Magicapk is a hot topic for now, well it is not a app but a website that incidentally has been suspended as of now. The website claimed that it had leaked details of Jio customers, their name, mob number and even Aadhaar number.

If this is real it could be the biggest data breach, there could be over 120 million users data that might have leaked. There is mentioned of Aadhaar number also being leaked but few of the people I know claimed they did see their name and mobile number on the site but Aadhaar number was not mentioned.

So it seems claim about Aadhaar is just added to make it more interesting. The name of the website with the apk word in it is also surprising. The magicapk website as mentioned is not working, it is suspended for now, by the hosting company where the said website was hosted.

magicapk website that leaked jio data suspended

Hard to say for now where they got the data and most importantly if this is true. Jio Officials have given their official statement, they say that the data appears to be unauthentic,  they want to assure their subscribers that their data is safe and maintained with highest security. They have informed law enforcement agencies and looking into this matter.

If Aadhaar data is also available then that is serious, rest of the data like name, mobile any app can access that if you install / allow access on your mobile. Point here is was the data collected from multiple users via app or was it access from a single point of origin.

What’s your say?

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -