Thanks to the Chinese players like Gionee and most recently Xiaomi, the price war in India has begun. WickedLeak have now introduced the Wammy Neo Youth smartphone that comes powered by MediaTek Octa Core processor running KitKat for Rs. 8,490.

Pre-Bookings will start from 15th of this month. As for the specifications it will sport a 5 inch screen with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution. Of course powered by MediaTek octa core processor with Mali 450 MP GPU. The Neo Youth will run Android KitKat 4.2 out of the box and upgradeable to KitKat.

There is 1GB RAM, 8GB storage and external card slot that will support cards of up to 64GB. Also included are a 5MP camera on the front and another 13MP on the rear with LED flash. Other common features included are 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth.

The Wammy Neo Youth comes with 2200 mAh battery. For the price of Rs. 8,450 Wickedleak have just broken the octa core price barrier. It is the cheapest octa (insanely cheapest) available in India as of now. The Youth could probably also come with a free flip cover with S-View support (needs confirmation). WickedLeak had recently launched the Wammy Neo octa core handset for Rs. 11,990.

Wammy Neo Youth for under Rs. 9,000

WickedLeak made the Neo Youth announcement on their official Facebook page – prebookings from 15th July.

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  1. Gogi is there any service centers in bhagalpur bihar. I want to buy the phone. I like wammy neo youth.

    1. What xolo micromax etc doing with Chinese mobiles now same thing started by online retailers too like snapdeal, flipkart and weakyleak, a online retailer, also seems.

  2. Hi Gogi, I wanted to know the camera quality. Though it has 13MP, but does it really give that clarity when compared to samsung. Can I guess 13MP of Weakedleak = 5MP of samsung mobiles camera?

    1. Not sure about the Neo youth but the Neo handset quality was not good, it was sharp but output was washed out, dull. Samsung phones with 16MP and above have very good camera quality but price wise they are over 25K.

  3. Gogi, do you think cores Does matter? because a dual core processor of moto e can play asphalt 8 (In HIGH settings) game running smooth so I just like to clarify is the cores so important or a good Branded CPU manufactures/Hardware is important?

    1. Sanjay there are many things that need to be counted, for example the Moto E is smaller screen and qHD resolution. Now for bigger screen and higher resolution you will need more computing power. Benchmark scores will also give you some idea. The Asphalt 8 works on many handsets, say if you have a even more powerful handset than the Moto E the game will work as good or slightly better as on the Moto E.

  4. Gogi sir, Does it has Magnetic sensor? also am afraid of camera quality! In Neo review colors of sample images are really washed out! Company needs to give software update for camera to resolve issue. Else everything seems OK.

  5. Are there any service centers of Wickedleak Wammy Neo Youth in Nagpur city ? Is it a reliable phone to buy ?

  6. Real challenge for Indian brands as some great VFM devices have been launched (zenfone series,xiaomi mi3 & this one). Come on Indian brands! do something extra ordinary or be ready to loose your market shares!!!

  7. Wickedleak Wammy Neo Youth octa core & Wammy Neo octa core has only difference of RAM (1GB/2GB) rest all are same in both, officials said.

    Performance ;- wammy neo smashes Moto G’s benchmark like anything with comprehensive margin. Again you can check it out on Gogi’s site by comparing with.
    Well, this is a meant to say you that snapdrangon chipsets are not unbeatable for sure.

    Wammy neo have screen (IPS OGS )protected with The dragron trail which is not mentioned in review somehow.

  8. Octa Core processor, 1GB RAM, 13 MP Camera, Android 4.4 !! Is it really 8k or 18k phone ??

  9. Beware Indian re-branders, stop looting and start giving good specifications for less price.

  10. It’s definitely a game changer and breaker yesterday xiomi now this one. How it is possible to make such specs mobile at that segment why other branded ones making same specs at sky high prices.

  11. As per the Specs , this is going to be game changer in the market. We only know more once it is reviewed.
    @gogi : In wickedleak website they mentioned OS Android 4.2. Does it come with Kitkat?

    1. Vijaya, yes I just checked they have the neo youth page up and it is 4.2 confirmed and it will get KitKat.

  12. Gogi I saw your review on wammy neo you should also provide toughness test as it comes with Dragon trail glass and the Asphalt 8 lag on high is game problem not the device problem the new update of Asphalt 8 has bugs.

  13. Dr. C. Udayashankar use cpu z Antutu sometimes gives u wrong info see there u ll see all 8 cores

  14. wammy runs on octa core n Wammy neo youth too runs on the same chipset MTK6592 not m version I talk to the wammy ceo Aditya mehta he told me Its fully same like wammy neo only 1gb in this version and you can buy it safely as build quality is very good see in youtube for Wammy neo toughness test this neo youth version also comes with same dragon trail glass.

