cannot start a car bcoz this powerbank gives only 5volts whereas car battery needs much higher voltage.

  4. My experience with their service is bad. The mi band is not a reliable product.

    1. Can you please share the problem you faced with the mi band. I still think it is vfm and am looking forward to get it in the next sale.