MediaTek has announced the Dual 4G VoLTE solution for China Mobile. This dual 4G VoLTE will support dual SIM with 4G VoLTE support on both slots with dual standby mode – this means you will be able to use 2 VoLTE supported SIM together.

Current dual SIM 4G VoLTE smartphones

The current 4G VoLTE smartphones with dual SIM slots that are available in the Indian markets may support 4G on single or both SIM slots, however if you are using 4G on one SIM the other SIM will automatically support 3G / 2G networks only. Now if you want to use two reliance Jio SIM’s on same handset you will not be able to do so.

MediaTek Dual 4G VoLTE solution

MediaTek’s dual 4G VoLTE is integrated into the Helio X30 and future chipsets. What it does is provides consumers option to use dual 4G VoLTE which means users will be able to use two reliance Jio SIM on a single phone.

MediaTek Dual 4G VoLTE will allow you to use 2 jio SIM on single smartphone

Apart from this MediaTek also introduced first NB-IoT i.e Narrow Band Internet of Things SOC MT2625 in partnership with China Mobile.

Source : MediaTek

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  1. Xiaomi will be in trouble if SD is not adopting this technology.
    Xiaomi cant release these chipset phones as there is MT infringement issue going on in India.

  2. To deal with two 4G VoLTE sim simultaneously we need at least 10000mah battery power in phone.

  3. Nice technology. Airtel is also rolling out VoLTE in the future so this dual 4G tech will be quite useful. Hope Qualcomm implement it soon enough..

  4. What would be the radiation if we use 2 Volte SIM at the same time? Is it harmful?