  15. If it is nice in performance and quality I will buy it. Smart move by wickedleak but what is problem of other Indian brands take some bold steps or be prepared to loose your share to xiaomi and gionee etc.

  16. Its unbelievable. Octacore in this price. But what about the heating issues gogi..?

  17. Because of motorola, gionee, asus, and xioami we are getting octa core under 10k, because of these four company competition become ruff and tuff.

  18. Well done wickedleak keep it up but improve your service like samsung, sony.

  19. Wow, now this is called the real war. Awesome specs for the price. Hope it does support external sd card? If the performance is good, this can break the Moto E records 🙂 What do you say Gogi bro?

  20. Dunno wat gonna happen by December may be you will get octacore mobs for 5000 :p ..itz fun but gogi what about quality is it really possible to give assurance about quality in dis price range camera, music, built quality, good signal quality doesn’t seems possible in this price range. In my opinion apart from the price nothing is good.

  21. It’s better to wait cause dance of smartphones price wars is about to start and its better to wait for redmi note.

  22. WOW, just about 2 months back I was thinking that there will be Octacore processor phones for less than Rs 10000, and today we have it. Wow great specs, now even quad core phones with 1 GB ram will look expensive at Rs 8000. Thanks Gogi for the up to-date info!! 🙂 Another two months down the line and we will see 2GB Ram phones with at-least Quad Core processor for Rs 10000. 😀

  23. Seems like Xiaomi Mi3’s India Launch has given the required trigger to the Indian Mobile companies.. HTC also has opted for Mediatek octacore… Ache Din is coming for Mobile users as well…Hahaha.. 😛

  24. OMG, great config. But Gogi after using nearly 10 android phones from 6 different companys I come to conclusion that phone should be well build, should last for at least two year, OTA updates a must shouldn’t to big, and heavy. But most imp battery should last for at least 8 hrs of usage. And in value should be under 10k.

    1. Deepak very true, you see in general if there is no issue with the hardware at initial stages and if you use the handset properly (proper charging) then any handset of any brand will last for many, many years. But technology is changing so rapidly that in the next 6 months users switch over to a new handset just because of new features. If you buy a good hardware and the company keeps giving you regular software updates then yes you can live with it for at least 2 years, after that the company will stop giving updates as technology would have changed a lot by then.

      1. Could you please tell me what you meant by that “proper charging” coz I want my phone to last for a 4 more years(u might laugh at it)

        1. Charge only when battery is below 20%, do not keep it on charger for whole night. Disconnect charger when battery fully charged. Though there is no harm in keeping the handset on charger for whole night, as when it gets fully charged the charging stops but just in case if there is an issue it will affect the battery/ hardware.

          1. This is true. I still have my phone which were bought around 5-6 years back and still working. I am still using some of the handsets like Nokia 5800, which is more than 3 yrs old and still working like a charm with the same battery and the same backup.

            I use to follow the same routine of charging as Gogi has suggested in many of his posts. Just follow and see. Even a Chinese (micromax) brand has started giving me good backup after using it for couple of days 😉

  25. What the hell is going on. I never thought about octacore under 8500 these Chinese company makes me wonder how much other mobile companies are looting Indians.

  26. Pls don’t get too excited on the phone’s specs. Since the price is too low(for an octa core)they have to compromise with something, maybe built quality, which indeed is a problem for everyone. So better wait for the review. I mean hands on review .

    1. You are right Vishnu. I was about to place an order but now I feel its better to wait.

  27. Hi Gogi,

    I remember in the wammy neo review, it is mentioned as 2GB Ram but in the latest article it is mentioned as 1GB Ram. May I know which is typo mistake? and whether it has 1GB or 2GB RAM?

    Any idea how regularly wammy use to provide the updates to its customers?

    1. Kiran, Wammy Neo and Neo youth are two different models. As for updates am not sure.

  28. This is octa with 1 gb and canvas colours is quad with 1 gb ram so isn’t wammy is better? do cores matter?

  29. Gogi, I have received my neo yesterday and even though it shows the processor to be MT 6592 it actually contains only 6 cores and not 8 cores. Even the antutu scores are correspondingly lower reaching a max of 200000. Are wickedleaks really wicked?

    1. Hi Uday ,

      Sorry for the incovenience caused. Please contact customer care and Have it replaced. The Wammy neo runs on MTK6592 Octa core for sure. Call us and we will get it replaced if you have an issue. Please be rest assured.

      Wickedleak Team