WeLoop Tommy is one such Smartwatch that will keep the user happy when it comes to the battery backup. This Smartwatch with a 1.26 inch efficient LCD screen gives up to 21 days of usage on a single charge.

Box Pack
Inside the black box you will get the watch, magnetic charging cable and user manual.

The Weloop Tommy watch is available in 3 colour options – Red, White and Black. Build quality is very good, Smartwatch is light weight at 36 grams and is about 10.74mm thick. The body is made of plastic, completely sealed that also makes it water resistant (5 ATM). The watch straps are made of TPU grade plastic.

There is no power button, the moment you open the box pack you will find that the watch is on, it’s always on. There is a magnetic charging point on the left side, it is similar to as see on pebble smart watches and next to it is the back button. On the right side there are 3 buttons – top and bottom for navigation and middle button for menu/select options.

WeLoop Tommy Box pack

The watch is loaded with decent features, and looks really cool.

It’s a non-touch Sharp Memory LCD screen of size 1.26 inches supporting 168 x 144 pixels resolution. The screen supports only one colour and it does have backlight option. Screen is very efficient, always on and clearly visible under direct sunlight. This screen is scratch resistant to some extent.

WeLoop Tommy review

WeLoop Tommy watch is using ARM Cortex M0 32 bit processor and communicates using Bluetooth 4.0. You will need to download the Weloop Tommy app from Google Play store. Once done the paring process is pretty simple, it can be done directly from the WeLoop Application.

WeLoop Tommy unboxing and review

You can use the app to control the notifications (getting notification from specific applications). You can read the messages, emails etc on the watch itself. You can also get incoming call notification, when you get a call you can cancel the call using the back button from the watch but in case you want to accept the call you will need to use your smartphone.

WeLoop Tommy back view

There is no microphone and speakers, the WeLoop watch will vibrate when there is any notification. There is built in pedometer to monitor your steps and you can sync the same with the WeLoop app for more insight on your physical activities. WeLoop Tommy Smartwatch can also be used to control media player and camera on the phone.

For using the handset camera you will need to tap the camera icon in the WeLoop app and then you can use the watch to shoot still images / videos. You will not see any images on the watch instead it will show a counter (the number of shots taken).

Watch faces are supports and there are quite a few good ones available via the WeLoop App (check video review).

There is accelerometer, if you twist your wrist to check the time the backlight will switch on automatically for few seconds.

You can connect the magnetic cable and charge the Smartwatch to 100% in about 3 hours. Once fully charged the non-removable rechargeable 110 mAh battery will last for almost 21 days with normal usage. With heavy usage (basically with many notifications) you can easily get about a week of battery backup.

The major issues with almost all of the smart watches available in the market is the battery backup. The WeLoop Tommy is a basic always on Smartwatch with an excellent battery backup but loaded with minimal features. It works with iOS 7.1+ and Android 4.0+. It is a decent product, specially made for those who love smart watches and don’t like charging it often.

WeLoop Tommy is available for $74.99 from PandaWill.com, use code WLT8 and get $8 discount (for limited period – until January 5, 2015).

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in