Xiaomi Mi A1 was launched and before that Motorola launched the Moto G5S Plus and the next thing that users are asking is which is better among these two handsets. I got the Xiaomi Mi A1 handset and the review will be up tomorrow.

Unfortunately I did not get the Moto G5S Plus for the review. Now even without the handset one can predict the performance based on the chipset, however camera is such a thing that one needs to test no matter what.

Moto G5S Plus VS Xiaomi Mi A1

Hardware : Both handsets using Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 octa core processor with Adreno 506 GPU. RAM / ROM is also same 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM.

OS : Though both handsets are running Android Nougat the Mi A1 is running stock Android powered by Google, this also means that Mi A1 will get Android O and Android P updates in the future and it is confirmed.

Design  / Screen : Both handsets look different so users may choose from as per their design choice. Screen size and resolution is the same. Mi A1 screen is with 2.5D curved glass.

Battery : It is almost same, Moto G5S Plus comes with 3000 mAh battery and Mi A1 with 3080 mAh battery. However fast charging is supported on G5S Plus.

Moto G5S plus vs Mi A1

Camera : Both are dual camera smartphones but using different setup. Moto G5S Plus is using 13MP dual cameras with depth editor and Mi A1 is using 12MP dual cameras with color + telephoto lens. Front camera is 8MP on G5S Plus and 5MP on Mi A1. Both handsets can shoot 4K videos.

As far as the camera quality is concerned I have completed the review of Mi A1, just starting the video shoot for part 2, review will be up tomorrow. You will know how good the Mi A1 camera is, tomorrow. Can’t say anything about the Moto G5S Plus camera as I did not get the review unit from company PR and neither planning to buy one (at least not for now).

Price : Mi A1 is cheaper at Rs. 14,999 and the Moto G5S Plus comes for Rs. 15,999.

Mi A1 does have an advantage when it comes to price, IR blaster and future updates. Moto G5S Plus has an advantage when it comes to fast charging (turbo charging) and NFC.

Published by Gogi Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in

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  1. Hi Gogi,

    Important front camera feature is present in Moto G5S Plus which is having 8 MP with front flash camera whereas Mi A1 missing front camera and only having 5 MP.

  2. Hi Gogi… thanks for the review…


    I still feel Mi A1’s top and bottom bezels could have been reduced.

    Does not support fast charging.

    Could have included a Fast charger instead of normal 5V/2A normal charger.

    Rest everything are pros.

    All in all it is an excellent device and value for money with more than adequate performance and above all very impressive dual cam setup.

    As per other reviews and videos on YouTube, Moto G5S Plus dual cam setup fails to impress.

    Mi A1 clearly is the winner. Mi A1’s dual cam setup has more natural looking color tones, depth of field, and has excellent picture quality.

    1. Shiv there are certain things that are kind of optional, some may like it – some may not like it, better to leave those on the user to decide.

    2. I agree We being in the age of bezel less display at least they could have cut down a bit more on the upper & bottom bezels..

      1. Yes, after using LG Q6, I loved to use Infinity Display and this MI A1 is failed to impress me on this ground only. Rest features/specs are perfectly balanced. I m now looking forward bezelless/infinity display from Xiaomi.

    1. Yes certainly, i compare moto e 1st gen which still springs to life like a cobra with much better build than i saw moto c plus which is just a garbage in build quality relatively.

    1. To my surprise neither mi nor moto (.in sites) giving sar info for their respective model.

      Shame on both of them.

    1. Yes it has a fingerprint sensor which can be used for back ,home or multi-tasking and that is also called one button navigation.

  3. Honestly bro i have seen all videos regarding camera comparison over youtube but still mann me wahi tha “yaar Gogi bhai wali aane do ek baar”, sort of disappointment for moto PR :-p

    But stull have given an idea to choose.

    and tomorrow review will certainly make things clear.

    1. True and big bulky up and bottom bezels of mi a1 looks ridiculous. Where moto have fitted fingerprint sensor and narrowed the up and bottom part and with better design. Moto g5s+ is better option in terms of design and EIS in camera recording. Mi a1 hunts for focus every time.

  4. How s type c charger in mi different from turbo charger in Moto ? Which is better in this regard ?

    1. I have used moto fast charger. And it’s better than most of devices which offer fast charging and are available in this price bracket…

      1. moto’s fast charger in snail speed. only 10 Watt charger. Where as LeEco’s has a 24 Watt charger (12 V, 2 amps). That is blazzing fast onver reversible USB type C. it chargers 20% to 80% is about 20-25 mins.

        1. Dear abhijit. Please comment the actual you know. 10W(5V/2A) charger is a ordinary not fast charging. Moto supoorts latest QC 3.0 which supports 24W charging (12V,2A ) 18W(9V,2A) and 10W(5V/2A) when comes to moto it provides genuine moto QC 3.0 compatible upto 24W charger. So where u seen the 10W fast charger? Are you living in 2012?

        2. QC 1.0 is completely outdated that’s why im saying you still living in 2012 and ur comparing it with Le eco phones launched in 2015-16.
          Moto G5S supports QC3.0 24W Fast charge so dont mention QC 1.0 anywhere in latest technology.

  5. any way…still I m waiting review of mine a1 from yr side…if camera rating will be near to 4.3 out of 5 …I will definitely purchase mi a1…we trust u gogi sir….we don’t care abt Moto p.r…

  6. Gogi bro u should buy g5s it’s very tough competitor of mi A1 n compare the excellence of both the device.

  7. I have given all the details you need, expect for the camera. You need to make your own choice, I am sure you can do that.